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Hohm Wrecker G2


Unfortunately, My charger doesn’t show mah but I can provide Voltages.Over the next week or two,


Here’s what I got.

at 30% on the mod, getting weak. put on charge and showed 3.51v

Hohm Life
at 46% on the mod it got weak. put on charger and it read 3.56v

I feel confident saying the battery meter/% on this mod isn’t remotely accurate. If there is a way to calibrate it I don’t know what it is.


This is what I got

LG HE4 @ 35% showing on the HW G2

Both at 375 mAh


You using the nitecore? That’s the mah it is currently charging at. Doesn’t help us, I do not know why they even put that on those chargers. I have them too and wish they updated the boards to show ongoing and total mah. Ah well, you and I just have to rely on volt readings.


Anybody running Ti on this and what settings are they using? The Ti setting or xXX porn mode.

If the latter what is your Temp Curve set to?

My build is a 7 wrap spaced 22g grade 1 Ti 0.12 ohms.


28% battery lg hg2 noticeable lag
3.44v for both batteries

No ti for me yet @TheTinMan1, @Fenrir1 & @DrChud were paying out on me in another thread about my love for riptripper videos. I blame you for starting this. Mmmm, just watch yourself.

Ok look what arrived from vaporcube today.

Some of you know the drama surrounding my last order. Well with the refund I purchased a slice. Have to wait for my 26650’s in a couple of days. I also ordered 2 pairs of batteries. Guess what order stuffed up and only got 1 pair. Let’s see how customer service deals with this one .


Your obvious obsession and love of all things Rip is going to cause some repercussions. I can hardly see how I can take blame for those repercussions. Fly your Rip flag high, haters are going to hate. :laughing:


Sorry couldn’t resist.


That is some good stuff right there.


Had a little issue with my g2 this morning after changing the batteries every attomizer I put on (i tried 6 different ones)I got the message “atomizer damaged”.

Anyhow if someone else gets is message I checked the 510 and it was still springy. I gave everything a good clean and it still had the same error. I eventually fixed it by reinstalling the latest firmware and re setting it up it. This appears to have fixed the issue I still do not know why it came up.


I assume you Did a reset between. Press fire with no atomiser, so get the message connect atomiser.


Yup didn’t matter what atty I put on or if I reset between same happened in all modes on every atty.


Mmmm, not good. I only get that message if I forget to reset when changing atty.


Ya it isnt but at least the f/w reinstal fixed it. Hope it doesnt happen again - with their customer service I know I will be on my own.


How do you like the Slice ?


Batteries arriving today. All I can say is the form factor is great? I’ll let you know once I get them charged up and have a run through. Different 510, looks solid, build quality excellent.

I did tell you guys that vaporcube fucked up my order. Ordered 2 pair of 18650 only got 1. Once again they have not responded to my email. Back through PayPal for a dispute today. Aarrgh.


Well my new favourite mod, till the next one. Exact same experience up to 101w as the g2. My 26650 is rated to 25a cc so is handling 90w with ease on the Petri. Be interesting to see the battery life, but there are batteries where I could give up 5a to get 5200mah. So options are out there. Fits y hand perfectly. The only con is they are only half price through vaporcube. In saying that I did get it resolved and more just a bloody hassle. And total disregard for customer. Hoping they licence this technology to a reputable company soon.


Best pricing on my new favorite 26650’s is at Lightning Vapes

They are currently out of the singles and the double pack [these are selling fast]
They do/did have 3-packs and up earlier this morning


I was bored and decided to do a dual on the Wismec Theorem. Not sure how others do duals on this. It has what looks like a removable block on one side but holes for wicking only on the opposite side. I thought it would be neat to angle them at a 45 so the wicks just went right into the cut outs. Used one wick coming up from the bottom of one coil and ran it down the other coil.

22g SS 5 wraps each ohming out at 0.08. On the G2 in TC for SS set to maximum insanity and 540F. Flavor is out of this world.


So that is the one we talked about? Badass!!!