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How bad is your vape cave backed up?


@TheTinMan1 @Fozzy71

Thank you…


Hmmmmm, ok, good write up on ECF. Now if I’m reading that right, I have to UN-learn all my wicked cotton wicking ways, and learn the NEW way ??

Reading that’s it’s the opposite of cotton, wherein cotton expands, but Rayon shrinks, so you have to really pack it in the coil, but thin thin thin the tails down ??

Anyone have any leads on good quality Rayon ?? Outta my element here.


grahams cullucotton 100% rayon, sallys beauty supply shops stock it if in the us. if buying on amazon be sure what you are buying is 100% rayon


??? ^^^ ???


yes that is what i bought last year to try it for a few bucks cheaper. I probably still have half the box left. you can get a 3 pound box (500 or 900 feet, i forget) from a local sally’s for under $20 if in the us.


Shit! thanks fellas! i thought rayon was only used in those old school tanks with the strings hanging from the top. I burn the cotton in my goon rda almost every other day from letting it run low. this is awesome info. i just ordered the 3lb box from sally’s.


Rayon to me holds more liquid, never turns mushy, tastes clean, is cheap and I’ll send some if you want. Or buy a box from your local beauty supply store. It will last longer than you.


I run my goons (and all my tanks) with rayon + SS wire in TC mode. No dry hits and no burnt wicks.


I’ve been considering using ss for tc. currently using kanthal. got a bunch off eBay from seller called “no ship”. he has ss also. really cheap. he sells 1500ft of mixed gauge for like $30. and ship’s same day. he’s out of Kentucky so i get item in 3days max.


hohm tech g2/slice mods can run kanthal in a tc like mode. I haven’t tried kanthal on my g2’s yet but they give a good ss tc vape (both my goon clones are on a g2 currently). The only bad thing about the g2 mods for me is the case quality: battery doors aren’t always flush, the battery straps can cause door wobble, and I had one magnet come off already that has to be stuck back on when I get the proper adhesive.


i use the alien currently. it’s pretty sturdy besides the paint, but it has glitches with the software. sometimes it doesn’t show it’s charging when screen is on (although it is) and sometimes when i charge it for a while it becomes unresponsive and i have to take batteries out and do a hard reset. works good though. was considering getting the wismec rx200 or dna200, but i can buy 3 rx200’s for the price of the dna. idk if the dna is really That much better to go spending the extra dough.


You are in the Casino and now you can’t find the door. You’ve been attracted to the shiny metal objects and there is no escape.


I have 2 rx200s and a rx2/3 in daily rotation and I like the SS TC vape off them. I tried loading the arctic fox firmware on them and the vape sucked compared to the stock firmware out of the box and I didn’t feel like having to tweak stuff in the NF Toolbox to get a good vape so I put the latest stock firmware back on them.


I haven’t stocked a lot of liquids, I’m kind of hoping that Nic is still available to me here in the UK so i only have 300ml of 72mg.

I seem to have amassed a lot of stuff though…

Tanks & Mods:

Flavour Box and Scales:


The Middle Shelf in the Kitchen :laughing:

Still think ill be good for the future, if not, ill just quit and sell everything :smile:



Tupperware :wink:


The question is not the Tupperware itself, but how much Tupperware are you using?


Had to buy a real useful Stanley holder from b&q real handy for juice even 30ml bottles.

And some, tanks, mods, rdas etc…

And some coil building​ stuff…

You don’t even wanna see my bottles mwhuha :wink:


Yes it is that much better, like a different class better.


Hey ya @Grubby darkstar 17.49 for 500 ml amber glass bottle… Grab it now :grin:


what differences do you notice? does it affect the vape? i was under the impression that the tank/build and how much power going to it were the big factors. figured 60w was 60w