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How bad is your vape cave backed up?


Can’t seem to try them fast enough. Anyone else ?


All this stuff has a relatively shirt lifecycle. It gets lost it gets broken …it gets inhaled and exhaled. Don’t fret…looks like you may be set till 2018 :wink: Oh better keep shoppin’! …ya neeever know. :sunglasses:


Roger that, click, click, click, buy now, waiting on da deeming regs !!!


I have 3 - 4 times that many untested unused tanks and double my stash quantity on my shopping list…


You want the clutter that is my desk?

In order to make coils I have to remove most every thing on the lower level. In order to mix I have to take stuff from the bed

And the bookshelf

And the closet which I didn’t take a picture of.

The bed will have to moved to the garage. It’s been a project for going on two months now. A small fridge needs to be added and I need to gut the closet.

The space between the bed and the desk is just enough room to fit a folding chair. The reason all my wicking tools are on a plate is because I can’t count the number of times I’ve dropped something or it’s rolled off the desk and have to get up, get down on my hands and knees and search for it. It’s a pain if I drop a black o-ring.


No OCD going on in your mixing room then? :grin:


It’s freaking chaos. I knocked over my roll of mesh, two mech tube mods and my badger mixer taking those pics. :laughing:


I’m too lazy to be OCD. Lmfao!


Oh hell no. I’m a newbee. All my stuff gets a build and is in service in no more than two days. I even went down in the basement wood shop and made a couple of atty stands today. Waiting for the polyurethane to dry now.


ROAR !!!


So that’s why you dont have room for a full size love doll!


It’s on like Donkey Kong. I have stashes all over the house (makes it look NOT so bad LOL)…

120’s and 200’s buried…

Hmmmm, this pile is feeling light, I better get some more…

Super Secret Stash of Boge Cartos…

Oh yes, and there’s always more !!!


u need a jumbo box of rayon to replace all that crap


Stupid trackpad ^^^^^^…

I’ve never used Rayon, and was always afraid of anything that wasn’t cotton. Seeing as though I’m a Rayon n00b here, what IS the deal with it ??


Dammit, I’m glad it’s not just me then hehe.


rayon > cotton. wick it tighter than you think you should and thin the tails a lot depending on the tank. lasts longer, better flavor, etc. I go 100 - 200 ml between re-wicks with rayon. there is a big thread about it on ECF.


Hmmmm interesting, I had always been told, NO to anything other than cotton, but now you have me curious. No chemical issues, or burning or anything ??

Haven’t been to ECF in a bit, may have to check that out, thank you.


Thank you so much for revealing my own mess to everyone.


Probably the most informative source. We also have a thread here

People also use hemp, silica, other stuff. The longevity and wicking ability of rayon can’t really be beat. And you can get a lifetime supply from Sally’s.

I use both rayon and Muji cotton pads. Less break in with the pads but you have to rewick more often.

Shot me a PM and I will send you some rayon if you would like to try it. And I will help you anyway I can on learning how to use it. It’s quite a bit different from wicking with cotton.


no, it is 100% rayon that you want so no chemicals. i vape tc so chance of burning (if you don’t vape in tc mode you should). no issues except trying to remember when you last wicked/coiled which tank so I use google keep for that.