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How bad is your vape cave backed up?


I only use TC and that’s where the difference is. I’ve tested it a few times with different builds in both SS and Ti and you can vape the cotton dry without a single dry hit. That’s how accurate and how good the signal is. If you’re a power mode only user then it wouldn’t make much of a difference. As far as I see it all mods are basically the same in power. So unless you plan on using TC then it isn’t worth the extra money, but if you do use it then there’s nothing better out there.


If the HOHM Slice is still $30 then there is no mod in the world that can compare.


Only problem is you’ll probably spend another $60 sending it back to get fixed or replaced lol


try gold instead


@Shane18 you gotta nice big pile going there, hehe. Those Stanley’s DO come in handy.


Hi @SessionDrummer they sure do and they stack too, & thanks I certainly have got a nice big pile & loads of e-juice & bottles, although I do need to make another order for bottles…

Err TPD what’s that, I think I misread 10ml max and added a zero :+1:

Mix list for tomorrow…

Custard (Grants)
Cheesecake (Real)
Muffin man
Mint Choc Chip
Caramel Toffee Apple
Key Lime Pie


Cherry Tunes (my own seems to be loved, I keep getting asked for it :blush:

Personally I wouldn’t like it as I don’t like Menthol even if I’ve got a cold :joy:

Although I have tasted it and it’s spot on.

Thanks for the mention, appreciated :wink:

Best Wishes



What’s my Maxo Quad doing on your desk? :rage:


I wish I had that problem! Lol! I am still pretty new to vaping and to DIY that I am still in a tiny bit of debt from startup costs. I have been buying a lot of flavor concentrates. But I just have my kbox 200 and crown tank (I just upgraded from an eGo starter set in March) But, I could see this happening pretty far down the road as quickly as I am going through things! I just hope my mod and tank last long enough until I can afford a new one. The good thing is that I am not a tech junkie, never have been. If something works, I don’t care how out of date it is!


You say that now…

When I joined this forum I had 2 mods and 4 tanks (only used one though). Now I have 4 mods with one on the way, and 8 tank (with a few more on the way)… and that is just the hardware…


I know! A year from know it will be a totally different story! Lol!


A year? I’ve been here a month… :blush:


Oh my gosh!!! That’s a lot!! have a limited budget, so I am just buying small things now, like flavor concentrates. I will eventually buy more harware too.


Yea, I know!

Tbh, most of it was discounted due to TPD kicking in. Got a load of bargains so i couldn’t refuse and, in my defense one mod is earmarked for the Mrs when i get her off the cancer sticks.


I have some 3 yr old atty’s that I still use so if you can be a little discerning when observing these things you CAN keep it under control! The hardest part is learning what kind of vapor you are. When I started if you wanted airflow you had to drill them out yourself. I quickly learned my sweet spot was 2.5mm to 3.2mm airholes and to this day that still remains the same. Don’t spend a lot of time chasing what is not you. To be economic when it comes to batteries search out the smallest chambers and if you turn out to be a single coiler don’t buy dual coil designs and try to run em single, thats the lie manufacturers want to tell you to sell more :wink: I could go on but thats more than enough, the most important thing is stayin away from those analogs!


Ah to have money to throw at the vape gods, I remember the days when I could come close to doing that. Now I’m lucky to squeeze out enough to keep me in flavors, nic and coils. Funny how life changes and just how fast it can change.


I don’t use any of mine that are that old but close, I right now am using my Atlantis original. I got it for Christmas the year it came out. I love it, it was my first subohm since then I’ve gotten two Maganus tanks, an Arctic, two Smok TFV tanks, two Cubis pro’s, two Ego Ones, a Subtank mini and nano, an Innokin Apex (I think that’s what it is) and it was the biggest disappointment of any and all tanks I’ve ever gotten including pre subohm. I used to vape ONLY Innokin tanks and this one just sucked. I’ve also got a Delta and an Atlantis 2. I’m sure I have missed two or four of them. I’ve got about 4 or 5 RDA’s and as many RTA’s all them I am not able to use due to old stiff arthritic fingers. I just have a hell of a time trying to wrap coils or even install them. I can install them but I usually screw up two or three before I get one in that will work and by then I’m in enough pain that I don’t even enjoy the vape for rest of the day.

I’m just happy as a clam screwing my prebuilt coil units in priming them filling the tank and vaping. I’ll just keep being happy and satisfied with that. y’all can take care of the hard stuff. lol


My wife SUFFERS from arthritis so I have some understanding of how difficult that truly is. Thank goodness there are so many pre built options that cover mtl through dl vapors nowadays! This is also one of the tragedies of Aug 8th. ( here in USA) It use to be if you had a relationship with your local b&m they would cheerfully do a build for you :frowning:


Oh hell that’s the least of my problem. I’m personal friends with two shop owners as well as the fact the my son’s brother in law builds some of the most wicked coils in existence. But they’re all in Fresno thirty minutes from here and I just can’t be tied to having to drive to get a coil fixed. Besides I guess I’m lazy I like my screw the coil in fill the tank and vape my brains out. lol





Lol @Bob_Bitchen

Too true, the TPD was great for picking up even more stuff, missed a lot of Vampire Vapes sale as their servers were being hammered. Although I did pick up two TFV4 Mini Kits for a fiver each, Ok I already got one of them but screw it now I’ve got three :joy:

Also from other vendors a GX350 Kit for 45 quid, a TFV4 Full for 12.99, another TFV8 for 12.99, a TFV12 RBA edition for 25 quid, an Aspire Melo 4ml for 9 quid…and shed loads more.

Shiny, shiny.

And just to top it all off a ton of bottles, 8 litres of VG, 2 litres of PG and 2 litres of 7.2%VG nic.

Oh and just to treat myself :joy:, 8 LG HG2’s from next day batteries and an Xtar XP4 charger.

Good to know the TPD was good for something, hope you guys managed to bag some bargains on the 19th (all the PG/VG Nic Batteries and charger were usual price, but the kit was so cheap I even managed to grab an Aspire Quest Mini Kit for the misses for 18 quid happy days.

Shiny :joy: