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How cheap R U?


Im so cheep :moneybag: to save on juice,I take my old wick, place it in an empty syringe. Then rework my coil, and squeeze the old wick juice out over the new cotton.
I get this from my mother. She was so cheep if she sat on a quarter a booger would shoot out of George Washingtons nose.
So What ways do you cut corners, save money and or up-cycle items?


I have inherited none of it, but my gma is so cheap she turns ziplock bags inside out and washes them for re-use


Im not going to tell you my mother did the same. They came from a different time when there was no extra. I look at how my kids and grand kids waste things.


My shoes are 7$. That is $3.50 a shoe. Leaves more money for flavor purchases.


I look at it the same way I did when I managed companies. How much am I making per time period. Some things end up costing more than they are worth. Mixing on the other hand yields about $100/hr. That I can do.


It’s incredible how times change, most new products are actually made to be thrown away now instead of lasting, and @Pentine I hear you on the shoes lol

8 dollar Walmart specials


I calculate how much each diaper for each child is. How much they cost to diaper a day. Then i multiply it for 4years…i spend hours making sure i have the best deal on leakproof acceptable diapers. I do the same with cat supplies. Multiply by 18 years. Ect.
Oh and buying everything in bulk…
It takes me hours to put together any type of order…if i can save one extra penny, i will.


LMAO! Yup, those are the ones.


I use Bing as my search engine and have 2 lockscreen apps on my phone all of which pay me. Does that qualify?


love it…


You get paid to shop.OMG
what is this you speak of


I live a Sams… buy my cheese by the pound


Oh no shopping just using a pretty crappy search engine and dealing with annoying ass ads on my phone lockscreen.


Nice Beverly Hills Cop reference :wink:


My grandparents reuse any and all plastic containers. I didn’t know that cool whip containers could actually contain cool whip until I was 25. Thought it was some ad campaign. Personally I’m not that bad yet, but I wash plastic forks after I use them and then reuse them for the cats. Might as well get two uses out of 'em before I toss them in the recycle bin.


I “selective hoard” and u will never know “what the hell will i ever do with that” until you throw it out.


That’s hilarious. My first wife did that. I can’t tell you how many times I opened something up and thought “what the hell is that?” Good thing. It wasn’t always eatable.


Dude, that’s actually pretty smart!!! I’m way to lazy to do that…:joy: but it is smart!


I do the same thing but for the kids, not the cats (no cats here)…lol


Sweet! Winner winner chicken dinner