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How cheap R U?


I saved all of the juice bottles I used for over a year, simply so that I could wash and reuse them when I started making my own juice. Does that count?


for 18 years? WTF!!! ROFL!!!


Average life span of a cat I’m betting.


Farkin tight bastards! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I suppose you don’t get wealthy by spending. BTW, you can sponge off juice from the inside of your car window and ring it back into the atty.

Really, I wish that I had a bit of thrifty in me.


As I change all my wicks every week I keep them in a little pot, then once a month I collect them all together and put them inside a little net that I made out of an old pair of my mother stockings, then I put them in the washing machine on fast wash followed by 20 minutes in the tumble drier which really fluffs them up a dream.
I haven’t bought cotton in 2 years…I’m not even sure what i’m vaping on now is cotton…could be a piece of sock…



The one thing we never skimped on was diapers. Had to be Huggies. Any other and you would be wishing you spent the extra $$$$.


Not cheap enough to reuse toilet paper… More than 3 times.


We use luvs. No wierd off brands. Huggies are very nice but also super extra expensive. I use ebates.com then go through jet.com or amazon.com earn money for shopping. Save money on shopping. Yay!


You are right sir!
I have 4 and i expect them to be around a long time!


good stuff. U cheep vapers had me laughing so hard i snotted in my coffee.


I did the same. Helps in the beginning.

I guess mine is above average. Lol.


I’m a mesh and Genesis user, does three dry burns qualify?? :+1:


This is the kind of math we need to use when teaching abstinence!


I wonder what that worked out to per minute lol


I used to pay my kids 50 cents to go to bed without any dinner then I’d sneak into their room and steal it back while they slept.



then the next day when they can’t find it

Tell them if their room was clean .they could find it



Idk if I cheap or lazy but I re-use my packages and shipping material that I get. I tear off the labels and make a new one. Then when I send out something, its from recycled packaging lol


I make coils out of the paper clips I take from work they buy them in bags of 100
and make my wicks from the T-shirts I take from the Good will donation bins at the Walmart Then I buy Karol syrup and add the flavor from the kid’s juice box It keeps me off cigarettes and very economical


The kero/staple combo mist be interesting. Of course your only vaping the NON-printed t-shirts, right?