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How cheap R U?


Oh definitely has to be plain white or slightly yellowed t-shirts

:rofl: JUST KIDDING Jo Jo!!!


OMG you guys cracking me up here. I do NOT want to know what my dogs have cost me for the past 14 years, haha.

I am a realist and for me i know this hobby will cost me more than buying my juices from my local shop.
But hey it will keep my busy and that counts for something. Its this and gaming that occupies most of my time. I will be happy just to get several jucies in my rotation, rather than vaping one until i hate it


@Steve-o_54 OMG lmao, you are killing me here


Okay, got a friend honestly I think the last time he bought a bottle of ketchup was 20 yrs ago.

When he goes to fast food places he takes the packets home and refills his bottle


I’m not sure about that with what I have mixed up right now in my travel case. Would have cost me roughly what I’ve spent so far buying supplies.

Then you add what I have on the shelf and what I’ve given away … by far this hobby is cheaper than buying from my local vape shop


Hell to the yes. I’d be broke as a GD joke if I vaped like I do and bought juice from a vape shop! It would easily be a $20/day habit…on a light day. :joy:


I’ve had a few conversations with people about making your own juice.

The look on there face when they smelling your juice and you tell them you like it keep it I got more st home…

Gave my waitress in Atlanta and her boyfriend 10 30 mil bottles on night.

He asked me at least 10 times are you sure this has to cost over 100 dollars

Told him several times no it only cost me roughly $10 maybe 20 when ya add the cost off the bottle


Okay here’s one

I reused my vaped juice .

After taking a hit of my tfv8 I blew up my daughters Christmas ball.

Not a drop of vapor wasted

Edit : ball is clear so she can see the cloud inside


I need to come raid your travel case :grin: but yes i know it would be cheaper in the long run, I just tend to go overboard on any type hobby i get into so i was just speaking really in terms of my personal character flaw aka the shopaholic


My travel case

Used to be a first aid box…
Now it’s a vapor aid box

Funny I’m posting these pics in a cheap thread


Oh looks like a good assortment you got going… aid this vapor lol.
Cant wait till all my flavors arrive and i can do asome mixing too!


It used to be dollar store first aid kit too


That … is halarious


Ahh… A vaper / Re-vaper great concept!


It will definitely feel that way (at times) early in… But honestly, even with having to wade through the myriad of flavor companies and choices, you’re still coming out far ahead, especially if your vaping style is DL (direct lung) where you WILL go through 15ml a day, and easily can reach 30ml (depending on hardware, and the stress of your day), and sometimes more.

When so many 30ml bottles start at $20 at vape shops… It racks up fast. That’s basically 10 bottles of flavor per day that you could have added to your arsenal, at least until you get to the more expensive flavors like MF, FLV, DIYFS, etc. But even then, those balance out usually, because they’re frequently used at much lower percentages.

But either way, you WILL come to a point where you know what you prefer, and things will level off (on the new purchases). So take heart, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s just a really deep tunnel, and sometimes really dark (as you’re going through it! Lol). But you will get there, and the journey is excellent!! Much to see, do, and learn! :thumbsup:


Oh wow is this why I am going through so much liquid? I had no idea . I saw some posts that people vaped 2 tanks a day, and were concerned at that… I can go through 30ml no problem and was afraid to say it haha. I had no idea that DL you vape more liquid. Now i feel better and am not concerend.

Thanks for the encouragement, I know i will love to just be able to make something i enjoy and be creative


Yeah, don’t be afraid. I know there is threads on how much we vape a day. I know I sit around the 20-30ml mark…depending on the day. Sometimes sat/sun it’s more the 25-40ml ratio.


This definitely is good to know. At first i was thinking of up’ing my nic. I use 3% now and only started to vape at 6mg from smoking over 2 packs a day. Instead i actually went in the other direction and have a few flavors with 0 nic


When I first started vaping over two years ago, I was looking at what I’d been spending on gear, juice, etc (a lot!!!). and thinking I’d never actually ‘save’ money by vaping. But, if you add the cost of what your smoking habit would have cost from quit time to present, you see that even with far too many impulse buys of shiny things, you’re still probably WAY ahead of the game financially, and of course, the bigger picture, which is your health.


That’s another excellent point that’s quite true for most of us. While I still seem to need a thousand more concentrates (and will probably buy 500 of them sooner or later), I have settled in to gear I love, and now that I have the spools of wires and a Clapton jig, and the bag of Muji that will last until the Zombies overrun the house, that financial savings gap will just continue to widen.

Which is good, because at my heart I am a cheapskate. Which is why I moved into the DIY world in the first place (with that whole mad scientist vibe a close second though).

And which is why I used that A1 as a float hinge. Besides, the buyer was on his way over, what else could I do?? :smirk: