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How do i open this? Help


My VG came in this massive bottle that seems to have a cap/lid with a threaded hole in it. I have experience opening 55gallon drums and bought a special tool to open drums. This seems to require a tool that i do not have nor know the name of… Anyone?


The hole is likely for a tap (maybe) you cut the plastic (or drill inside the hole) then fit the tap, the smaller hole at the top is a breather hole. Once the tap is fitted turn it on its side. Sometimes the tap is located on the inside of the large cap.


Looks like it would require some kind of pump, like how a shampoo bottle has a pump on it. Or it also looks like it could go upside down on a water bubbler.


Weird huh. I already considered drilling it but was worried about itty bitty plastic pieces contaminating the whole thing.


Blahahaha! Packaging engineers strike again! Bet ya can’t open it without destroying it! Can’t count the gadgets that were nearly destroyed trying to get them out of the package. It’s intentional I tell you!!!


I have had jugs like this before. I always used a pair of channel locks (and a rag over the cap) to open them. They are right about the bung. It’s threaded for a pump or valve.
They usually sell a special wrench to open them with, of course they don’t include it with the order, unless you pay for it separately.


You need the old pair of scissors to open the packaging of the new pair…the chicken or the egg


No shit they should tell you ahead of time. I spent 50$ on my bung wrench for steel drums but of course it doesnt fit this lid


Could check out:


Thanks @Brotherbob1 none of them appear to open the cap however so ill still need to drill it?


channel locks will work


So, what’s going on with this cap on the other side? :thinking:


Thats to release air so it pours w/o gurgling, just like a gas can


:grinning: Should have been a bit more literal about that smaller cap… can it be removed to pour the liquid?


The tiny hole is not “capped” its more of a plastic “nub” underneath which could be clipped to allow for better airflow whilst pouring as @worm1 has said.
Edit : doubtful pouring from it will work to much pressure it would like be slow AF and squirt everywhere lol


guess no one has used that type of gas can before, that covers the air hole when u not pouring it


That’s unfortunate… :pensive: Perhaps the channel lock pliers route will be the ticket. :wink:


only reason there is a tool is so u dont mangle the crap out of the lid


Yes that is my plan fuck it, just mangle the f out of the lid and transfer into two empty Nicriver 5 gallon jugs


@mixologist13 where did you find this mega jug ??