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How do you mix: by weight or by syringes?


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I use another program to store recipes on. If I over shoot an ingredient by a lot (like the amount of nic) it will let me go in and adjust that amount and inform me on what new amounts to use to get back on track. My major problem is when I have used my phone app and looking at the column for mL instead of gram. Then half way through mixing realizing my error.
If nothing else it allows for finding out what will happen if I change the recipe up a little, it hasn’t “ruined” anything (yet).


T- tasty
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I eat as many as I can each day, especially little piggies!


Have you ever tried Calico? mmm tasty!


I hear it tastes just like chicken. ; )


Yes They are quite Tasty…


Got everything I need, all ready to go and used the last of my VG today. Luckily I am still within my 30 day free prime trial. Got a bottle on the way. Anyone recommend size and make of dropper bottles for my flavors? The TPA big bottles are a pain to have to pull some out then may have left over and all. Love my older 20 ml dropper bottles from TPA, wish all the flavors big and small came in them


There are some great recommendations in this thread. I personally haven’t bought a flavor in over a 30ml bottle yet, so haven’t had the need to transfer any of them. I do keep my nic, PG, and VG in condiment bottles for easy mixing. You could always keep old bottles for flavors, too. :smile: 15-30ml size plastic bottles typically aren’t really expensive. I do Amazon for most things like that.


Has anyone found dropper caps that match the wizard labs 1oz and 4oz bottles?


Sadly I have not found any…I came up with a system of buying the really small zip lock bags (like an inch or 2 high) then I label them and put my pipettes for each flavor in 1 and pin it to a cork board in my lab so I can use them over and over again with no waste or worry of cross contamination or mess
works for me at least!


I haven’t started zip locking my pipettes but I do reuse some if I’m making a few batches that have same flavor.
I sent wizard labs email asking if they would tell me where they get their bottles from so I could get dropper tops for them. No answer yet.


I would had never zip locked them if my wife didnt have these tiny ass bags and a cork board to easily find what I need…its like they were almost made for them they are so small!

Best bet with WL is to call him, they are about 2 hours from my house and I stopped in one day and got a tour…proper lab that! but he works like a 9-5 5 days a week so its hard to get a response via email


If they sell the same bottles empty then it is unlikely they will tell you. Basically they would be telling you how to cut them out of the picture. Here’s a picture of a 4oz TFA bottle, tell me if this is what they ship you…

If this is the bottle for their 4oz flavors then Go to flavorwest.com, click on their n&a flavors button and the very first item is dispensing caps. Supposedly choosing the 4oz/8oz/16oz option should fit those bottles. I just ordered some with my flavors. I called to ask for sure but still never trust answers completely from those they pay to answer phones. Especially when they say Let Me Go Check! Anyway guess I’ll know for absolute sure probably early next week…


Is this what you’re thinking about for bottles?



Yes that should work unless he is talking about the smaller 8oz tube like glass bottles…


Yeah that’s the bottle.


I just tried those droppers on the smaller 8oz wizard lab btls and unfortunately they are too large…the bottle is the width of a sharpie


Thats good to know! thanks @ringling!