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How do you mix: by weight or by syringes?


I’ll be interested to hear if you notice a difference as well. Good luck! Don’t forget to switch your preferences on your ELR profile from drops to grams. Weighing makes life so much easier.


OK, let’s summarize this for those who want to begin blending by weight. First let’s find a scale, I chose this one made by American Weight Scales, model# SC-501-A. Your scale will need to weigh in grams to 0.01 gram increments. Best to have a minimum MAX weight of 500 grams. This scale will not auto shutoff as long as the power adapter is being used. When using batteries auto shutoff is active…

Next you will need some good size bottles for your VG and your PG. I chose these 8oz Boston Squeeze Bottles with dispensing twist caps… I wanted larger but these will do…

For flavor concentrates I use 4-16oz bottles from the factories. This means I need flavor bottles to dispense more accurately. I chose these 4oz precise tip bottles for flavoring…

Those who blend at a smaller scale might consider these for the flavorings. These are 100 ml bottles but there is also 50,30,15,10 ml bottles available with the needle tips. If you are unable to get your flavors already in this type bottle then you can get them if you need to…

Last but not least I bought these Twist Dispensing caps to fit my storage bottles and some of the flavorings bottles…

These items are available on Ebay and the scale was from amazon.com. Add some Nic, VG, PG, and flavors and you’re set to blend…Happy blending!!!


Watching those numbers on the scale… I really like having the 2 decimal places to the right i.e. 0.01 also to note is as @ringling stated, the auto turn off feature. Many scales have the ability to set the time out feature to longer or shorter periods.


When I mix I make sure all my bottles have enough flavoring for the mix. I’ve never had a issue with scales timing out. It shouldn’t take more than 20 or 30 sec to weigh a single flavor anyway.


Guess we know who has no hubby to interrupt in middle of blending…lol


Sometime time I do pause after a weigh up and the scale shuts off… when I resume I just start with next weigh up. As long as it doesn’t shut off in the middle of a single flavor weigh up then it shouldn’t affect the mix. These scales shut off only when there is no activity for certain period of time. That’s why I say it shouldn’t be a issue.

You didn’t know I am a man after all this time? :laughing:


Of Course I know. My Hubby is my wife. Guess I’m talking Old School…


I don’t have one of those either… I love the Bachelor Life. I divorced in '93 and never tried it again.


There are times I wish I was still one myself, but, guess I got a decent lady. Been together since 1989 so I certainly hope so. Got lucky I guess. You do miss being single now and then though. Always had a lot more money then…


@Kelleyjo333, I hate to be a party pooper, but I think you’re gonna have better luck with a scale that does 0.01g measurements. I know it helps me when adding flavors such as mangosteen, acetyl Pyrazine and other flavors that require respect on the amount in the recipe. There are a few flavors which require less than 1g to not screw up the mix!


Good grief, I seen this one at the top of the thread and went with it, the only thing I was worrying about was auto shut off. I use those flavors that require just a drop or less… Dang it, wonder what the return policy is on this product. I think since it’s prime I won’t have a problem. @Jimk do you have one from Amazon or Ebay, with free shipping, that would be perfect without breaking the bank?


I know a lot of the people on the forum (myself included) use this one, but it has an auto shutoff. I’ve never had a problem with it shutting off on me, but I guess the potential is there.


You probably won’t have an issue with the return if it’s an Amazon thing. I’ve had no issues with this one from Amazon:

There are times when I wished it was a 200 or 300g scales for a bit better sensitivity at the weight below 1g (it’s sometimes a bit hesitant to register super low grams right away, say 0.01 to 0.05g), but overall, it’s a champ. Mine has actually never auto shut off with me, but I’m pretty quick when mixing a recipe.


Not related guys but prayers for my city. Tragic loss of our military men in my backyard. This happened less than 2 miles from my house… This is just unimaginable!


That’s precisely what I use. Personally, all I do is plunge my 1ml syringe through the foil safety seal. That way I never actually come into contact with the nic and it never sees the light of day either. (at least until I get to the point to where my syringe no longer picks up any liquid)


Thanks @andygev35 , that’s a great idea! Air is the nic killer…hehe


Hey guys I got my 2nd scale today, the first one I got read only to 0.1g and thanks to @Jimk giving me the heads up on the one I had ordered, and yesterday I received my latest order from TPA as well as my condiment bottles. Guess I am ready to weigh my recipes. Wish me luck… :smiley: (still waiting on heartland nic but I have some already from WL) Thanks for all your help



Just wish I had caught the bobble a bit sooner for your sake! All’s well that ends well, I guess. Happy mixing!!!


Yep me too @Jimk, they want $8.28 to send it back. OMG think I might go on a diet and start weighing my food,hehehe. I do believe I will be keeping it rather than losing almost a third to return. I should have done my research better…


Hey, Christmas is just around the corner and someone’s always getting married, so just stick it in the closet and you’ll be making someone happy in the future with your thoughtful gift of a brand new scale! (Bright side of things!)