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How do you mix: by weight or by syringes?


I guess batteries in the Elekcity scale need to be replaced. It comes on but instantly goes to -5.86g then zero it out and it just isn’t acting right. This seems very hard so I’m guessing it should be measuring much faster. Can anyone offer any info other than changing the batteries that were already installed surprisingly?


Sure. I guess replacing the batteries for starters would be good. You might need to calibrate the scale.


Without a weight I’m unsure how to do that. The instructions said I needed a 500g weight. I also measured some liquid to compare it and it was way off from syringe. Batteries are on the way, i’ll let you know how it goes… Thanks for you help!


A nickel is 5 grams, so you need 100 nickels to calibrate your scale. There are 40 nickels in a $2 roll. Best place to start is under the couch cushions! ; )


Sorry to hear your having trouble with your new scale. I have the same one and it has been flawless, if you breath on it the weight change’s instantly. Hopefully your new batteries will fix it.


Looks good to me. It should work very well.


Use the first scale you got to weigh about a couple or so bottles of water equaling 500 grams. There you go…


I weighed up cat litter in a jar until it balanced a nickel @ 5 grams. Now I use it to calibrate as needed. I check my scale before each mixing session with 1 nickel and then 5 nickels for lower and higher weights.


I stuck my cat in a flower pot to calibrate mine…ROFL


I’ve had pretty good luck with it since I put new batteries in it. The batteries it came with already installed I’m sure we’re not at their best hehe


Yea, one of the first things I did when I got mine was get some rechargeable batteries for it. The batts that came in mine were total junk. LoL


Mine kept reading off as well until I realized that the little clear plastic catch tray was still on the top of the scale (there are/were 2 plastic trays) talk about looking around to see if anyone noticed how big of a newbie I felt like at the moment, I wish I had a kodak moment going on right then of me staring at the scale wondering why it just wasn’t reading correctly for the longest time…


I did that too.


I made the switch to weight only about 2 weeks in from when I started DIYing! I already had a scale so I figured why not!
All I had to do was figure out the SG (specific gravity) of my vg base which is 1.26g=1ml and I personally just leave my flavorings at an SG of 1 only because the slight variations from one flavoring to the next is so small.
I also found that I can save even more $ by placing my pipettes in very small labeled zip lock baggies that I have pinned to a cork board in my lab, allows me to reuse them over and over then finally disgarding them when the bag gets to old.
The bags are so insanely small it was like they were made for them!
IMO this is by far the best and accurate way to mix


Ok I’ve made 1 30ml bottle and I went over my mark I don’t know how many times. I think I would do better with a larger mouth bottle than the 30 ml plastic squeeze bottle I was using. I also found my PG hard to control because of it’s viscosity being so very thin. I’m sure it just takes practice and I’m not giving up anytime soon. Thanks for everyones input and continued support.


Meh, happens to me all the time. After a few mixes it gets easier to hit your mark.


Ditto. I don’t sweat it too much. Sometimes, if I’ve overshot nic, PG, or VG by a lot I’ll just alter the recipe to reflect that and go from there. Typically, if it’s only a bit, I don’t bother. I’m of the mind when it comes to flavor that I’d rather be a drop or two over than under. Hasn’t killed me yet. :stuck_out_tongue:


calibrated cats hahaha


PETA wants to know, is there a label at the bottom of your juices bottles which states “No animals were harmed in the making of this e-liquid”?


My scale is a little different than the ones you guys are using so this might not apply to yours, but with mine I have noticed it will not auto shut off for about 5 minutes if it is still reading weight, but as soon as I tare it out it will shut down in about 30 seconds. So when I am mixing I will put in the amount of flavor I need and then not tare it until just before I add the next flavor, by doing it this way it pretty much never shuts down while I am mixing.