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How do you vape? DL or MTL?


Hi All,

Just wondering how you all vape. I kind of mix between mouth to lung and direct to lung.

After a meal i love a great Mouth to lung but in the late afternoon or with a cold drink in the afternoon love a big old direct lung hit.


I use both, dtl preferred but the mtl I use where I can’t produce the big clouds.


mtl on my 18350 mechs and dtl on everything else.


Mostly DL but sometimes I restrict my airflow to MTL. My only MTL atomizer has prebuilt coils that I am out of and don’t want to buy. If I could get a rebuildable coil for it, or rebuild it, I might use it more. Tanks in general just have a different taste to me that I dont like as much as a KGD cotton and my own coils.


There’s an older thread with a poll :+1:



Meh, I’m pretty ephemeral; I’ll just answer here.

Started MTL since that’s how I analogged, but all DL now.


Why am I so easily confused?


DL. MTL makes me cough badly


Depends on my mood. And what I’m doing…

All that matters is I’m doing it correctly.

And by that I mean

I enjoy vaping and enjoy what I’m vaping.


Do you normally up the nic level when doing mtl. I find i dtl a 2 or 3mg and 8mg mtl.


DL. I never even tried mtl, it would be awkward I think. Yes just tried and choked lol. I assume theres different mods for this?

I do have cig thingies and those would be mtl but hell they are 50mg nic and I choke on those badly


I’m 6 nic until I drop to 3 which probably will be soon . Starting to drop a few flavors to 3 nic when I refill them

Edit : under no circumstances will I raise my nic. Goal is zero nic


DTL for me.


MTL for me as DL kills my lungs for some reason?
Either it’s the years of heavy smoking or I’m doing it wrong? LOL


Got four rigs going at this moment. Two mtl and two dl. Love em all.


Keep trying! I was 100% mtl for about 3 years and it’s taken a while to find the right liquid. Try 70%VG liquids and depending on your nic level on mtl start with 3-6mg. PG and nic make the biggest difference for me in terms of throat hit and how it feels in the lungs.

I accidentally filled up my dl tank with the 60%PG 8mg liquid once in the dark car and i almost coughed my lungs out. It was very painful in the lungs.


I have two RTA (Doogystyle, Siren v2) and I use them both for MTL and DL :wink:


I have been loving the siren 2 for mtl it is a top notch vape. Been going back to the ammit 25 for dtl as it is still nice and restricted.


both. In the morning and if I haven’t vaped in a couple hours I go for the MTL for that high nic and whamo throat hit.