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How longs it been since your last cigarette?


Hey everyone, I’m new here! Just joined today! :laughing: looking to make some new friends and get a few A grade recipes.

I was wondering how long it has been since your last cigarette? Do you feel any healthier for it? And if so in what way?


December 2013. I put on a little bit of weight. But after a few months I could breath a lot better and started to exercise. Now after almost 4 years I feel as healthy as an ox.


And welcome!!!


Welcome! My last cigarette was on August 31 2015 and i feel so much better. Smell better too.


Mine was a week ago, before that one it was 4 months. I just get the urge to smoke a real cigarette when I consume alcohol for some reason, but your right about the weight and also I feel I can breath better and I don’t cough up mucus in the mornings like I used to…


Oh yeah, I can’t stand the smell of other smokers now… it’s disgusting!!


I quit drinking for a while because I had the urge to smoke. And now I don’t drink as much as I used to. I guess it’s a win win.


first vape 12/25/2013 - last actual cigarette 02/24/2014. Since that day I have never even considered having one. I have had no desire at all.

It’s been a sheer delight


Became Tobacco Free & Began my Vaping Journey
Congratulations on choosing a Healthier Alternative to Tobacco Use :grinning::raised_hand:



March 20, 2017 after smoking for 25 years. Started switching to vaping a few weeks before. Breathing is easier, allergies are way better. Can’t stand to be around smoke anymore.


Welcome to the Monkey House!

My last cigarette was around 04/30/2014(Don’t remember the exact date so that’s the one I use) I had been slowly working my way thru replacing all of my cigarettes with vaping. It took about two months of steadily chopping away at the random and “key” smokes of the day(The one with the first cup of coffee, the one after a meal…) Since I’ve been tobacco free, I do notice that it’s easier to get a full breath and I don’t get as winded as I used to. My cardiologist is happy that I’m tobacco-free, so much so that he’s labelled me as an ex-smoker even though I still vape.(This doesn’t seem so unusual, but he’s die-hard LDS and attached to an Adventist Health hospital. LDS are very much against anything “tobacco”)

Again, welcome to the forums. Enjoy!


Started vaping in April 2017 and quit smoking cigarettes in May 2017. Breathing is a lot easier and my sense of smell has come back a lot. I used to not smell cigarette smoke, now I can smell it and it’s nasty.


Funny that you mentioned that.
It has been one year today.




Welcome! Dec 31, 2016 was my last. Picked up some weight but I can breath normal and food tastes much better. But the biggest + is the $35 - $50 savings each week which means that I now have some extra $ to buy my flavors and pg/vg and other accessories and still have a jingle in my pocket every month!:+1::+1::+1:


I’ve been vaping since 2009, but August was my 5 year vapeversary. Last cigarette was sometime in the beginning of August 2012. :smiley:



Last cigarette was June 19, 2009, the day I picked up my first NJoy cigalike. I feel better and breathe better but I, too, have picked up some weight. I am much happier without the awful stench cigarettes left on my clothes and hair.


First bought vape supplies april of 2016. Last cig around may of 2016! After 13 years of :smoking:, ill never go back!!
Welcome! Enjoy the ride!


Last cigarette 2nd March 2016, stared vaping 3rd March 2016. I can breathe much better and I don’t stink of smoke. Dentist has commented on improved gums. I no longer wake myself up coughing. I met a load of awesome people on here. It’s all good :grin:

Welcome to ELR @Junglist_Juice :grin:

And 'grats @Saxonn! :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


Congrats on quitting, and welcome to ELR!!

February 14, 2016 was the last one. And to put that into perspective…

That was figured at $5 USD per pack (which is where it was at the time that I quit.)

The improvement started with being able to breathe easier, smell and taste improved, I lost almost 40 pounds in the first two-three months! (which of course, some of which was ‘found’ later… :roll_eyes: ) Worth every minute of effort, and every penny I’ve put into DIY though!!

Only had two nervous “craving” moments though (so far). Both of which were gotten beyond thankfully. The first one caught me off guard at about the 3 and a half month mark. The second, much later. So you’ll still possibly run into “those moments”. Just be mentally prepared. :wink: