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How longs it been since your last cigarette?


Well done, over in the UK we pay nearly £10 for a 20 pack so the switch has definitely saved me some money :blush::+1:


Last cigarette was October 6, 2014. I stopped counting how much I’ve saved by not smoking cigarettes. Now I count how much I blow on vape gear that I really don’t need :slight_smile:


Lol, same here there’s always some new flavour I haven’t tried and need to buy for my collection.


Thanks for the welcome :blush::+1:


5 years, well done you :+1:


I’ve started vaping with the eGo, that’s errrr… 5 or 6 years now? Pretty much immediately to 0 cigs but my last cigarette I’ve had on a stop at the airport in Delhi in November 2014.I ran out of liquid because security at the airport before took it away and the rest was in the luggage. Had a couple of puffs but I can’t say I’d enjoyed them. Took another 6 hours to get to the liquid at the final destination.


Halloween 2014 i was supposed to go to “fright nights” at the PNE in vancouver. What started as a chest cold became full on bronchitis which opened the door for a fiendish flu virus. Gave up the stinkies and decided to vape only. Coming up on 3 years and aside from the occasional sniffles (which went away when i recently stopped drinking milk) have not been sick since! I used to get a chest infection two to three times a year and suffered from asthma. I no longer take an asthma inhaler…


Over 2 years for me. I spent Labor Day weekend with a smoker and it smelled so goooooood. (I still love the smell) But I vaped while she smoked. She wants to quit. I told her when she’s ready I’d set her up . Fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:
I did smoke once within that 2 year time frame but it tasted like shite and gave me a headache so that’s a good thing. Alcohol is a trigger for me too but I rarely drink anyway and vaping is a perfect diversion from wanting.
Congrats and welcome @Junglist_Juice. Stay with it and fall in love with the Vape. :heart:


Thanks for the warm welcome. I intend to stick with it. As I mentioned though I get cravings bad when I drink especially if I don’t have a spare battery for my mod and I’m out, I end up buying a pack… I’ve been vaping for 5 months now since my girlfriend bought me an e cig pen then i bought a cloud chasing mod, I love the fact I can mix my own juice and create things that are individual only to me… I intend to keep on vaping and I’m happy with making the change :blush::+1:


I hear you on the drinking. Whenever I drink whiskey I want a smoke or at least think about it.
Maybe buy more batteries? LOL I have 12 and always have them charged on rotation and carry extras with me just in case. LG, Sony and Samsung are best according to the Mooch.



22 months this coming Sunday I smoked for 44 years


1/1/2006 :slight_smile:


2 weeks ago. felt like throwing up


Congratulations @Emm3 on making the transition to a Healthier Alternative to Tobacco Use :raised_hands:


@Mark_Turner so glad i made the transition. My respiratory lining could take no more tar .


Well done you… you’ll feel better for it in the long run :+1:


Last cig 16/02/2016 while reading my ego1 mega instructions. (After 35 years smoking) I had 1 unopened packet in the waiting and never opened them. Gave them away about 6 months ago, Best thing I have ever done. I calculate I have saved about $5000 a year. I must be lucky because I have not put on any weight in fact I have lost 6 kilos.


Great!!! I haven’t either and I’ve even managed to keep the 60 pounds I lost prior off. Exercise is so much easier when you can breathe. Who woulda thought?!


Hi All!
My last pyro was in the end of June… what I surely did not expect was that I felt it very much during sports, I don’t have anymore coughing during warm-up rounds. The second thing I admire by vaping is that I do not smell throughout the day and don’t wake up and the first thing I smell in the morning is the stench of old smoke in my clothes. No weight gain so far, but an empty purse :wink: (I’m a bit of a tinkerer and have to try everything).


26 years most at 2 1/2 packs a day. I lived my Lucky Strikes. I haven’t had a cigarette in almost 2 years. Vape mostly 1.5 and mg