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How longs it been since your last cigarette?


Welcome to whole new lease on life my vaping friend. For me it has been since July of 2009. I did it with a 900mah ego battery and ce4 tankomizer. That was my first glimpse of what vaping would do for me. I took to it fast and within 6 months I was making my own eliquids, and rebuilding either a genesis or dripping atty. I used the first real tanks as well. It has certainly been a wonderful juorney so far. Making your own liquids is a very satisfying experience. When you make your first never before has this flavor of eliquid tatsed so good, its almost magical.

You will find all you need here to be successful with your vaping endeavors. Again welcome to the wide world of DIY.


Welcome @Junglist_Juice !

My last cigarette dates from 14/07/2017.
Not that long however i still like the smell of cigarettes…
Keeping strong and blow it away with my clouds :sweat_smile:

I did started vaping & smoking experimental from 12/2016 but never found a eliquid that could keep me off the cigarettes.
Untill i stumbled by accident on ‘You Got E-Juice - Lemon Cheesecake’ and i was hooked…
I also did put on some weight… starting sports again to heal the damage.


Thanks for the welcome :facepunch:


And yet, every so often you will still get that urge :wink:
Many of us do by the way, smoking is a bad addiction. Having a good vape at hand is more than good enough to stop that urge quite quickly.


I hear ya.
It still remains difficult without a vape in your hands…
Keeping strong pepole :wink: