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How many flavors in your flavor stash?


How many flavors in your flavor stash? Well here comes the kicker…

How many of those flavors do you actually use?

At my peak I had over 700 flavors, and it was a mess because I actually used about 30% or so of those. After thinning out my stash I ended up with about 175 or so. Since my initial stash reduction I’m back up to around 275 or so, but I’m thinking it’s time trim my stash again.

Any thoughts?


I just checked, My Flavor stash is 221 flavors. I do remove concentrates I am not replacing or no longer use. Not as often as I should probably. But fairly routinely, about twice a year.


Off hand I think over 300 flavors. I’d have to really look at my own database to see what I use most but off hand I’d say I’m right around 25-30% like you. Some of my inventory, bought for one-time recipes… are now gathering dust. But I’m also a sucker for new releases.
Collecting flavors, whether they’re keepers or dumpers, is part of what we do. I figure the cost to do that is worth the occasional awesome recipe I may concoct.


I’m probably around 200 at this point. Maybe
225…but if I discount ODF and much of my rf sc stash around 175.

I’ve made good and other weird buys. Black pepper fa, cardomon fa, Jasmine’s, and the like. One I remove dead orange flavors I probably have a working stash of 130’ish.

I’m not really jumping on too many new flavors. I’m really just hitting a quiet stride in mixing and chasing my perfect orange mix (8 testers on the way).

Overall I really need to thin out my stash because I no longer have room. But I’m a hoarder. What if on a random whim I want to do something crazy like mix citrus fa with ice cream? Had that flavor in my stash for a year before mixing with it and love it. Same with blackberry fa.


I was up to 450 now I’m down to 244, I just realized a couple weeks ago that I got a ton of vanillas, why I have no idea, but looking at my recipes I do use them all, some more then others. Same for the rest of my current stash, but I’m bout to use the last bits of some flavors, I won’t repurchase, but as always looking at replacement (other brands). I don’t want to go back up, I’m kinda comfortable with my 244 flavors lol.


<100 of RF SC I think, but no real easy way to count them. My stash on ELR is out of date and my juice calc doesn’t have a way to count the ones that still have a quantity left AFAIK.

About this many:

I can barely shut the door on that mini fridge. Trying to pull out a handful of flavors I need every few weeks sucks obv so I am not buying any new flavors for the foreseeable future.

And I got this tray of misc flavors that I basically don’t ever use which will be going in the trash soon as they are all around 2 years old at this point:


Currently at 165, with a couple that I haven’t entered into my stash, so maybe 168-170? I’m not using all of them-most were 10 ml bottles I bought to try out recipes and either didn’t care for or tweaked and removed the offending flavor. I probably only really use 50-60% of the ones I’ve got on a regular basis, so maybe I should thin the herd a little…


for a period i had like 300 or a lil more of them… now i just buy what i need… i usually make big batches, leaving them to steep for a period of like 40days or whatever… just mixing like 2-3 times/year… if i need a break from them i am just bying a ready made one…
tbh atm i can’t afford the cost anymore for trying everything new or flavors i don’t know all the time plus i am kinda bored with mixing all the time…


Ha … my flavour collection is minuscule compare to most here as I only have 70 flavours :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
On the plus side I however use ALL of them :sunglasses:
(except one, and I’m still desperately trying to work it in into some recipe, even if it will just be a single drop)


I’ve wondered at times if I’ll ever get bored, but I’ve been doing it since late 2014. Mostly mixing for myself and still pumping out around 120ml a week. Not bored yet but I’ve slowed down a bit.


I’ve more or less settled on a maximum of 280 in-house flavors in my 30ml bottle stash-rack, however I admit that I have many more in the garage that I never use, mostly stuff that I bought on a whim and turned out they were horrible, like Unicorn Vomit (FW) and Baklava (RF). I’d be scared to add up the money wasted on horrible ingredients that I mixed up once and relegated to the garage vault, but it’s a calculated risk when buying stuff I’ve not had before.


Nice stash… very organized too.


Back up to 243, would like to get down to about 100-130. Pif’d quite a bit already. Hopefully I’ll figure out my must haves in a few months. Contemplating MF flavors to replace some flavors as they get low.


Thank you! I wish my wife thought so! :wink:


I have around 200 down from 260 or so. I trim my stash every so often, giving away what I don’t use. 40 of those I use a lot and have 4 oz or more of each.

What do y’all do with the flavors you thinned? Is 2yrs a long time to have a concentrate, because I still have some from my very first purchase.

@Chrispdx have you tried Flavorahs blood orange? It’s the first orange I ever bought. I use it all the time and didn’t know orange is a diffucult flavor to get right untill I purchased some other oranges and couldn’t dial them in with out a lot of trial and error. I guess I said all of that to say; It’s a good orange.


I have a little over 500 and probably use only 20 of them on a regular basis. I think I may need a 12 step group for flavor hoarders.


Smart idea… I lost a lot of nearly full bottles once I bought certain MF flavors.

You crack me up!


right now my stash says 365 , i know at one time i had over 600 but that was awhile ago… i also need to update my stash since ive given some away again amd the ODF are being sent off monday , i do have multiples of some like FA cream whipped , Mf lemon , inw milk choco old formula , LB VIC etc i have NO VTA and only one wonder flavor , after being disappointed in the RFSC line i refuse to buy nany newer lines unless it really intrigues me … i probably use about 60 or so all the time but lately ive been trying to use more just to see what i can eliminate. FLV is a company ive been pretty happy with recently and MF and FA have always been tops on my list . I do stay away from FW and TPA lately except for some of the staples. Capella has always cauggt my eye only bc it was the first company thats flavors really worked for me , anyway im done rambling


i send mine off to anyone who wants them in the USA , i tried trading once which i sent off 35 or so flavors and was supposed to get a velocity v2 mini rda which was never sent and the guy disappeared after. I do prefer to send off all of what im getting rid of and usually hope they are being sent to a new mixer or someone who will use them , i always make sure i add some that i feel are must haves so a person isnt stuck with what i dont like. In the near future ill be offering most of my RFSC flaves to someone bc i need to make room for more FLV


@Pro_Vapes lots of i in this one as well, you have me reading my latest comments , im going to sleep lol