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How many flavors in your flavor stash?


TBH I’ve had to check myself quite a few times.


I know to caps it but i believe that I dont hold the shift key long enuff iam not the greatest typing anyways so I just say screw it


It ain’t that. We are counting the amount of times he says “I”. aka The Donald Trump Syndrone.


I’m in the exact same boat as @robin.


In my 3+ years of DIY, I’ve amassed a grand total of (drum roll) 43 flavors.


How low can you go?!


Wow! I though I had a problem with 160 flavors! You give me hope :wink: I’ve used about 80% of those and probably just about 30% of those on a regular basis. The problem is that i always seem to need new flavors :grin: You can start organizing the 12 step program and I’ll join when its time:laughing:


I have 200, of which I only use about a third of them regularly…however, I still use most of them occasionally, and I’m afraid that if I get rid of any of them, it will be then that I need it for a new recipe idea, or maybe a new recipe posted by someone else that intrigues me…

Kinda like a car warranty, nothing happens when you still have it, but the second its gone the transmission goes, or something similar happens :upside_down_face:




I currently got 149 in my stash and use maybe 50 regularly. Then i have another 40 or so that i use once in a while. Then i have maybe 30 that i never got around to really give a chance. Then maybe 15 that i dont like enough to really use and another 15 or so that i really dislike.

Yes i know the above doesn’t add up but for the simplicity of things i made up a non existing flavor.

I actually liked when my stash size was somewhere between 70 and 99, above that i create too much waste and also easily get overwhelmed when i want to get creative and make a freestyle mix, so when i do i usually just stick to those i like and trust.


Currently sitting at 283.


Which flavors, if I may ask?


Actually not lost, but replaced because I no longer had a need for several older, weaker and less accurate concentrates… If you want, I can compile a list, but several of those got trimmed when I 1st reduced my stash.

For example… every chocolate I had before I got Dark Chocolate MF… that’ll be 5 or 6 right there.


I knew I had a problem when I placed a new order with NR. I ordered11 flavors and 6 of them I already had. I need to figure out an efficient way to keep track of what i have. Sometimes having this many flavors can be overwhelming. I plan on paying some forward when we do our traveling box again. How do you organize your flavors? Do you organize by flavor profile or manufacturer?


I have maybe 40. I use them all regularly. I have had a lot more but my palate is better suited to fruits, so that’s what I stock.
I would get so overwhelmed with more than what I have!
BUT, I will be placing a “new flavors” flavorah order and that will jump my stash exponentially (to maybe 55 hahaha)


I’m at 134 and just counted 16 I don’t use. Not all i do use are in heavy rotation, probably 40% are. The other 60% are on-call, ready to jump in a bottle and take action! Tasty, delicious action :wink:


This is the post I put in the “Storing and organizing…” thread:


That has happened to me too! I have at least 3 duplicates! It usually happens when I put a flavor on the shopping list and then when I go shopping I end up buying from another manufacturer because they did not have the one I wanted (I live in Mexico and our selection is somewhat more limited, nobody has INAWERA for example.). As for the organizing I have them in boxes separated by profile; One for tobaccos, coffee, nuts, another for vanillas, creams, cookies, number 3 for fruits and a last one for sweeteners, additives and the. But it is true I am still overwhelmed :grin:


You people have a serious problem, lol. Several hundred flavors is crazy. I have 16. I’m not real adventurous with my flavors. I mix a few different flavors that I enjoy. I must admit that I am suffering from flavor envy now. As overwhelming as it would be I would like to have so many flavors to experiment with


There is no wrong way to mix. Yes. I would mentally struggle with 17, yeah. But how freakin cool that you only need to manage 17.

To be honest. I could probably survive with just 50. But for me it’s a hobby and have slowed way down on buying now that I’m at/above the 200 mark. But I still add 3-5 every holiday.


if you do decide to start buying more flaves buy 10ml bottles and wait for sales , every friday @ecigexpress has some kind of sale which makes the cost easier to handle