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How many flavors in your flavor stash?


I have about a 100, maybe a little more…but I find that I only regularly utilize about 25% of them. Many of them are for family members that I mix for…then they tell me they really like something and I end up restocking quantity of those flavors, only to have them ask me to make something different the next time. When I was first starting out years ago I first bought 10ml samples and then made the mistake of buying all 120ml bottles; so something like gingerbread, which I bought over three years ago, I have maybe only used 15mls of the bottle (that one was a dud). Now I could easily get by with 50. The thing is always something that looks good and you are missing like one flavor, so you end up buying a ton of concentrates to get free shipping. Oh well it’s my hobby anyway at this point. -The shopping list and keeping an accurate (somewhat at least) inventory on here is key to purchasing…when I buy now I add the ml’s to the former quantity in my stash and it works fine.


I knew you had a bunch :slight_smile: wow - that was for Robin! …misplaced comment - sawry