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How many of you use Facebook (or not)? - CLOSED


We all see the new product giveaways, and contests here on ELR, and often times the vendor lists things you have to do, in order to be entered in the contest. Many times they request using Facebook. My personal opinion on FB can’t be fully stated here, hehe, but needless to say, I’m anti FB due to their data mining, tracking, profiling, and especially their tracking AFTER you have logged OUT of FB.

After I submitted for the latest contest giveaway here on ELR I noticed that I was NOT alone when getting to the “Like us on Facebook” portion, stating I did not use Facebook. Let’s see what’s what here guys/gals.

Do You Use Facebook ??

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I’m with you on this one, Facebook, twitter, all that shit has ruined an already screwed up society. This forum is as social as I get lol


I only use it for my business and band pages. I don’t exist there as a real person besides that.


I don’t want my biznay out there.


As little as possible, lol. I feel somewhat compelled as I have a few friends who use it to communicate. The thing depresses me. Between all of the political crap and the continual displays of stupidity it’s hard to stomach.


+1 @Walt3


@AZViking I spit my coffee out…


Okay, I will be your Huckleberry :slight_smile:
I use FB on a regular basis. I am in 5 or 6 DIY groups there.
Having made that admission. I must say, I deplore having to Tag People, Share &/or Like a page as a prerequisite to participating in a giveaway.
I do understand that the Venders has an underlying agenda, other than the giveaway.
So I will continue to abide by the requirement to help them to increase upticks on Social Media & to their webpage. In return, I hope that the Vender continues offer us the chance to win various items gratis.


@Mark_Turner you had me at “I am in 5 or 6 DIY…”


@Mark_Turner It’s all good brother. No haters here. I think my biggest issue with FB et al. is that many users, don’t fully understand how deep the nefarious rabbit hole goes. Stories going back to before 2011, and more recent stories that it is STILL going on, bother me.

I think as long as people realize the truth behind it, and are informed, then at least they’re making a choice to continue using, that’s all.

P.S. I love winning vaping things !!! Huckleberry on Mr. Mark. :slight_smile:


I pop on my husbands to buy and sell in the garage sale sites and to enter for give aways…Fed book annoys me…like other invasive and inappropriate government actions…i had like 3 facebook accounts for a limited amount of time ha
This is my new facebook…it doesn’t ever ask me to turn a location on :eyes::heart_eyes::clap::sparkling_heart:


Just simple response. I marked never because my Fb is for family and not for vaping. My Fb is for me to connect with my underage newphews not to advertise vaping. Plain and simple.


FB sucks and sucks even more after just watching The Circle movie.


Indeed Sir, Indeed :blush:


I made a fake account because I couldn’t view some FB pages without logging in. Although I have a couple friends that are immediate family members, I don’t like, link or even post anything to it.


Not a fan here. Privacy concerns and the way some people behave on it has kept me away for years. Google being pretty much required for android chaps my ass a bit also. After seeing the scripts that run in the browser while logged into Google and youtube my eye twitched a bit.


I use it quite a lot. It used to be for private stuff, but after ELR, and its page and group, a lot of people have started adding me though …


Happy Birthday @daath!


Happy Birthday ??? !!!


Lol! Yes it’s @daath birthday today :smile: sorry to bring this to your thread. I saw he just posted on here a few minutes ago.