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How many of you use Facebook (or not)? - CLOSED


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In THAT case…


I used to use Facebook but it was constant negativity and stupidity, friend requests… I don’t have friends… jeeez…



I monitor the ELR facebook group for spam and stuff, but I don’t interact very much on there. I try to keep FB for family and close friends so they can see pics of my daughter and I can find out if anyone died or anything.


Let me just clarify, the idea of Facebook was to keep in touch with family members, some live a long way away, but unfortunately it seems it’s the perfect platform for trolls and drama kings / queens and a way to nose around other people…

Never saw anyone I had on Facebook yet they had plenty to say… :confused:


Cause the first place to notify family of a death has to be Facebook ROFL :rofl:


I’ve discovered that you get notified when someone in your family dies :joy:


I’ve got an FB account, but I haven’t used it for a couple of years. It got too damned depressing with all the political BS and various other dramarama.


I joined up years ago because I was looking for an old friend and it was fun for a while. Then family members with FB accounts got wind of me being on there and started harassing me with their day to day BS of cleaning the house, what they had for dinner, pictures included :anguished: and everything else you never wanted to know about another person.
That’s one of the reasons I deleted my account. Lets not start about privacy cause that will start a rant that has no end. :rofl:


A sad truth…

I mostly use it to show off my photography and keep in touch with some guys I wouldn’t be able if I don’t use that “Infierno” (hell) but, it is so hard when you step across those doors not to leave a few comments when you see something that touch your deeps.

Something I found walking in a 4 days trip to Denmark.



Did you share it on Facebook? :smiling_imp:


Yeah… rating it on goodreads and filling out a review that was prompted immediately after reading it on my kindle fire… was creepy


Hahahaha!!! ofc I did… Too good to let it pass by :stuck_out_tongue:


…ditto! :rage:


Sir Saintly I have to ask rock, country, rubber or wedding?

I use it less and less but do to get some results from my health care office. If I bitch about the local DR office on their main FB page I tend to get results from the local office when they are otherwise ignoring people. I will use it to look at grandkids pics.


I never use FB for entering contests or giveaways as a matter of fact I haven’t used FB in some time along with the reasons stated above they load your timeline with garbage ads useless suggestionsand and try to watch a video midway through you get a commercial :fu: FB! It’s either elr or G+ for me.


Both bands are metal. One is ambient/doom and the other is technical. I hate “genre” titles but that’s the best way I can describe them.


To me, simply being on ELR is exposure enough for them for what they’re usually giving out. Especially considering it costs them so little to make. In many cases, I’d bet the shipping costs more than the atty they give away. (almost certainly doesn’t hold true for mods of course, but still. The exposure this place alone gives them is significant)


Well, given they designed and built Android*, it’s hard to blame them. (Kind of like MS and IE for all those years…)

But I feel your pain.
I keep hoping someone will design as robust a phone OS that’s truly open source (and as mass adapted) as Android one day!
(There were a couple that had potential there for a year or two, but they disintegrated. Besides which, the average person has no clue how to root, much less, learn to use ADB, Etc.)


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