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How many of you use Facebook (or not)? - CLOSED


wow! Thanks for sharing!! :thumbsup:

Had no clue about that! Even though I prefer CentOS… I’m not throwing stones! Lol


I’m going to attempt to root a kindle I was given as a gift. I didn’t study programing and have lived through win95 and driver issues up till Windows 7 and rooting a device still looks a bit intimidating.


Thank you.


I’ve rooted quite a few devices, and the steps/software varied on what was rooted. Please be advised, that you can always BRICK a device if it fails. Not saying it WILL happen, but COULD happen. I have one of the original Kindles (bleh) and didn’t have to root, just side loaded whatever apps I needed as an alternative.


I’ve not played with CentOS yet, and am tech. not a linux guy, but what’s a guy to do when the big players piss you off, and leave you hanging ? Switch !!!


Is it me or did it look like Kirk had a boobjob at first?


So true!

Make sure you read up extensively before trying such. My brother tried without doing his due diligence first (he’s always been the antsy type though) and he bricked his Galaxy S5. Fortunately I was able to recover it (after spending a couple of hours with ADB and a couple of other tools)… But the whole thing could have been much smoother had he not been so damned impatient and done his homework first like I suggested. As always, the problem falls in my lap to fix. :angry:

Generally speaking though, if you stick with a trusted dev (and release package), things should go smoothly. Assuming one has done their homework, and paid attention to details. :wink:


Another thing to keep in mind is whether or not you care, or your rooting a Samsung will or will not trip the Knox flag. Will link below. Some roots can be UNdone and I have verified they did not trip the knox flag.

Information is power…



The one I got is newer and has a decent screen. I wanted to try the updated baldurs gate on it.


Kindle Fire HD ??


Gents… Not to be a downer… But, it might be a good time to take this to pm. :wink:
This is supposed to be a FB thread after all. lol


Sorry for my part in it OP!
/Please to be excusing me yes!?


Jingle Hell’s Bells! I know what I want for XMas!


Probably upsquish from his girdle!

Upsquish is a word, right?


It’s hard to express how much I hate FB without sounding like a hypocrite – all arguments of which will be somehow related to Google ultimately. But what it really boils down to, for me, is I can look at Google and see a corrupt company (redundancy if there ever was one) but not see the sheer scale of evil you get with FB and its userbase.

But maybe Google’s various sites, apps, and algorithms are just far better at putting stuff I actually like in front of me, and most of what FB throws at me offends me. I can’t even deny that it could be just that, I don’t have the resources to test it. But I tried FB a few months ago for a couple hours – learned that everyone I’m related to is a Trump supporter who wants to murder brown people, gays, and atheists – never-mind that I’m two out of three. And just – not going back there man.

But what strikes me a obviously evil was – I had never been on FB before, but they had LOADs of relevant information on me when I opened an account, in all sorts of ways from showing me people I knew in college to recent posts of my favourite artists, whatever – that’s scary on it’s own. What’s terrifying is when you get shown everything everyone you’ve ever known has said that would enrage you – but I went and got my mom to show me her FB experience with the same pages, it’s nothing but freaking dog pictures. So if I had tried to say “I’m done with Jimmy, he’s a goddamned homphobic asshole.” becuase I saw dozens of anti-gay pots from the past year, my mom never saw any of that, and she would not have believed me except I showed her the actual posts from my account.

There’s is something so beyond fucked up there, and it’s legitimately scary. FB does not just allow for, but creates worlds of alternative fact sets, while leading you to believe you see the entire picture just because of how big the picture you do see is.

So yeah, I don’t use FB. Ever.


Being the smartass that I am I’d have probably said music. and left it at that, any chance we might see you as an up and comer with recording and all the accoutrements that go with it or is this love of the art gonna play don’t care if I’m famous or not kinda thing? A guy I used to work with played for a while with Hiroshima and said it was just too much bull shit, He got out when it no longer was about the music but all about the almighty dollar. And Mike played one mean awesome sweet Saxophone. He used to play at lunch in his office. He’d play then we’d talk about what ever group/song he’d played, sometimes I miss that shit. Me I love most of it, just can’t make myself hang with RAP, not even music IMHO, but to each his own. Lastly What do you play and do you follow Avery Molek on Utube? that kid’s amazing.


Do my friends suck well. Comparitively NO, that’s why I bought them


I haven’t heard of him but will def check it out. Thanks. Both bands have toured before and currently working on new material. Not famous lol.


:laughing: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not a huge fan but i cleaned out one of my old game accounts to use for the ELR facebook group. I have 5 friends, yeah, im pretty popular.


Thanks a lot to everyone who took part in this survey/poll.