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How much do you consume?


I recall a scaremonger article a few years ago, saying that vaping is dangerous because ingesting too much PG is a big risk. What the study failed to mention is that you would need to consume two liters per day for years before you got into wonky territory. I doubt even the vaping-ist vaper in the universe is nowhere near two liters a day. I average 16-24ml a day, 3mg nic (salt).


10-30 ml a day 0-1 mg Nic. So much other garbage going on sometimes I forget to vape lol
Hard to imagine when I smoked I NEVER forgot to fire one up. If I left a pack at the house it was “Panic at the Disco”


Lol I know right. I always had at least 5 packs around the house, at nearly every door/window, plus extra in my jacket pockets/purse or/and glove box. Because you don’t want to run out or go to the store at 3am, even so you will if that happens.

I run 1-4 vape setups sometimes more, but they are in only 1 place, I vape 10-20ml of 0mg nicotine, sometimes more and sometimes less. But even as I was vaping juices with nicotine, I could forget my setup or even go half a day fully without it, without wanting to kill every person I see lol.


I think worrying about it is more harmful to your health than the e-juice.


I keep 2 in the house, 1 in the wife’s car (of course without batteries)
1 in my glovebox
1 next to the toilet for vooping purposes (j/k) lmao @eStorm


4sure !! Much safer than any other methods of “safer alternatives” IMHO


For me it varies greatly. Anywhere from 5 to 30 ml a day depending on what I’m doing and how flavors are hitting me. Sometimes I just don’t feel like a vape. Other times I can sit in front of the monitor and chain vape away. I vape 2mg. Two days ago I had two teeth pulled and discovered that I don’t crave nicotine any longer. No nicotine fits with long periods of no vaping.


See that’s a other positive thing, no not your teeth, but with vaping you can always make it work. Thinner drip tip with a straw attached, vaping on the opposite side, just firing the atomizer and then inhaling the vapor, without having to actual suck :wink:

Try that with a cigarette! :rofl:


Amen! Didn’t feel a lot like vaping but I still could take a vape now and again like you say by just lightly drawing the vapor off the atty and not forming a suction. Pretty pleasurable way to vape actually.


Hell, I wish I would’ve know that. I would’ve got the 2 teeth pulled and avoided the withdrawal.
Sorry had to @SmilingOgre
Hope your doing better Bru.


I run 4 too. I have 1 on my nightstand 1 without batteries in my backpack. 1 on me and 1 in my home office


Thank you my friend! For me it was instant relief. Ya, the jaw is a little sore but nothing worth complaining about. When those things were in there it was something else. I thought my head would explode. Given the circumstance, I am one very happy camper.


Honestly my vape never really leaves my side. I figure maybe 25+ mls a day. 3-5 mg nic
I am a sleep vaper as well, but now I don’t
Have burn marks on my bra and blankets. :sunglasses: Which is certainly a good thing.


I vape somewhere between 15 and 25ml at 3mg a “normal” day. If i mess around making a a lot of new testers it can probably go above that. If i fool around making some crazy builds on my vape station i can probably push it to 40ml but it started to be rare that i do that.


Jeez I guess I’m on the higher side, my nic works out to be about 1.6 or 1.7 mg, and I vape anywhere from 30-50ml a day most days, especially when I am in the final stage of working on a recipe and I’m really loving it lol


4 to 6mls @20mg nic (freebase). Glad this question was asked, been curious what others consume.


3mg/ml × 20ml = 60mg nic/day


10ml x 4.5mg/ml = 45mg/day


Zero nic here, 1-2 ml. a day on a RDA.


That’s awesome