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How much do you consume?


I am somewhat worried … I consume about 15-20ml. to the day of liquid, to 3 of nicotine. Do you think that is a lot? How much do you consume? In my other life I smoked 20 or more cigarettes … Thank you in advance for the answers. And remember, if you visit Barcelona, I invite you to a beer.

New and confused

Depends on the day. I average about 10ml’s a day. More on the weekends. That’s also at 4.5 on the nic.


3 tanks a day by 7 mls. = 21 mls on week days. more on weekends.

EDIT: 1 - 3 mg nic.


It depends on how busy I am or where I’m at. Typically at home I’ll go through 10-15ml @5mg nic.
If I’m on a long run with the club (can’t vape much on a bike), maybe 5-10ml.


Sorta derailing but what’s your ride?


Durning a normal day I vape about 3 to 4 tanks at 4ml so 16ml. Busy crazy days I can vape up to 24 ml. Weekends I’m not too sure at least 24ml. I vape at 3mg


And now on topic. Workdays i vape 20-30ml of 3mg or 0nic. Weekends i can finish up to 50ml a day, usually 0nic


2001 HD Heritage Softail


God I love that bike :slight_smile:

I rode a sportster 1200 for almost 20 years before replacing it with a dyna when the 103 engines came out. Ended up selling it 6 months ago due to some pretty severe back issues and got a car instead


Sorry to hear that. It would kill me if I couldn’t ride. Been riding pretty much since puberty! It’s a way of life for me.


20-30ml 1.5mg nic.


@Gus6 First of all their is nothink wrong if that can keep you away from cigarettes.
I like to calculate it with nic grams per day
You consume
3mg/ml × 15ml = 45mg nic per day
3mg/ml × 20ml = 60mg nic/day

4.5mg/ml x about 10 = 45mg/day

5mg/ml x 10ml = 50mg/day
5mg/ml x 15ml = 75mg/day

3mg/ml x 16ml = 48mg/day
3mg/ml x 24ml = 72mg/day

1.5mg/ml x 20ml = 30mg/day
1.5mg/ml x 30ml = 45mg/day

8mg/ml x 7ml = 56mg/day
8mg/ml x 9ml = 72mg/day


Compared with cigarettes, practically nothing.

If an average cigarette has 12mg nicotine, one pack a day would bring you to 240mg per day


Haha and I was a 1 pack a day smoker. Still a hella decrease even with the nic. That’s such great news


Beside this being good news, nicotine is not what will kill you but no need to preach to the converted :slight_smile:


I just never did math on that is all. Wasn’t trying to be preachy


I was referring to myself :slight_smile:

I find it very easy to go into a 500 word essay on why vaping is so much better than smoking, and this is definitely not a place for that :slight_smile:


Can’t handle the stream train ride, smoked too long or just too sensitive for the volume. :cloud::cloud::cloud::cloud::cloud:

Before 0.7 - 1ml - 56mg nic Juul (Salts Only)

Since DIY 1 - 2 ml 12-24 nic. (Salts Only)

I know 3 other people friends and family that quit putting nails in their coffin by vaping, that motivated me to quit the same way also.


You can only make this comparison if you’re puffing away the whole fag… most times people let a good part of it smoke away without inhaling it.
E-liquid actually gets vaporized when you inhale it and it stops being vaporized when you stop puffing.
Besides that, there’s also a difference between the nic being vaporized and nic in tobacco that is burnt and inhaled.

And after all that… it’s not the nic we have to be worried about but what’s in the flavors, so this all doesn’t matter anyways :wink:


I had a chopped 59 panhead till I got hit by a truck. Been down since I broke my back :frowning: