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How much you vape a day?


15ml a day with my smok tank, 30 If I pull the rda out


15 to 35ml depending on the work flow and how tasty my new juice is. The tastier it is the more I go through.


With the smok 25-40 depending on how busy I am, I love my flavor but I dial down my nic to 1-2 mils


My self just starting Vaping for 1 month, and i found this really enjoyable and also help me out to quit smoking Tobbaco.
i got 2.8 ml untilo 3 ml a day.


Well done and congratulations on getting rid of the tobacco.
Welcome to the forum and I’ve got some good news for you. Your journey is just beginning. :yum:[quote=“Jais_1512, post:24, topic:45108”]
My self just starting Vaping for 1 month, and i found this really enjoyable and also help me out to quit smoking Tobbaco.


I’m at about 15 - 20ml a day.

I’ve been hanging out at my buddy’s shop and I’m quite amazed at the amount of juice some of these guys carry on their person (backpacks full and clanky)…and buying more!


20-30ml per day here. If I don’t break out the Velocity I would guess closer to 20ml. But I loves me some drippage.


hmm, sounds like the average is 15-30 ml a day. i thought i was vaping a lot when i have fill my tank twice in a day :joy: i dont drip though thats one thing. My igo w has seen its last days. Been looking for a new RDA to start building again.


I have a few RDA’s. My buddy at the vape shop just got in some Alliance RDA’s that have like 275 pieces with them. The tank is made in the USA and is pretty darned amazing. But at $50 I had to resist buying it. I vaped on it a few times and I must say it was a stellar vape! I love my Velocity. But I will have me an Alliance some day…


At 50 bucks you had to resist?
I was out as soon as you said 250 pieces!


Wow! That is crazy that Ashville has banned them all. I vape about 15-20ml a day.


Yup! The “no fun ever” laws were passed a while back! :smirk: Nice town, but super anal retentive!


Sitting here this morning thinking about this question. When I first started vaping I was of course still heavily addicted to nicotine and was vaping approximately 8 15ml bottles of 18mg nic juice per month. I started November 8, 2013. Well before any decent subohm RTA tanks or regulated subohm mods came to be. Fast forward, it is now January 22, 2016 and hardware has improved by leaps and bounds. It wasn’t all that long ago I realized even I with COPD, could use a subohm RTA tank with Temperature Control. With a .09 ohm Ti build in my crown I am blowing through approximately 25ml of 2mg juice per day. In less than 5 days time I am using the amount of juice I would use in a months time. Wow, who’d a thought I would be chucking juice like the best of em lol. I’m sure I speak for us all when I say, Thank Goodness I Blend My Own Juice…


Yes. $50 for a USA made Dripper isn’t bad at all. Especially after seeing it, and vaping on it a few times. It is an amazing dripper. I would shelve my Velocity’s if I had it. The quality is also amazing.


Saw one yesterday, buddy really likes it…but 275 pieces? Wtf?
(I now take it that 275 is an exageration, kinda)


Lol, I guess I should have said a million pieces. It’s made so you can set it up a number of ways. I have always thought most of the really good RDA’s were similar in vape. At least with the few that I have. But I got a really good vape off of that Alliance.


25-40ml at 1mg/ml nic per day
I was smok two pack a day .


anywhere 25-50ml… depending on mood…


I’m gonna guess between 10 & 20. Most days closer to 10. But now and again something will just hit the spot and I’ll go through some.


Hey I resemble that remark, only more so. I 25 to 40 and then my delicate little wifey who for the longest time I thought was probably 5 to 15. Then one day I had 30 ml of her favorite left in a large bottle and it was time to wash the 100ml that we keep in the family room wih us so I put the 30 in a small bottle, yep she finished it off and wanted more. Granted it was a rough day and we both vaped a lot that day. So we kinda kept track for a few days of what we each vaped and loving little wifey isn’t far behind me at between 15 to 25 on most days between us 40 to 50