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How much you vape a day?


Something im just wondering, how much e juice do you guys go through a day with mixing your own. I feel like itd be alot considering you can make so much so cheap and quickly. Happy vaping!

So how much is TOO MUCH!

For me most days between 20-30ml. Enough where 5 Pawns wished I was their customer :wink:


A rough guess would be about 10ml a day but this varies greatly depending on what I have going on.


Anywhere from 5-30 ml - My guess is that I end up around 15ml per day…


'Bout 10ml. :smirk:


I go through about 30 ml a day which is why I make juice. I’d go broke if I had to pay store prices.


3-5ml a day. But I vape a lot. Guess I just use the right set ups to save ;).


It was about 10 ml a day …till the other week when my Reuleaux, some wire, a Billow & a Velocity arrived. Eeek… me thinks the intake is substantially more significant these days


Most days, between 10-20 ml. Some days as much as 30 ml if I’m sitting in one spot for awhile, dripping and chaining.


Anywhere between 10-30ml per day. Depends on my day. :yum:


20-30ml per day lately…
So, so thankful for being able to DIY.
. #vapingsavedmylife


I haven’t really thought about it. Definitely a heck of a lot more than when I was using an ego and a protank. If I had to guess, I’d say I’m also somewhere around the 20-30 ml range. If the aromamizer holds 6 ml and I fill it up twice a day, that’s 12. Add in at least a crown tank and random dripper vaping and I’d guess about 20.


I probably vape about 20 or 25ml a day. If I was still using tanks that don’t use a lot of juice, it would be much less.
I only vape at about 22 watts, but I’m using mostly Aromamizers.


I’m about the same as you all it seems to be the average for most of us around 15-25ml a day


I think I’m vaping about 10 - 15 ml a day. I’m currently in Western NC where the company I work for has sent me until probably the end of February. I brought 9 different 30 ml bottles with me (270ml total) and have already started thinking the math isn’t going to work out good for me. I have about 40 days left here, most likely a few more than that (at 15ml a day is 600ml of ejuice), I’m already getting the shakes of desperation lol


If you’re anywhere around Asheville, watch out! I think the city has banned ecigs just about everywhere… That, and spitting on the sidewalks. :laughing:


WTH are they thinking!! :wink:


nods… :gift: prize goes to @Kinnikinnick that is right where I am… nice guess lol


I’m in the Raleigh area, no bans here YET

I go through about 15ml a day


I would have to say 30ml a day more or less