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How much you vape a day?


5-15 mil usually per day with 12 mg nic


30ml or more. Easily. I usually have a minimum of 3 bottles at any given time, so it’s hard to nail down the amount.
If I sitting at the shop or at home, I probably go through about 15ml just because nothing beats the flavor from a bit of drippage.
Gonna have to check out that Alliance.


Yes, same here, 5ml is a heavy day, more often less than 5ml.


I vape all day pretty much so… 15-20ml a day, when I’m drinking, maybe 30-40ml in a night


15-30 mls a day for me… it’s like everyone else of what is going on to how much… glad I’m about average on SOMETHING!


is inhaling so much liquid will disrupt lung function ?


You inhale more water vapor when you take a shower for 15 minutes than you will from vaping 30 ml of juice.
Same is true of rain, humidity, etc.
The only case of vaping liquids (the vapor) being the cause of a health issue was a customer who worked in a freezer (a fish packaging company) for 10 hrs a day and caught pneumonia, due to the temp and her habit of vaping, while in the freezer!
This concern has come up many times over the years, but has been shown to have no adverse effects to date.


but you not stay at the rain or humidity not always high , is it really shower for 15 min like vaping 30ml ?! I am concern because I vape 30-40ml a day , but I feel better than smoking , I was smoke 2 pack a day .


Here is a link for the information you’re looking for.
He is a licensed, practicing medical pulmanologist. If anyone would know, it would be a pulmanologist.


Thanks for the video.

Qorax is one of the most likable reviewers and vape advocates out there.


20-30mls a day


6mls-ish on work days (my cloud beast king RBA) and. . .iunno, 20ml+ on my velocity on weekends?


now I am vaping without concern , thanks .
just I avoid diacetyl , acetoin and a/p flavours .


I’ll smash 6ml before I’m done with my second cup of coffee!


typically anymore like 30ml per day… but there are times i could go double of it… depends on mood, flavor, time i have…

though keep in time that vaping isn’t a competition of who vapes the lowest/highest nic or the more/less ml while we all have completely different needs, different setups, different costs etc etc…


I’m anywhere between 15-35 ml daily.
First thing I reach for with my cup of tea im the morning.


5-10ml usually per day


about 30 ml per day right now. Mind you i vape a lot, especially if i’m just lounging on the deck. My buddy calls me a ‘serial vapist’. :slight_smile: And my current set up does go thru a lot. The Conservation Officer showed up the other day while i was vaping thinking maybe i was violating the current fire ban :slight_smile: So,


Lol! You should get a cereal recipe going and you can be a “cereal vapist”! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Currently at 90mls a day at 24mg nic level on an rda