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How much you vape a day?


You serious, Clark? Or was that a typo?


Lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: just playing I figured someone would now I was joking!


:joy: Death by vape. :+1:


ROFL - Vapey, I think those who know me would likely advise you that it’s best not to encourage me :wink:


It’ll only make me do it more. How I roll. :sunglasses: But you can ignore me, I’m a bad influence. :wink:


between wifey and I we vape somewhere between 45 and 65 a day


On workdays I usually vape about 20ml and on weekends it goes up to 30ml or so. Let me get semi-drunk out at the grill or smoker on a pretty day and it can go way on up there :slight_smile:


I go through about 3ml of ejuice a day.


I go through about 6ml a day with my TFV8. My wife goes through about 18ml a day with hers.


Wow, you have one thing I never had. Self-control. :laughing:
Those things are juice hogs, too get away with only 6ml is awesome.
I would never be able to do it.


Haha It’s because I can’t vape at work.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: On Weekends I burn through a lot of juice.


I hear you on that. At my previous job I could take a vape break every hour or so and skip a full lunch. Now I get my two 15 min breaks and a full lunch. Nothing like chain vaping on a break. I take out half a city block with clouds. Lol.


On a “normal vape day”: over 30ml :slight_smile:


Depends on what I’m vaping, and what I’m vaping it in. Using an RDA at 6mg I vape 15-20 mills a day, usually. I’m using my MTL setup less these days, but when I use it I vape roughly 5 mills a day, maybe a bit more. But… there are those days when I need the nic, and I’ll vape twice what I normally would.


right around 30 -40 mls per day for me


Having vaped longer now and been messing with my atties I’m running around 10ml a day, unless I swapped to one of my juice guzzlers or bump one of the ones that can handle both high and low to 120 or more watts. But I’ve generally settled down from exclusively 100watt and up vaping to 65 or 75 with “hard” power mode on (so, that is still 100watts, but only for a bit) I just don’t like waiting for my coils to ramp up really. I prefer .5s draws or so.


30ml @ 6mg seems to be an average day off for me. I make 16mg mixes for work and will probably go through about 5ml through the day and back off to 6ml after. I used to be a hardcore smoker though.


20-30ml (3mg/ml nic) too. Interesting that looks to be the avg, at least for DIY vapers that don’t need to pay $20s per bottle.


I’m trying to decide if we all vape way more than the real vaping average because we DIY an we therefore can (i.e. we’re ultimately a little wasteful because it’s cheap so who cares) or if the vaping standard 30ml bottle was totally destroyed by the proliferation of sub-ohm vaping.

I’m leaning towards the latter, because I mixed back when you basically just had LorAnne and nic prices were kinda absurd by current standards (in the range of 3000% the current cost), anyway, back then I only vaped like, MAYBE a tank a day. Maybe. And I don’t think I vaped less. But I did vape solely MTL and at like, 20 wats. To be fair, LR was like, 1.5 or 2 ohm when I quit vaping several years ago and mods were just starting to be a thing outside vaping equivalent of the Z Boys culture we had. Have? Are those crazy modding bastards still around? Whatever :stuck_out_tongue:

Point is – I’m sure the cheapness of DIY has some effect, but mostly I marvel at how more premium juices haven’t focused on increasing volume to cover costs (because having a brick and mortar is pricey) rather than trying to just actually cut the cost on the bottle or even sell more, smaller bottles. Wal~Mart I work at sell 10ml bottles of juice. Just, WTF?