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How to make PG-free Strawberries and Cream?


It’s gotta to PG free, so that limits the choice of brands. Also, I’m coming to much prefer the highly concentrated flavours such as RF (SC) and MF, if possible, but I don’t mind compromising for this.

Anyway, my first attempt at strawberries and cream fell flat, I’ve got Flavormonks’ PG-free strawberry, which totally oozes with flavour, and the flavour lasts really well, what’s more . If it’s mixed as a single flavour , that is. Yet when I mixed it with RF cream, it almost completely lost it’s flavour, as if the cream had neutralised the strawberry flavour. In the meantime, i’m picked up some Real Flavors SC strawberry , and was going to try again with that. But then I checked the flavor notes on this site, and,heck, the exact same thing happens with RF strawberry and RF cream, according to the notes. That still leaves a lot of possible combinations of strawberry concentrate with cream concentrate, even given my limitations, so I’m not ready to give up, but I think I could do with a bit of guidance here.

Does anybody know of a PG-free strawberry /cream combo that actually works?

Is there a “secret ingredient” you can add that stabilises the flavours?

or…well, any helpful hints of any description would be very welcome. I WANT MY STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM! * bawl * * stomp * * huff*


Need more info on how you are making your juice, like are you steeping them, how long? If you are you might try adding the fruit after the steeping time or just a few days before the end of the steep. Sometimes steeping makes fruit flavors flat.


As @Cutlass92 said, need more info. You need to post your recipe with percentages, ect. With your description above it sounds like a simple overpowering of cream. Believe me, creams and the like can overpower other flavors and it’s probably a lot easier to do when you use strong concentrates as you are doing. Post your recipe and maybe someone that is used to blending with the concentrates you are using can help…


grab the RFSC strawberry milkshake mix at 3 to 4 pct and you will have a great strw and cream vape and can be pg free


:clap: I agree whole heartedly with @fidalgo_vapes


Thanks for the replies, guys :slight_smile: Strawberry Milkshake! I was wondering about that alreadyl along the lines of: what the heck is difference between that and S&C when you’e vaping it? Answer: zero difference. Thanks :slight_smile:

@Cutlass92 I rarely even trouble taste my juices until they’ve steeped for two weeks, seeing as most of the flavours that I use need a really long steep, Two weeks is too soon, as a rule, but, weelll, after seeing other people’s tasting notes, I kinda felt I ought to majke some effort to check on the progress. However, i recently found out (from this site) that some flavours will burst into life after a few days , and then go flat within a few more days. (RF lemon cake, for example) like you said. I’m not intersted in working with those flavours! But the FM Strawberry definitely isn’t one of them, as you’ll see:

I mixed up a batch of the Flavormonks strawberry @12 % back in December. That’s 2% higher than the manufacturer’s recommended, but I’d already tried lower percentages and found it a bit on the weak side. I also put in 10% distilled water , 1% saline and the rest was VG. This worked out great, and six months later, that batch is still holding it’s fl;avour nicely. So that one definitely doesn’t go flat

At the same time, I mixed the Strawbwerries and cream, to the exact same recipe, but with 3% of the VG replaced with Real Flavors Cream (VG) . Note that 's not the super concentrate , but the old .RF. I still have a bit of that batch left and it never , ever developed much flavour, so far as I can tell…unless I missed the flavour by by delaying first tasting too long.

Oh ! @ringling that 3% is only slightly different from the recommended % of cream on this site (average 2.8%) , so it seems unlikely that I added too much cream. Could it be that the cream reacts with the strawberry to create one of those annoyingly volatile flavours? That seems all-too-likely to me :frowning:

If so, I’d stil;l like to find a combo that isn’t so volatile. Maybe different RC creams (RC do a few different cream flavours , don’t they? ) , different creams from other manufacturers , and/or different strawbery flavours. But it looks like a few of them, suffer the same flaw, Unsurprisingly, because they ought to be pretty much the same chemically, oughn’t they?


PS. I’ve only been registered here for a few days, so I haven’t added much to the database yet, just tracked down most of my stash on the flavor list, added them, with a few notes, here and thereas the mood took me. I certainly haven’t added any recipes at all, as yet. And i didn’t thijk single flavour recipes would be wanted (And that’s just about all i could add , as yet, unless there’s a call for complete run-down on disppointing combos ?i mean, outside this thread ) Am I wrong about that?





I honestly can not say since I have never blended with RF flavors. Just trying to point out you needed to give others who do blend with RF flavors a chance to help with more info. I will say this, just because the average use is 2.8% does not mean that the average use with RF strawberry is 2.8%. Though you can use those averages for a starting point, you can not consider them set in stone. You must keep in mind that flavors interact with other flavors differently in each case. Consider those averages a starting point for your experimentation…


RF strawberry milkshake 3-4./. Just like @fidalgo_vapes mentioned Personally I’d probably do 4./. But that’s me. Ive also heard that caps strawberry and cream stand alone is ok but then youd have pg. are you allergic to pg or ? Just curious cause if not you could just do a max vg instead but IDK


your right Strawberry Milkshake and STrawberry and cream are basically the same when vaping , but the biggest difference is imo RFSC has created a one shot type flavor that knowone has to mess with , no guessing what kind of cream to go with what strawberry etc its already made find your sweet spot and vape , i was blown away by this flavor as a SF while testing my RFSC it is the only SF i have ever made more than just a tester , btw you mixing a rf strawberry and their cream is different than the company making a concentrate COMPLETELY DIFFERENT


Yep, I’m allergic to PG . And i don’t just mean it brings me out in a rash, I mean it triggers my asthma. Wheras nicotine has the opposite effect, if I can take the PG out of it .
I might get away with a trace of PG , perhaps, but since futher exposure tends to increase my sensitivity, that would be a pretty dumb thing to do,


Ooh. and they hasve in the super concentrate range too. Well, well, maybe i’ll just give up and buy the strawberries and cream, then. But, hang on, if RF can offer strawbwerries and cream, then there must be a way to make strawberries and cream out of their more basic basic flavours mustn’t there? But hang on, again, just because they’re selling it as a one-shot doesn’t mean it it isn’t volatile like some of their other one shots …

the flavour notes here are not very helpful. i,e completely absent thus far


well your enthusiasm has completely sold me on that one,…but which one? hehe, I thought you meant the RFSC Strawberries and Cream at first, but reading back, I think you must still be talking about the milkshake, Well they are both at the top of my shopping list now. I’ll find out if there’s any difference, hehe.

Hope you’ve got that down on the flavour notes? I’d check, but I’ve got so many tabs open now that my PC is verging on seizing up.

By the way, the popular syntax for RFSC appears to be FLAVOUR (SC) (REALFLAVORS), The few stray entries in different syntax are likely to be overlooked. Wish they could all be collated under the same heading…

By the way (2) don’t assume this means that I’m giving up on mixing it myself. I can be extremely subborn, just because.

By the way (3) I still want to know about how well these flavours last! That’s a biggie for me.


If you want to make a strawberry cream you can always get RF strawberry and also RF yogurt or vanilla ice cream or any other cream you might prefer! I definitely would only get the super concentrates! Mix perhaps strawberry at 3./. And vanilla ice cream with it at 2./. Should be pretty good. Also should last quite awhile as well test at a week then two then a month see how it holds up!


i havent tried the Straw and cream , only the SM i assume the concentrates are different , i wouldnt give up either im still trying to create a strawberry custard that i love and a few more thats the fun , but while your working on creating your own The Straw milkshake is a good one to get you by until that happens , btw i do mix with pg so you may have to compensate for only using VG for your flav carrier


my notes for the RFSC strawberry milkshake are on the Real flavors SC thread


not my choice if it were up to me i would have done RFSC and RFVG but in my stash i have them listed properly


honestly im over the RF craze , but the Straw MS was imo great i think most strawberry with cream have a tendancy to lose potency over time , the SB gets lost a little after awhile ime but i like the changes , i think people are still figuring out the RFSC line


Ya I’m done with them too! Definitely wouldn’t like to be pg allergic and be stuck using only vg and others I feel for you @jay210 best of luck! @fidalgo_vapes knows a lot more then I do about them so listen to him on this!