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How to make PG-free Strawberries and Cream?


I’ve had good results using Condensed Milk RFSC around .5 to .8 to get a bit of cream effect with both watermelon and strawberry. Not enough to call it a cream, really, but it’s all I had getting started. Just rounded out the SC creams in my flavor stash, I’ll work on getting an all RF strawberries and cream going. Maybe we can compare notes in a couple of weeks! I’ll check back here with my results.

Mixing pg-free definitely has it’s limitations, so there isn’t any RF craze to get over :wink: it’s one of just a few tools in our toolboxes, so we’ll just have to get really good at using them. I have only good things to say about all of the SC I’ve tried so far, and never had the pg-based versions to compare with, so I’m plenty happy!


I’d better get moving then, chuckle I’ve ben waiting to see what people say before trying again with the strawberries and cream, Iin the meantime, i’ve go RFSC stawbwerry experimentally steeping all on it’s lonssome , so that i’ll know just how much flavour i’m losing when i lose it (how’s that for optimnism?) interesting info. about the condensed milk! i was wondering about that, but haven’t bought. I did buy the “sweet cream” , but haven’t tried using it yet. I’ll just have to wait, or else buy more bottles. All 50 of my testing bottles are occupied! heck, as PG -frwee mixers we still have an infinite number of choices, but it’s kinda like the the infinite monkeys isn’t it? try finding the one that wrote the complete works of shakespeare .
looking forward to hearing how you got on! :slight_smile:


T’m puzzled. :S why was there a craze for RF? and why is it over now? i haven’t stumbled on that many bad reviews of the flavours.

Thanks for the kind wishes, but no worries, There are woprse things about being riddled with food sensitivities than being stuck with PG-free vapes. Hey! I made some vape juice that really tastes like chocolate! And it didn’t make me sick. My palate is (cautiously) expaning a bit again :slight_smile: I’ve found that spices are even more liable to give me mouth ulcers if I vape than if I eat them, mind you, hence the caution.


I put this one together tonight. It’s definitely going to need some steep time, but it smells great! I’ll let you know how the strawberry holds up over time. Cheers!


Interesting recipe, Looking forward to hearing the results. Thank you! Btw, aren’t “Northwest Flavors” just RF (VG) rebottled?


Yes, they are. I bought that from ECX before I figured out to go direct to RF and only buy SC’s.
I gave that recipe a quick hot water bath and let it gas off overnight. It smells like it’s going to be tasty. I’ll check back with a 3 day test.


Ooh, the Impatience Method! *chuckle * i follow the oft-repeated advice to let time do it’s work, for best results, Plus i’m lazy as all- get-out so anything that amounts to “skip a step” is fine by me :slight_smile: Not that it actually worls out from a laziness perspective, cos it involves much more bottle-shaking, in the long run doesn’t it . Ah well. The other thing about me is I’m highly disprganised . I’ve got my vape juices organised nicely, buuuut, well, i’m all-too-often distracted by some other part of the chaos when it’s time to taste 'em. I would blush to reveal the entirety of my random-looking tasting notes, and very-hard-pressed to explain the logic behind them .


You nailed it! I haven’t yet developed the appropriate level of patience required to do this true-to-the-art! Im only about 3 weeks into recipe creation and I still have that rush to see what I’ve created, probably to the detriment of the creation! I’ve had just a couple of bottles that I’ve actually shaken and stored for a true steep. I’m totally going to go back and do this again with a don’t rush approach. That hot water bath is an extra step i would love to toss out of my system. Thanks for giving me the business about it!


heh, my way sorts my personality,. your way suits yours. personally speaking, i should think that 's by far the biggest difference :slight_smile: but what would i know? shrug I’m just a novice having fun


Found it …


I am always on a hunt for a real berry busting jammy upfront in your face SB n Cream juice and to think of one being PG free well that would be even better. I am only sensitive to it but it’s the respiratory system that gets affected so I don’t mess around w/ increased amounts of pg either.

You had mentioned RF SC those & MF both I use regularly. I adore RF SC Strawberry and MF’s both can be a little on the mild side when paired w/ any amount of cream. In fact as of lately I have gone as far as to only adding like 0.5% cream overall and I find this adds enough creaminess and lets the SBs shine through albeit I do have a few pg flavors in my favs…but you could totally always run some test batches

SB RF SC 1.25% - 1.85%
condensed milk RF SC 0.25-0.50 %
SB MF 1.75%
Vanilla MF 1.25%
you could use this as a base and add to it the other flavors you have in your stash that are pg free.

I loved the Vg version of the SB Milkshake by RF I’d love to hear how the SC version ends up.

Also OoO has cream milky undertone https://www.oooflavors.com/products/cream-milky-undertone-flavored-liquid-concentrate-vg-based this one here adds all the cream you can handle but overcoming it w/ you fruit may be more of the headache so try it as less is more initially to see how it fares.

I’m going to follow this topic to see what ideas the community comes up w/ !


greeeeeeeat i love it , even as a SF funny yiu mention ooo milky undertone i just made a mix with RFSC SMS and creamy undertone still steeping


I got RFSC Milkshake in my latest delivery :slight_smile:

@Amy2 , you said “only sensitive to it”, as if it’s not such a big deal if it isn’t a true allergy. That’s not necessarily the case. Like you said, if the respiratory system is affected (i.e, by triggering asthma , like it does for me) that could be actually be life-threatening. Likewise, if you have some kind of mast cell disorder you can get all the same symptoms as an allergic reaction, up to and including anaphylaxis, yet test negative for allergies. Those people who have fatal reactions to insect stings usually have a mast cell disorder, not an allergy as such, but it’s usually reported as an “allergy”, for simplicity’s’s sake.

For myself, i have an increasing large number of food/chemical/drug sensitivities. I was supposed to be assessed for a Mast Cell Disorder, but forgot the appointment due to illness, and haven;t had the nerve to ask my overstetched NHS GP to refer me again. But I’ve read up on it enough, by now, to be pretty sure thatys what’s going on with me. The clincher is that I find that antihistamines are effective, even though some of the reacions they’re effective against tested negative as allergies, in the past. Fortunately, I had the advice of top-notch NHS n allergist, at that time. and he told me i t’s safe to increase the antihistamine dosage well beyond the official maximum dose, with increasing tolerance; and I do have to do that, these days. He’d had a few patients like myself. He said, unfortunately these kind of reactions were not understood and that therefore they were not taken seriously.by the NHS. Looks like things have changed a bit in the interim!

Anyways, my asthmatic reactions to PG have never been tested for antibodies, so I feel free call that an “allergic reaction”. It might be a true allergy it might not be, but, really, it’s all the same, in effect. Please don’t use that word “only” . * hugs*


sorry to butt in , but i did find this puzzling considering the fact that she was using the word in regards to herself , so why couldnt she or wouldnt she use the word " only " , its not like she was referring to your condition … just curious


tI seemed to me that she was trivialising her own condition with that “only” . Asthma is no joke.

Also, I was wondering if, knowingly, or unknowngly, she might actually have the same condition as myself? My point was that “sensitivities” and “intolerances” are not necessarily less serious than allergies.

Maybe it’s over-familiar of me to ask her to be kinder to herself. And to send her a virtual hug. I was a bit worried about my post, on that account. But absurd? I don’t think so.


ahh ha with that being said , i see where your coming from , at first glance it seemed like yiu may have thought she was saying " only " in regards to your sensitivity and you found the term offensive but with what you just explained and reading it all over i get what your saying , my apologizes for any offense i have edited my comment btw i hope the SB milkshake works for you it is the only flavor i mix and enjoy as a SF


np . all’s well that ends well, as they say :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear you have so many allergies. My sensitivity would be more severe if I continued to use it and not stop once I start to notice my body reacting. First it’s a tickle in the back of my throat then it’s makes my throat cottony and sticky then the last feeling is a sore chest as if I am coming down with a cold. I stop vaping what ever it is that caused it look at the recipe to see if it’s one that is a higher ratio of pg ( so I can keep tabs on what % I can tolerate ) then switch down to vaping something very low if any pg. By the next few hours its easing up.

I didn’t intend on making anything trivial out of my statement nor do I feel I am joking about my sensitivity I make it known pretty often around here so you’ll read it again I’m sure. I think if I continued to ignore it I’d most likely have an allergic reaction and it could certainly be on the lines of anaphylaxis d/t the type of symptoms I get so no worries here I am not belittling it in no way.

I have tried immensely to find a better alternative I’ve come up empty handed thou I still continue to use pg based flavors just have to have my % usage low and use the largest majority of vg or extract flavoring.

I hope you nail a great mix so you don’t have another reaction.


Hi there! Just tried this at a 23 day steep, and it’s a winner. I left notes on the recipe. I’m impressed with this one. The %s seemed way too high for what I know now, but maybe the 0-PG factor allows for higher percentages to shine. I will check back at the 30 day mark, but it is fantastic right now. Full strawberry flavor, perfect amount of sweetness and cream.


hey @Amy2 thanks for the reply :slight_smile: just to clarify When we say “It’s no joke” here in Britain, just means that something is no fun at all/ not to be taken lightly/ bloody 'orrible, indeed . It’s not meant to imply that anybody was actually joking about it! I guess our vernacular is still a tiny bit different from American vernacular * chuckle *

Oh! I think I’ve already nailed some really good 'uns …just nothing you’d remotely call complex and interesting, but certainly some flavours I can happily vape all day. But then, I jjust can’t resist expering further, especially when these flavour manafucturers present me with the taste of things I can no longer eat, such a freshly-baked bread, cheese and chocolate .

I’ve found out I can get away with vaping chocolate flavour, even though cocoa makes me ill (when ingested) . I have yet to take the plunge with bread and cheese. I’ve mixed some up, but I’m a tiny bit hesitant to try them!