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How's everybody building their kayfun v5


Yay you! :grinning: I’m glad to see you’re having success finding that M2L tank…it’s pretty too!

I was trying to pry a coupon code out of Gina1 with 3F Vape for ELR folks, but it seems as if they won’t budge. :pensive: I’ll probably get a V5 and mini V3 soon though…their prices are fairly low already. :smirk:


I got this one on clearance for 18$ at KanVape http://kanvape.com/collections/vaping-hot-deals/products/kayfun-lite-v4-rba-rebuildable-atomizer-tobeco-clone

I like KanVape they are nice ppl.
July10 for 10% off & all orders over 20$ ship free. Just got an email for this special.


I mean what type of wire kanthal , SS , ni chrome


Oh haha sorry… Kanthal


Amy that is no small accomplishment as many experienced builders found the Kayfun V4 to be one of the most difficult tanks to get working properly.

Kudos to you :thumbsup:


my 28g 2.5 id 9wraps 1.67 ohms. most difficult for a while to get working properly. just getting use to it this time.


@Amy2 I’ve bought a smjy k5 and was looking here to figure out what wire, ID etc. to start with to get the ohms that me as a MTL vaper is used to. Thanks for your post, I can take this as a reference point for further research.


May I suggest using steam engine? Input the wires you have a availble and kinda fiddle around with wire type/wraps/gauge ect to get the ohms you want. That’s what I do.



Yes I have played around a bit on this site, pretty good and easy to use.


I love that lil dripper kicks butt for a MTL hit


Personally I have been putting coils in at 2.5 and 3mm inner diameter. The challenge is that I only use ss316l. So I normally ohm out around .4 to .6.

For a true MTL. Since I’m not that person I would do as many wraps with 28g on a 2 or 2.5mm. But the beauty is that you can customize. I still find the kv5 air flow pretty restrictive even wide open. I’m sure you will find that good spot. Just toss in some builds till you find it.


Placed an order for a coil master v2 diy kit, a spool of 30AWG Kanthal and some cotton. Will give it a shot tomorrow and see how it goes.


On the steam engine site, what is the best value to put in for Leg length (total) for the Kayfun v5 (smjy), assuming doing 6 or 7 wraps? cheers.


I’ll be honest. Not sure. I leave it at the default. I use the site as an indicator of how many wraps…and what it should show when I put the coil on my device.

So if the website shows that it should be 0.4ohm and I end up with 0.42 or 0.38 I’m good.


I just ordered this Kayfun 5 clone.


This is my first RTA, but I have made coils in the passed. My question is, Will 26g wire be OK to use for now? I already have 150’ feet of 26g SS 316L wire to use up. If so, what size ID (to wrap over) and about how many winds, and spaced or tight wraps? I also still have about 20’ ft of 26g Kanthal wire, same question. I’m using an 80w varriable wattage mod and have been using a Kanger TopBox Tank with .5 SSOCC coils. I’d be happy to get cloud hits equal or better on this Kayfun 5 clone with the wire I already have. I’m just out of funds right now, and want to start using it in 2 days when it gets here. I DIY my own juice now for a while, so saving a little money there. Bought this Kayfun 5 cuz I’m tired of spending $3 bucks a pop for replacement coils. With 3 vapers in my family, just tryin to keep my costs down. Mixin my own juice, so why not build my own coils? Yep, 3 of us off the stanky cancer sticks for 2.5 years and Lovin it.

Thanks for the help…!!!


Great tool for coil buidling:


I’m more into flavor than clouds so can’t help you with the cloud part. FWIW, I make simple spaced coils using 28g Kanthal A1 with 2 mm ID on my Kayfuns. I end up with between 1 ~ 1.3 ohm and vape around 15 watts. It makes a small cloud that blocks my screen only for a second or two, but plenty of flavor.


That’s my modus operandi as well… flavor. Plus, my NET juices don’t really care for high wattage. Our coiling methods are almost identical; most times I venture into 2.5mm or 3mm ID territory, but staying around 1 to 1.5 ohms. Just for shits and grins, I’ll do a 28ga twisted pair for .5 to .7 ohm setup every now and then for my hybrid Synth/NET mixes… that fires kinda warm-ish on a mech mod with a fresh battery at 4.2 volts. :grimacing:

@Moto_Bob you’re fine using 26ga SS, however, you’re just going to have to experiment and find the build that satisfies you. Steam Engine can help you get there… but just twisting up a few coils and seeing where you land is how it’s played.

Got an ohm meter for testing purposes? If not… get one. :wink:


Yeah, Thanks for all the info. I’m not a cloud chaser either, just refered to getting a decent hit thats rich in flavor.


Don’t have an ohm meter for coils, just a regular multimeter, and the ohm reading on my mod. I guess I’ll need to pick one up. Any that you reccomend, or are they all basicly the same? I’ve seen them on ebay for about $10ish bucks. I’ve only seen like 3 different ones.


I have a Coilmaster 521 Tab for checking and test firing coils. Geekvape makes one as well. Another idea might be to get a coil making kit that comes with a 521 tab.

(coupon code reddit10 or TenOff for 10% off)

I have the V2 version, which has an ohm meter, but doesn’t test fire. Although not necessary, it’s a nice compact kit that has all the coil making tools in one handy case.