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How's everybody building their kayfun v5


So I got my KFv5 in.

I tried a 2.5mm inner diameter 8 wrap 24g ss316 and I think the build was too big (since the ohms reading wasn’t correct). I also put in a 2.5mm ss316 Clapton and wasn’t getting the best result.

I now have a 6 wrap, 2.0mm, fused Kanthol Clapton in there and seems to be doing better. Ohms out at about 0.65. But I’m thinking the 6 wraps is restricting airflow abit.

What’s everybody else using for their builds? I do have other premade Clapton wires…but, can you put in a 0.25ohm build, or a 0.15ohm TC building…the basic instructions suggests no bigger than a 2.0mm and 0.5ohm build.

Any thoughts?

RDA wicking suggestions

30 g 316L SS 7 wraps on a 3mm bit ohm’s out to 1.2 I have put in a .27 ohm SS 316L build also


Hmmm. How high above the air port are you placing your coil?

Is is safe to put a 0.25ohm build in the kfv5?


Yes it’s safe just pull up the coil so it’s not touchng any thing about 1.5 mm






316L 3mm ID 24g 6 Wraps 0.30 ohms


What gauge SS 316L wire ?


Sorry thought I added that 24 gauge

EDIT: Went back and fixed it


Nice looks good


Got a 2.5mm ID 5/6 wraps (spaced just a little) of 26g/32g Kanthal Clapton, clocking in around 0.6 ohms (depending on mood), vaping it at 24-34W. Highly recommended :wink:

If I remember correctly, this is about a big as you can go in that chamber - according to the official numbers. It’s 5mm height of the coil including wire thickness, I think.


OK Kayfun owners… I’m not gonna be dropping $120 for an authentic… So, who’s got the low down on the best Kayfun clones? I’m in the market for a K Mini V3 (wife) and the K 5 (me). Thx! :grinning:

N’er mind, there’s a thread for this topic!


The SJMY or the SXK Check this out http://blog.3fvape.com/atomizer/sjmy-kayfun-v5-style-rta-review-comparison-with-authentic-kf5/


Guys went ahead ordered me one from 3fvape
Sjmy model on way here
Looks like I can just build my own restricter in the shop if it is too wide open


I’m using ti in mine, a 2.5 ID 7-8 wraps of 26g ohm’s out at .33. Great vape. :yum:


I’m glad you went with the SJMY it is a 1 to1 clone
The Restrictors come in 1.2 , 1.4 , and 1.6 mm @Pattie Like’s the 1.4 mm
I would Like a 1.4mm Soooo if you make one let me know :+1:



2.5 ID, 4 wrap fused clapton 28/32 ga wire .55 ohms on my SXK clone… and loving it!


What wire are you using for that build ?


I finally and I mean finally got my KF4 up & running this morning ! Bottom pin wasn’t making contact prior.

proud moment

KA1 28g ID 2.8 ohm 1.48 nice tight MTL hit.

@Kinnikinnick your wife may like this tank if she likes a tight draw. It’s pretty restricted although I do like it just getting use to it this am.


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