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I am so $#%$! stupid!


I took the whole top off my RDA to redrip, stop to pet my dog, and then go to take a drag. . . that fucking god I’m playing with TC mode again and had it set to 500F. …I mean it’s hot and damn it hurts, but that could have been sooo much worse, say dicking around with 200w vaping like I did for a bit yesterday.

To clarify, yes, I put my lips right on the freaking coils.





I shuddered a little just reading that. Good safety tip though. I can envision doing that with my cats.


Been there done that lol


Oh yea I know that pain… did that rebuilding a tank with no cotton yet… it was embarrassing lol and I had actually stopped to pet my cat lol


Damn bro, that must hurt. Good excuse to eat lots of :ice_cream:

big lip

I’m usually stoned when I make stupid mistakes like that :sunglasses:


Almost did the same thing a couple times. Almost. Always been curious though. Tell me…does it hurt? :laughing:


I bet the flavor was intense! Open air flow, so close to the coils!


Unless he licked it too, then he won’t taste anything for quite a while :rofl:


Should we ask him if he usually licks the hole when he Hits it?




What that was a completely innocent question. :innocent:


I do usually leave by tongue near the tip, for flavour’s sake. ^.~.

Luckily, no, did not burn my tongue on the coils XD. And the lip burn wasn’t really bad – it was amazing pain for about a minute, like my whole body was “What the fuck was that!!!” and then, yeah, no actual burn. . .but man, so much feeling in the lips man.



But you don’t even vape!


Lucky you!


Like I said, thank god I was playing with TC – 500F just isn’t that hot for a fraction of a second. . .which is why I keep grabbing my iron skillet without a mitt, cause it’s not hot enough to teach me a lesson XD.


So you’re telling us you’re gonna do this again until you burn yourself in wattage mode at 200W :crazy_face:



You know they make silicon sleeves for the handles right?


I do know that.

But. … you know, laziness + habit = stupidity?