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I am so $#%$! stupid!


Lest say just lazy, some of the smartest people I know are lazy.


You’re not the first, and you won’t be the last. It’s happened so often, it’s gotten a name: Kissing the Dragon!

I could fill a page with some of the utterly stupid crap I’ve done in the name of vaping. Here’s a couple of doozies:

  • Placed a fresh build in my SubTank RBA, filled the tank and placed tank on base. Flipped tank over and then realize I forgot to put the top cap of the RBA on. I’ve done this at least three separate times!
  • Finished getting a set of twisted coils to glow evenly, then grabbed the mod by the coils to place the wick in while the coils were still blister-raising hot.
  • Gone to remove batteries from charger, lost grip of the top of the battery and shoot said battery across my garage(The springs on the LUC V4 charger are REALLY stiff)

There’s more, but I haven’t gotten enough coffee in me yet to remember them all.



That’s HOT!


That picture made my scrote crawl back up to my belly button!


But… but… your name is “paingawd”…??? :thinking:


My moniker is a play on words from a favorite short story of mine titled “Paingod” by the esteemed author Harlan Ellison, and the fact that I live with chronic pain. I wanted my nom de’plume to be “Pain?GAWD!” but reddit didn’t like exclamation in their user names and I’d been trying to come up with something witty for far too long.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a rousing game of “Slap & Tickle”, but a lighter to the tongue? A bit much for my tastes!


Ah!!! Ok.

Once, when I was about 13, I was trying to show this (dumb) boy how much of a bad ass I was and I let him hold my finger in the flame of a lighter for almost a full minute. That was painful. And soooooooo stupid. Worst burn I’ve ever had!


Holy shit, are you OK?
Stupid question.
I’ve come very close to doing that. Stopped just as I felt the heat and only got a tiny blister. Sorry that happened and hope you heal quickly.


i’ve done it too. didn’t burn my lips but held it about an inch to my lips and stopped at the sensation of burning :smiley:


In my wild and crazy hippie days, I used to walk barefoot everywhere. One particularly hot day(Chico, CA sees a lot of 100+days in the summer) I was walking across the main drag downtown, and stepped straight on the old train rails that used to run through downtown Chico. Blistered both feet, with big juicy sacs of OUCH about the size of a silver dollar. Needless to say, I got a pair of sandals next week!


I did same thing god that sux


Ailith. You now have the drippers brand…LOL welcome to the club…


I was a welder in the Navy I can’t even count how many times I like a fucking idiot picked up what I just welded with my bare hands or reached across freshly and very hot metal I have a lot of scars from it sometimes we get preoccupied and just do stupid shit with out thinking I guess


Though there was this time when my mod unlocked itself in my pocket and somehow ended up on 230w with .4’ish ohm coil and I vaped without even checking anything. It melted the wire and sent flames to the back of my throat. That did suck for about a week.


There’s a whole thread of fun reads about stupid things we’ve all done :stuck_out_tongue:


Sooo many times…usually while watching TV :persevere:


Well, it’s been about 6 months and I haven’t repeated the experience, so there is that.


Learn from your computer next time instead of your lips.
Haha, you thought I was going to say mistakes, imagine me with my pd, they moved my wife and after going out to take a break it took me 2 hours to find my wife’s hospital room. Each time I come in its a whole new hospital.


So many stupid things I’ve done, amazingly I have yet to kiss the coils.