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I am so $#%$! stupid!


I’ve kissed the coil in my Goon RDA twice… In one sitting! :laughing:


u’re not the only 1… it hurts… but I was at 25W… still hurts the thought of it…


I dry-burned a coil then went and tried to adjust it “just a tad” with my finger. The worst part is it was still slightly glowing and my brain couldn’t process “glow=heat”. Stupid brain…




Now it’s getting there.
ROFL been there done that. Have the shirt.


Try that with mesh…:rofl:


Don’t know what it feels like till you try it…:rofl:


An oldie but still funny


Judging by his top lip he does that a lot :rofl:


You are not alone


That second image is just magnificent!


you will… it’s inevitable


Most of us that are married do live with a chronic pain


Hey!? MY wife is a Saint! …St. PITA


A chronic, nagging pain that never really goes away… plus, it’s very expensive to treat!


Got my first one the other day, not on the lips though lol I was heating and tweaking a Clapton and fumbled the mod, got the side of my hand lol


I think Fail #1 was him dripping on an RDTA while there was still juice in the damn tank-Just went downhill from there!


That’s your first problem.


Lol I’m actually doing side by side testing with the chain link wire, flattened chain link, Clapton’s, parallel coils and helixes to see what has the better flavor and what gunks faster, gonna be a long process but I’ll document it and post it here when it’s finally done. The flavor part is subjective but putting X mls of the same juice across different coils and photographing the buildup is not.


Pretty sure a fused clapton gives the most flavor and gunks up the fastest on sweet juices, but the flavor is all worth it.


Maybe, but have you tried the chain link coil? Or a flattened chain link? And even then it’s hard to say until you try different coils in two of the same atty, with the same juice, and the different coils both built to run in the same power range, all side by side so your not trying to remember what things taste like. Once I do all that the results will still be subjective because it’s me defining what tastes better. Fused Clapton’s probably do gunk the fastest no matter what juice you run through them, but idk for sure because flattened chain link might be just as bad, so I’ll put 60-100ml of the same juice across both and see which looks worse at the end of the bottles.