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I feel like i dont have enough mods


As far as custom mods go, @Whiterose0818 makes a very artistic mod to your request. They are also extremely economical for what you get and the Excellent customer service you get.

The PWM mods require some advanced knowledge to use but not like a mech mod type of knowledge. You follow the guidlines and rules of battery safety and ohms law and you have one of the best flavor,and hard hitting mods made.

You know how you take a 5-6 second hit off your Griffin and get a nice dense flavorful cloud? A 2 second hit from a whiterose makes those Griffin clouds look like childs play.


All of this^


After giving away a bunch of mods, I still have 9 that I use on a regular rotation and 4 others sitting in a drawer. There are others who make my collection look like a starter-kit. I think that the manufacturers are cranking stuff out so fast, we are constantly playing catch-up. They are also much more affordable than they were a few years ago. I remember anxiously awaiting my istick 50W (that I still use) and I paid more for then than my RX2/3 today.
I switched to vaping to extend my life and save a lot of money. So far I’ve managed to extend my life in order to spend more money.


yup I know the feeling lol so much for cost savings by vaping it still costing me money but I LOVE it!!


If you aren’t taking away from financial responsibilities I say get more mods. Birthdays, anniversaries, father’s day…any time she asks what do you want for x? I’d just email her a link to the next mod you want.

I have more than I need, but I keep them around the house so I don’t have to carry them around as much. And if you use RDA or RTAs then you get to kill a Sunday morning rebuilding them all at once. Simple pleasures! :slight_smile:


Yup that’s my standard answer now a days lol


I absolutely love this mod! I won a white one from Gearbest! It is a beautiful mod and it has worked flawlessly, although I haven’t used it that much. I checked it out for about a week and then I put it away for future use!!!


My favourite touchscreen by far, so well made


You have the disease, call a doctor.


Yep, they just fire and no nonsense. I love mine. It even plays a little tune.


The touchscreen is a bit too sensitive for me though, There have been several times where I’ve accidentally unlocked it and had an unexpected 200 watt vape!:scream:


Mine has a nice hum to it. When I hear it hum I know good things are about to happen. Very good things.


Either my hearing got better or I just noticed it. It hums like an old transistor radio lol


Buy a PWM Mod from @Whiterose0818, you cannot ask for a better device.


Shipping to the UK runs right at $12 iirc


I am actually in the states but had thought you might be in the UK. That is cheaper than I expected either way.

I will definitely be getting in touch with you this spring or early summer for a mod or 3 when/if my credit cards are back under control. Forcing myself to not use my credit cards lately and only spend cash (i.e. no vape mail unless a killer sale on discontinued must haves for the stash) lately has been a challenge but I am finally making a dent in the card’s balances. By late spring or early summer not only should they be paid off to where I can go back to paying the monthly statement balance each month but I will finally have my 2013 Cruze paid off which should free up a lot of monthly cash flow.


My advice would be to not be in too much of a hurry to get the ohms down low and bang the watts up, Ive been down that route and Im sitting here rocking a 30 watt istick with a lemo at 1.8 ohms and 10 watts,

It was fun to fog up a room and "show the kids how its done" occasionally but I wasnt enjoying my vape and for me thats what vaping is all about. If you do decide to shell out some serious coin on the latest tech be sure that thats still what you`ll want in a years time.


Sound advice! I like to sub ohm but not deep… I’m satisfied with my current set up around .45 ohm at 44 watts the flavor is oh so yum! And I don’t have to increase my nic to 12 again I can stay at 3ish and be happy because me with no nic is not someone you want to unleash to the world lol I tell my friends and coworks that I vape for everyone else’s benefit :slight_smile:


The dark side is a fun place to visit and is a good place to learn about things like battery safety, ohms law and coiling and wicking.

It was sub ohming that got me into diy juices, if there is a decent commercial juice that is any good for subbing I never found it


Anytime you’re ready…hit me!
Good luck with everything!