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I feel like i dont have enough mods


I currently have a Sigelei Fuchai 213 with a Griffin 25 that is my all day every day carry around. I just recently received the iJoy RDTA box. I also have that still works a iTaste MVP pro which is only a 60 watt. I feel like I’m missing something… wait I do have a iCare mini that I use for stealth vape at work since I cant vape in the office or even on the property. with all of this I still feel like I need more though the wife thinks I have to many already so its hard to justify buying anything else… Maybe I just need to buy more tanks/RDA’s… lol


Welcome to the rabbit hole my friend.
There is never 'enough’
You can’t have 'too much’
And you will always be 'missing something’


I have been vaping more than 4 years lol I used to only have one mod at a time which was a disaster waiting to happen lol. Now I am trying to take care of them better so I can slowly build a collection in case the FDA apocalypse ever happens plus I just like to change things up ever so often… I do agree you can never have too many lol


As the different companies are spitting out vapeware as if there is no tomorrow, they sure aint making it easier for us to lean back and just enjoy the equipment that we already got.



i have 5 mods in rotation, + 4 I have given away to smokers (with tanks, diy juice, batteries, etc) and 15 - 20 mods in storage and feel the same. I plan to order at least 5 or 10 more mods this year, which will likely end up being 10 - 20 instead. I have lost count of how many rta I have in the stash that I have not even tried yet and I have another 10 - 20 on my wish list… I have only been vaping 18 or 20 months and only got into stocking/hoarding and rebuildables 6 or 7 months ago when I learned about the deeming regs


Well now I don’t feel bad but I do feel like I need to play catch up lol


Same, If I am at work I usually have 5 or 6 set ups with me including whatever I am reviewing that week, then at home another 5 or 6 on the go which change regularly depending on what I’m running, on top of that I have about 15 or so mods on the shelf ready to go and few boxed up, ive given some away to smokers too like you , i have no idea how many RDA’s AND RTA’s I have now lol…never too much :wink:


You do have some awesome reviews lol give me some recommendations :slight_smile: I have Not had a good experience yet trying to vape over 80 watts… Maybe my building and wicking sucks lol or its just not for me… I usually hover in the 40-65 range building around .3 to .6 ohms and it suits me fine.


You must work in the vape industry lol if not I have no idea how you can do all these reviews and enjoy your vapes all day :smile: I work for a software development company and if I am not working from home ( which I can do sometimes) and in the office I have to get in my car and drive off of property to have a decent vape and I live in Illinois it’s cold out right now lol… I keep my iCare mini with me for those quick bathroom breaks lol


Ha, thanks man, honestly the biggest surprises for me last year were the Laisimo L3 and the Woody vapes X200, both awesome, but my favourites were the 2 PWM mods built by @Whiterose0818 , nothing hits like them, as for RDA’s then the Goon, Tsunami and Mad dog would be my recomendations 🖒


Adding those to the list! I’m scared of mech’s though… Regulated mods are dummy proof… I have never used a mech… Maybe I should do a little more researched lol


I need to get me a couple of these to use with my RTAs (I run my RDA in TC mode only but I do run some of my RTA in VW mode. Is he on your side of the pond? Shipping probably won’t be cheap for me if that is the case.


No im UK he’s in the States, can’t recomend them enough man, everyone should have at least one of his mods they’re next level :ok_hand:


For tanks id say the Serpent mini 25 and the Obs engine RTA, both awesome


Whiterose mods are mech’s right? Does he have a website?


They use PWM boards so they have a unique form of regulation and can not be used in TC mode. No site that I am aware of but he has a huge thread on this forum.



Not sure how the volition quote popped up in there but that is the link to his thread.


You can read about his work in this thread or send him a PM @Whiterose0818


More reading and research awaits lol thanks man