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I feel like i dont have enough mods


Probably my favourite thread title yet. Followed by" I don’t think I have enough attys" and the most relevant " I know I don’t have enough flavours"


I have too many mods! …Said no one… ever!!!


I read the first line and I was thinking… Well send me some!! Lol


I read the title the other way round. More like I don’t have enough mods "does that mean he is starting a “gofundme” campaign so he can get some more or is he going to put up his address to see if any of us have to many and wanted to donate to him.

Btw I’ve started a gofundme campaign so that you guys can help me get my lifesaving Goon RDA… Here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ


Arrrgh! Damn you @Volition!


Yup , he got another one!:laughing:


I started saying this when I switched from smoking to vaping…
As long as I have 20 mods or less - like there are in a pack of cigarettes, I don’t have too many.
Currently, I have 19 box mods and all but one has a tank on it and is in use. That is my old Sigelei 150 watt that I keep with my wicks and wire.
My latest setup is a Griffin 25mm that I put on my SMOK Alien mod.
I did just get 3 new mods. An 80 watt SMOK Quantum that is really nice. It has the power button all down the side - the way I like them, and it is not clicky (noisy), just what I would wish for. It’s a tiny bit larger than


You are rockin it!


I feel like there’s always a better one out there


The collection is growing but I still feel incomplete lol


Sir there is just no such thing as enough mods. It’s like tomorrow it just never gets here. lol :sunny:


Agreed lol I still have a wish list a mile long with mods flavors and tanks I want lol


If my wife were to ask why I need another mod, I’ll just point to her shoe collection. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Actually I think I have found “THE” mod. Thanks to @Pugs1970 and @Whiterose0818 The PWM mods are the way to go. I’ll be happy to get three of them one for wifey, one to kick around with and one dress up mod that’s all kinds of pretty and masculine looking at the same time. I understand how they work but not well enough to explain it to you, if you want more information I’m going to have to point you at whiterose


I will throw in another vote for a WhiteRose mod. I don’t have another mod like the PWM mods. They are my go to. Nothing else compares.


@Jayrell already has a PWM mod.


He does? How did I miss that?


The IPV8 does PWM


Ahh. I did not know that.


Does it really…thats interesting…🖒