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I feel like i dont have enough mods


Rock start you say?. Now that’s an idea, I reckon @Pugs1970 should find us some discounts on music gear too. I’ve got a long shopping list for him :smile:


I got you bro…nine stamps and its ‘fuck the world’ …


Reviewing music gear would be awesome…

“I can’t play this guitar, but it looks awesome, it makes loads of noise, and it smashes on the floor really well, also pairs well with lighter fluid”


I’m sure I was either at that gig or part of it.


Yup, that’s the one that everyone flocks too when they see my little collection. It’s also the one that gets the “holy shit!” comment when they first try it.


I only have 2 and I am about to throw them both in the trash


Once I find what I like I rarely stray away. I really like my small DNA75 mods… I’ve got one VT75 Nano and one Lavabox M. I’m currently thinking about getting a second Lavabox M. Especially with the price on efun being less than the board costs directly from Evolv and almost half the price getting it directly from Volcano.


Now why would you want to do that?