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I feel like i dont have enough mods


Yes sir, and I have to agree. I’m a massive fan. I’ve not left mine down since I got it


I still give 2 thumbs up to the one on one customer service, the personalization, and the fun of calling WhiteRose and shoting the shit for an hour on the phone.


I definitely agree on that too. In fact I gave your comment a thumbs up, then removed it so I could give it a thumbs up again.


lol I was like wait when did I get one of those??? lol I was confused too brother lol


That is news to me too lol no wounder I like it so much


And for the record a whiterose mod is the next mod on my list :slight_smile: I just have to get my funds strait first… and stop buying so many flavors lol I’m up to 135 flavors in the last 5 months lol can’t wait for that tax refund to hit my account :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Yes sir that was news to me too and I’m using the darn thing lol anyway you should check one out… very reliable and the temp control seems to bE working awesomely


Gee I can’t find anything on their website about it doing pwm, you’d think they’d make a big deal of it.


Now I’m no expert but I think it’s possible you are confusing the SX pure with PWM, they never actually say what the technology is, and I’m probably the only one that doesn’t know exactly what it is but I’d like to know if it’s the same, similar, or what it is


I’m with you on wanting to know more about that… from what I understand of it is you have to use their tank and their certaint coil to do sxpure… I think it is supposed to be a wickless coil? It has been a while since I read about it so I might be getting it confused with something else…


YiHi SX330-F8
thats the chipset in the ipv8. i have scoured the internet and i cant find that bit of info. i’ve not heard of YiHi making a PWM board. If you could share where you found this info, i’d love to inform myself.


Daniel of djlsb covered it when he was reviewing the TC of the IPV, as did p busardo in a pioneer4you review, I can’t remember which one it was though.


Where did you get your ipv8? I want one… I have found my Ipv5 to be one of my most reliable mods


Here is where I got mines from.


I got mine from GearBest through @Pugs1970 site , but I see @Jayrell has already got you covered there


I’ve stamped your loyalty card sir…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:


The older ipv mods in the past (ipv3 IPv4 ipv5) ect have had references to acting/responding/firing with pulse with modulation but not having an official pmw board/chip set. Most often (if I remember correctly) regarding how it handles tc.

I believe Daniel from djlsb vapes uses this reference.

But I would not draw a comparssion line between an ipv to a pwm mod. I believe they are too different.


I’m all for giving back! If I had known about your links on your site before I got mines I would have went this route too lol actually I had a store credit with vapenw at that time and I got this for like 3 dollars plus shipping :slight_smile:


I really should mention that every time lol


I second @DrChud choice if your going for one get it through @Pugs1970 links from his site :slight_smile: support our fellow rock star!