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Stay strong! You will learn a tremendous amount of info here with the ELR family. You have all of our support.


Welcome @cnewb72 Thank you for sharing your story :balloon: and congratulations on your achievement so far! Stay with us, we will take care of ya :


Congrats, stay strong bud, with vaping its way better than smoking, to me its perfect, I really enjoy it. I don’t stink any more either…way more energy, tonnes and heaps of energy from vaping and staying away from cigs.

Look up Joyetech Ego AIO all in one. My wife and I really like the thing. Simple and cheap, heaps of vaper production and fits in pocket with no worries. .5 ohm coil for replacement atomizer when you need it. 70vg 30pg works just fine in it.

Stay strong, you won’t look back soon.




I rarely reply to this thread and when i do it will probably be little more then a hi and a welcome but now i want to add something.

I would like to encourage you just a little bit more if i can and if i sound condescending just slap me in the face. After reading your story, which spoke to my heart, i found that i needed to try and encourage you (for my own peace of mind). Please try your hardest and if you are having diffuclties ask for help and maybe a gear change or try out from people near you. Because your health isn’t very good to begin with and the switch to vaping might add years to your life, years that almost anyone would welcome i know, but it might give you the chanche to see your son and maybe even a grandson or daughter grow to adulthood. You looked dead in the eye and walked away and i wish for you that you don’t have to do it again until your much older.

Anyway maybe it was more for me then for you but i really felt a need to get it out there. The people here are an extremly friendly bunch so if you ever feel the need hit us up and i’m sure help will be abundant.


Hello, My name is Max and I am from the Netherlands.

I was one of those guys who started smoking at a very young age, I did this for over 30 years. I have tried to quit smoking multiple times, I even tried the nicotine gum, but to no effect. The longest period I was smoke free was a long time ago, after I quit cold turkey. I remained smoke free for 1,5 years, but then I did something stupid again. So the last 12 – 13 smoking years, I smoked cigars. But this is now more than 3 years ago, luckily!

More than 3 years ago, I went to my local tobacco store to get me a pack of cigars and I thought to myself, hey! Maybe they have those new electric cigarettes for sale here. You have to know, I didn’t know anything about electronic cigarettes.

They sold Flavor Vapes. These cig-alikes cost me about 10 Euros each. They were maybe a bit bigger than a real cigarette. So, I bought my pack of cigars and two of these e-cigs, one with tobacco flavor and one that was menthol flavored.

So, when I arrived at my car, I opened the packaging and tried my first e-cig puff. My first reaction was a very cool one.
“Hey, this is totally different than smoking, this is pretty weak, but I see a lot of potential here!”
In a few seconds I asked myself. “Is bigger better? Will there be bigger? I need internet!”

While vaping on my new electronic nicotine device, I drove home! It wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t good. But I kept thinking. “This has huge potential”

“What are those guys doing on youtube?” They are talking about strawberries? Cola? Batteries? What does that guy have with that swiffel thingy on top. OMG! Why haven’t I found this before? So much about vaping, soooo much devices, sooo much reviews, so much flavors…

……So much potential.

Vaping made me QUIT SMOKING, the rest is history!
Never in my history was quitting smoking this easy!


Well done! And lovely to meet you Max :smiley:


I smoked cigarettes for 20+ years and I got to the point where I couldn’t wake up in the morning without getting woozy. I’d go to stand up and have to sit back down again. I would be out of breath from doing simple things like going for a light jog or riding a bicycle. I got to the point where I had to quit. There was no other choice, but the patches didn’t cut it, the gum was a joke, and I just couldn’t get that satisfactory feeling of smoke rolling down my throat. Time after time over the years I attempted to put the smokes down only to find myself having a bad day and lighting up again.

Then I discovered vaping. With the right flavor and device, I was able to quit smoking. I didn’t start with anything fancy, but I was able to put the cigarettes down because I felt that feeling of the smoke going over the back of my throat. That’s what I always felt I needed. Back then, we had very limited devices and most of them needed a high nicotine juice for the throat hit that I so desired. As time progressed, the devices became better, provided a better hit; and I was able to bring the nicotine down to a very low level. Once the nicotine was down, the flavor exploded, my palate came to life and I discovered I was pretty good at identifying flavors. I could breathe again, I felt better, was able to ride a bicycle and do activities without getting out of breath.


Congrats on 3 years smoke free Max! Awesome story and glad you are here.


Awesome Boogen! Congrats on quitting!


Congrats and welcome to all the new folks!


I used vaping to quit smokeless tobacco (general’s snus)
Attempting to quit snus was a nightmare. Could not stay awake more than a few minutes at a time. Every morning I woke up felt like having mild acid trip.
While using snus, for interviews and long periods without, would go through withdrawal symptoms and lose focus, clarity and become generally ineffective.
Imagine having a non-stop nicotine drip for your entire waking hours, that is what it was like. For about 7 years. Stopping that all day stimulus made me feel like hammered shit, like I was coming off drugs or something.
Picked up a kanger subvod and some really crappy store-bough juice, and I was able to kick snus within a week.
Of course now I have replaced the habit and am an all-day chain-vapor.
And have spent a lot of money buying better mods and atomizers.
But my gums are doing better and I’m not wasting 120 dollars a month on shit that rots your gums and makes you feel like shit if you try to quit.
I started mixing recipes within a month of beginning vaping, as I could not find a e-juice at the store that I liked or could afford. Thank you to all of you posting recipes.


Welcome Mr Neph! Welcome to ELR!!!



Outstanding brother!


Thanks TinMan1. Started vaping back in the olden days LOL. NOTHING like it is now, equipment wasn’t that great, DeKang juice was all over the place, and I started dripping with an EGO batt and atomizers. Didn’t realize what a PITA that was until years later. Online help was ehhh, and wasted a crap ton load of cash on all the wrong equipment. Thankfully never gave up, Made some friends at Backwoodsbrew.net, and CopperCreek. Moved up to better equipment, got tired of paying for juice and attys, started DIY’ing and rebuilding. Hopefully I didn’t spend 25k on vaping supplies !!!



After smoking for 20+ years, you find all sorts of reasons why you do not want to stop smoking - I won’t list them, you already know them…

But the bottom line is that smoking is an addiction.

I knew (as we all do) the harm it causes and the difficulties of stopping but couldn’t believe how easy it was to step across to vaping.

A family member passed me their e-cig to try and with no intention of stopping I thought I would have a “drag”

mmmm… not bad, I thought… then a few more “drags” followed by the usual questions, how much does… and what if… and how did that…

Cutting a long story short, my partner and I went in town that day and bought our very own e-cig (EGO-T) and whilst we have since progressed beyond this “starter” vape machine - it marked the day that we quit smoking - 1st week September 2016. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Much like everyone’s story I started smoking at 14 quickly got up to 2 packs a day, I continued to smoke until I was 40. I would wake up choking and coughing up some nasty stuff. My dad would give me a hard time, trying to get me to quit smoking. I had tried everything gums, patches, pills (yes the ones with horrible side effects) NOTHING WORKED! Six months after we lost my dad and my own mortality sunk in I drove to our local vape shop after an hour I walked out with an Aspire tank ,a IPV 4 and a few 30mls of liquid. Three days later I was done with cigarettes for good. This August will be 2 years!


Well done! It was very hard for my father to stop smoking and I’m very proud of him. So everyone who’s quit - I`m sure you are real heroes for your families)


I smoked my first cigarette when I was 11, turned white as a ghost and my friend’s mother gave me some Pepto Bismol for the nausea, then called my mother. It was a few years before I thought about doing that again but at 15 I started buying cigarettes. It was on again, off again my entire life. I even managed to quit for 8 years between the ages 19 and 27. I was so convinced I would never smoke again that I took a drag off of someone’s cig. Bad move. Many years later my father had a massive heart attack, almost died, lived for another 8 years, only to die of throat cancer like his brother.

Tomorrow, February 26, I’ll be three years stinkie free. About 4 years ago I started saying out loud about how sick I was of smoking. And I was literally feeling sick after that 5pm smoke. Ecigs had been out for some time and I thought why not try it. When it was introduced to the market I thought it was the stupidest thing I ever heard but now I was desperate.

During the first year, I bought cig-a-likes from the gas stations and smoked at the same time. I finally decided to quit while on vacation where I wouldn’t be around smokers. In 2014 I finished my last pack and toughed it out with cig-a-likes. As awful as they were, it helped. I knew I needed something better, something with more vapor (and better flavor). I saw a vaper on the news chucking clouds and my eyes got real big. I finally saw that it was possible to get a decent vape. Soon after, I was visiting a friend in California and I was introduced to an ego pen. I got a starter kit from the local vape shop and I was on my way. I haven’t smoked since, nor do I want to (or need to). I don’t feel sick anymore and I can fill my lungs with air to full capacity. It feels great!

If anyone reading these posts is struggling with smoking, I encourage you to keep trying. Once you find the right vape for you, you won’t have to smoke, I promise you. You just have to have the desire to quit. Who knows, like me, you might even discover a new hobby.


Hello all! New to this forum. No better way to say hello than this thread.

Smoked for almost 40 years. Tried everything imaginable to quit over the years. Always the same result. One craving per day, all day long. Totally miserable. Gave up on quitting. Made no sense to me to be miserable longer. Then along came friend who vaped. Then an acquaintance who suggested vaping. I thought, why not? Even if it just gives me longer periods without analogs, I’m a winner. I’m astounded! It’s been ten weeks of vaping and eight of those have been without wanting an analog. Took to vaping like a duck to water. Started building my own RTA’s then dove into DYI juice. Love it!!! Can’t predict the future, but at this time, I have no need or want for analogs. I simply love vaping. Looking forward to trying a bunch of recipes from here. Like a kid in a candy store.