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I quit smoking on February 5th 2016. I remember walking into the vape store and buying my first set up. I started vaping some kind of raspberry juice. I’m so glad I quit smoking! Vaping is so much tastier and my lungs dont feel so awful any longer. I can actually breathe again! Now a year later in onto DIY…ing my own.


Hi all Im a newbie to the forum.

The only New Years Resolution I have ever kept. I had my last stinking cigarette on 31th Dec 2013. I had already bought and charged my first ecig ready to go for it.

Since that date I have never had a craving for cigs!! Like others have said, my lungs are not choked up any more, still a cough now and again but I understand thats normal when you start vaping DTL. I just got myself what I think I need to start mixing my own ejuices and then experimenting with my own recipes.

Hope to learn a lot from you guys and gals - good to be here


That’s one up on me…when I got my first mod I totally forgot to factor in charging time :tired_face::joy::laughing:

Welcome aboard - 2013 - that’s awesome :+1:


Thanks Lolly for the welcome.

I dread to think what I would have been like if the ecig hadnt be pre-prepared lol


It wasn’t a pretty sight lol :joy:

Look forward to seeing you around :+1:


First I would like to give a huge shout out to the vaping and recipes community.You guys made it possible for me to quit in one day it was feb 5th 2016.For 28 yrs.i have fought in every war and some even cnn has no clue about.Before a mission I would wolf down about a pack catch my ride with my brother’s and reak hell on our objective.I smoked like there was no tomorrow,so i have no famly but my brother’s i came home for a weading and some kid was blowing serious clouds,so i went to talk to him.(truthfully i scared the kid to death not meaning too.So i asked him about those cloud’s he tried to explain to me what was going on,i told him if he would hook me up with this stuff i would give him a grand,that really got his attention so of course he took me to a vape shopand tried getting me on a starter kit, i replyed i don"nt have time for a starter kit i wanted the best so the kid showed me as well as the manager what was good i bought 10 smok boxes and 50 different kinds of juices. yes expensive but i did"nt have any thing else to spend my money on.As the kid started to leave i called for him and said you forgot your money i kept my word and paid him a grand.that kid helped me to stop smoking i am now retired from the military and still stay in touch with not the kid but the man,if it was"nt for that kid i would still be smoking.So i want too thank the vaping and recipe community for helping a special operations unit veteran you guys rock,also thank you for your recipes i guess what goes around comes around, master sergent sniper 01 mad love for all that you"ve done for me


My last cancer stick was on Sept 28, 2016. Over 30+ years, I had quit many times only to start again and again and again. I gave in to my curiosity and purchased my first vape pen from my local tobacco shop. I have since tossed the pen in the trash and purchased real hardware (Smok Alien 220w + others) and weaned my way from 16mg juice to 3mg juice. Little did I know that in addition to all the health benefits, I found a new hobby. DIY is the way to go: build coils, mix your own juice, interact with a global community of flavor chasers (thanks to ELR).


Thank you for your service.


it was my honor to have served you and your family 3 bullet holes collapsed lung and a hard landing in Somalia,I got away with hiding 3 herniated disc for10 yrs before they said that my service was more than enough.I now teach families to be pro active in security for families any way enough about me.you are welcome for my protection and I continue to serve those requiring my service on security


I was going to write a long treatise on my life with smoking but it’s the same as many others. Started young, gave up, relapsed, tried hypnosis, worked for a few weeks, relapsed …
I just loved cigars. The buzz in the morning with an espresso, the fluttering eyelids as that flavour and nic hit. I really didn’t want to quit.

One day I couldn’t walk home. Leg went kaput. Diagnosed as “intermittent claudication” - ie. valve damage caused by smoking. Much tutting and wagging of fingers ensued.

I bought some clearomiser stuff off the internet. By today’s standards it was very poor. BUT, from the first toot I knew it was the answer. I haven’t smoked since.
That was 16th March 2013 so this week is my 4th anniversary. Cake anyone? :birthday:

Since then, I’ve been through “shinyitis” (boxfulls of hardware have only just been thrown out after moving house), built my own mod and found my ideal atties. I thought I was done but no. Started mixing (utter muck). Then, just recently, found ELR. It’s like shinyitis again (in a good way). Fabulous vapes. All adapted to my style of vaping. Perfect.

And today? Well I can walk miles again. I don’t start every sentence with a cough and I don’t stink (much). Oh, and I have just mixed my first totally original juice. Yeah! Not prime time stuff but 'tis mine own. Big thanks to @Lolly and @BathVaper for their help with that, and big thanks to, @Lars, @Jojo and well, really shedloads of kind vape people who have helped me along the way.

May your camels be many and your troubles few.


Congrats on the anniversary! :tada:


Never tire of hearing these stories. Congrats on your upcoming anniversary. May you have many more.


29 y.o in 1 month. Smoked for 10 years. Tried a kind of cheap vape pen a couple years ago and I still smoked, just less. After about a month I wasn’t taking care of my equipment and the pen started to taste bad and I pretty much forgot about it. Recently had a Sig 150w t.c with a smok tfv4 gifted to me, after about a week of use I had smoked 1 cigarette a day. After getting the rba for it and the nightmare learning curve that was, am happy to say I’m about a week tabacoo free and very much enjoying this set up. Vaping some incredible Space Jam and I can’t get enough of the experience. Thank you to all here on the forum who helped me along this journey figuring out how to learn to use this vape and get the very best out of this experience. I can’t believe I waited so long to start vaping! Here’s to many years of exploring the many things that vaping has to offer! (Have been tabacoo free for 1 week)


Yeei for your one week anniversary :tada: Way to go! Just keep at it and come in for a vent if you need to.


Meek that is awesome! Congrats on the one week and keep asking questions. Whatever it takes to get you to the next day smoke free!


My first post… and since I’m 90% lurker on any forum you’ll not see much from me. I use “search” to find what I need and usually any input I could add to a post has been added at least once. Anyhoooo…

I started vaping when we were trying out fluval and rolled up tea pouches for wicking material and bridgeless attys were the new thing, and 24mg was recommended for a heavy smoker, and a ‘mod’ was a modified flashlight. I had 7 or 8 batteries in constant rotation. So for you old timers…you know what I’m talking about.

I was starting my new career in truck driving and after about a year I was nearing two packs every day. In NY it was getting expensive. I’d hope to get trips to neighboring states that had lower prices. A friend"s son had started using “Green something” and had great success at quitting. So I looked into this new Electronic Cigarette thing… Well, soon I was buying batteries, ordering juice, and spending a ton of money. About a year passed and I was going back and forth with smoking and vaping. Then Provape (R.I.P.) announced a variable voltage device with 1500MaH batteries that were interchangable!! I read reviews and people were head over heels in LOVE with the ProVari. I had to have one.

I finally looked at what I was spenging on (then) E-Cig stuff vs. Cigarettes. I had weaned myself off of cigarettes almost entirely and was smoking two or three Backwoods Cigars a day. I decided “If I am going to spend $200+ on a ProVari then I am going to quit for 6 months.” I don’t think I lasted six months. I spent the money and quit…it happened to be at the end of the year that I finally stopped smoking, so there was no New Years Resolution. My best guess is that it has been about 5 years.

Now it is more of a hobby; collecting mods, RBA’s, wire, etc, and (of course) a ton of flavorings… I’ve converted countless friends, family members, and co-workers. I’m awestruck when I look at the progress over such a short time…I wonder what is the next big thing???

Please ignore the typos, new keyboard on my tablet…


Congrats on 5 years!

Please don’t lurk too much. Someone with your vast experience, that has been in it for as long as you have, I’m sure is a wealth of information. Look forward to getting to know you.


Thanks vey much!! I kind of go in spurts and sputters… I am definitely ‘behind the times’ when it comes to most stuff. Last I recall a “clapton coil” was kanthal spun around a guitar string ( c/o RiP …hence Clapton namesake) with a drill so you had an ample supply of coiled wire…not a bunch different wires twisted up. Maybe someday I’ll actually change a few of my recipes to ‘public’ :blush:

I’ll answer anything to the best of my ability…although I think I’m a better historian when it comes to vaping lol


I had a heart attack a little over 3 years ago and a friend hounded me to go to vaping. I had been a heavy smoker for 40 some odd years and tried to quit quite a few times. I finally did after he bought a mod and a bottle of juice and sent to me. That was about 2 years ago. I’m on my second mod and was bought the Nicotine River DIY starter kit (the kit is awsome!), so trying to mix my own juice since its hard to find 18mg (thanks FDA). I can’t wait to start mixing the juices.

I have tried to get my husband and daughter to switch but haven’t been successful… yet… :smiley: It has been hard with a smoker in the house, but I have managed to stop.

I’m sure I’ll have questions about mixing. But, I have learned a lot just lurking around.


Well done you! Great to have you here :smiley::+1: