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My story would echo almost everyone here in most ways. After smoking for 40 years, my sons got me to vape. They had me try some of their flavors which were really good even though I coughed a lot at first. I thought vaping was just a silly hipster fad but the boys had quit smoking by vaping so I was proud of them. I had tried everything else and was really resigned to die early. I only hoped my grandchildren would remember me. I did some research about it all though and was shocked to learn that two of the ingredients, VG and flavor esters, were things my grandmother used to mix for holistic remedies for as long as I can remember. (Nana was mixing max VG since the 70s!) Eventually I decided I had nothing left to lose and got a couple mods and some juice. My absolute favorite mod is the Target by Vaporesso. I guess everyone’s preferences are different but this is my baby. I have two and plan to get another for my birthday, lol.

The reason I know I failed to quit smoking in the past, is the hand to mouth inhale exhale ritual that’s hard wired into my brain. Nicotine isn’t the only drug in a cig. There are anti-depressants and anesthetics in them as well. Combine the psychoactive drugs with performing this hand to mouth, inhale exhale relaxing ritual hundreds of times a day for decades; it’s brainwashing! That is why I could not quit. I bet that’s why most people who do quit will relapse. Other nicotine replacement therapy just doesn’t fulfill that need that’s become permanently hard wired into our minds. My mom managed to quit smoking but the cravings never left her. She fought them and fulfilled the hand to mouth compulsion by eating and became diabetic. Vaping fulfills the hand to mouth ritual and the cravings and it allows you to reduce your nic at your own pace, in your own time not what some pharmaceutical company decides you should have. Even if I get down to 0 nic, I’m also a nervous nibbler and vaping a fruity or candy flavor has been helping with that too.

Although I started to try vaping in December of 2015 I didn’t buy my own gear until February of 2016 and it was another few months before I was completely smoke free. The main stumbling block for me was the psychological crutch of having a pack of smokes around the house or the panic of knowing I was out. My last day of smoking I left two cigs in a pack shoved in a drawer and that was the end of it. My first smoke free day was June 1st of this year. I tried one of my left-overs about a month later, almost barfed without even inhaling and just threw them out.

The coolest thing about vaping for me, aside from not dying lol, is the versatility and creativity involved. How creative could we ever be over a smelly dirty habit that was killing us? I began mixing flavors almost immediately, just combining premade stuff. One was too strong and sweet so I mixed it with one that was too tart and another that was mild. Then I had to buy these three juices to make my special brew, lol. I used to smoke menthols while eating tic tacs so I mixed my menthol tobacco flavor with a wintergreen flavor which I hope to be able to clone it’s so good. My coffee flavor was just a bit too bitter on the exhale so I added 20% of a vanilla flavor that was way too rich for me on it’s own… PERFECTION! I already love cooking, baking and making candies so this is a natural extension of that. Many of the flavors that don’t work out for me for vaping will go into baking this fall and winter. A little VG will keep your frosting nice and creamy all day long but now I get it by the liter instead of a little bottle at the store.

I’ve only started mixing from scratch in the past month so I’m still experimenting with flavors. I already have about five single flavors that I really like on their own. Only one is at the perfect percentage for me right now but I’m still playing. I also was surprised how well I like the plain unflavored juice. People say that vaping is cheaper than smoking and it really is for most people but when it becomes a hobby with all the mods and flavors it’s been about the same for me. At least it’s not deadly, we smell nicer and we’re having fun. YAY!


Congratulations on quitting smoking, and doubly so for sharing such an eloquent and heart-warming story!

You’ve covered so many aspects that I shared as well, so thoughtfully, and so honestly. I can’t WAIT to see more from you on the mixing aspects alone, and also look very forward to getting to know you better through the forum.

I think you’re going to to find yourself right at home here! Welcome! And thanks again for sharing!


Thanks for such a warm welcome! I’ll try to be helpful, once I actually know what I’m doing, lol.


If it makes you happy & keeps you off the smokes, you already know what you’re doing. Keep up the great work! Welcome!


So, haven’t put my quitting the dirties story up yet because, well, I wasn’t sure how I would be perceived afterwards and I’m still kinda new round here and I love how welcomed I have felt and the new friends I have found on ELR, but you know what, I turned myself around and I’m damn proud of myself for doing it too, so this is my story (essay…sorry lol)
I smoked from the age of 16, my parents smoked, my sister smoked, my friends smoked…it was inevitable, I was a heavy smoker too, I was a nervous kid, had a few issues,ADHD wasn’t really a ‘thing’ back then but everyone believes I went un-diagnosed for years, then as I got into my 20’s I hit the clubbing scene pretty damn hard, at the Hacienda every weekend religiously, by this time I was smoking heavily, drinking heavily, taking recreational drugs etc and everything else that went with it but smoking weed was my weakness, it just went with the territory, every night pretty much, every time I tried to stop something bad would happen and I’d be back even worse than before, this is how it went pretty much through my 30’s, through a divorce, losing my father, knock after knock. Then…at the age of 40, my back popped, had to have constructive spinal surgery, pins, rods etc, big op which put me in bed for 3 months, it was just before the Op that I got with my current Girlfriend Jo, man did she put herself in for a rough ride, I was a mess before the op but after?..wow…from the minute I woke to the minute I slept I was stoned, ‘self medication’ I called it, for the pain, it helped but to be honest it was just to alleviate the boredom, but I was smoking so much I started to suffer from cannabis psychosis, and that ladies and gentlemen, will put pay to everything you love, How Jo stayed with me during that time I will never know. Anyway, Jo became pregnant by this time, much to the surprise of everyone seeing as I couldn’t even walk :neutral_face: and at first I just carried on pretty much as normal only I was put outside the house for any ‘medicating’ …but then I met her, and everything changed. I already had a son he is 21 in Nov from a previous, previous…previous girlfriend (not wife…no kids with ‘that’ thankfully) but this little girl, man she was beautiful, I mean all parents say that I know but, she was really something (clearly get’s it from me I know :wink:…) and I knew what had to be done,I went to the doctors first and fainted when he told me to breath out as hard as I could, then I went to a few meetings, you know the ones where you sit in a circle and tell your story, I did the whole CBT sessions but nothing…and I mean NOTHING had prepared me for the power that little bundle had over me, I quit, took me maybe 6 months to start feeling normal again and once I did I bought my first e cig, I was still smoking tobacco at that point, one thing at a time and I knew if I could quit weed I could quit anything, the chewing gum didn’t work, patches did nothing but this, this was ok…I could do this, so I jumped at it, apart from one stretch of a few months after a Holiday in Turkey where I had a relapse because well…you know, it was Turkey, even the pets smoke in Turkey, it was just after that that I bought my first sub ohm tank, a 40w Vamo V8 and a bottle of mothers milk, I was away…I wanted to know everything!, and that pretty much brings me to today, happily smoke free 2 years or so, with an ever growing Vape obsession, which to be honest had started to wain slightly before I came to ELR, I cannot tell you how much all you lovely people have taught me, I mean seriously, it’s unreal and I am eternally grateful to each and every one of you!..sorry this was a bit of a therapy session haha :confused: but it’s important to me, I may have a lot longer with my little family thanks to vaping and I’m pretty sure I genuinely owe it my life.


Great share, and glad you did! If you get “judged” for sharing this, then that’s on them.

To me, someone who smokes dope is no different than someone that drinks. It’s just one is legal, and the other isn’t. Both can have issues when abused.

Glad you got it together, and you have right to be proud, as some never do, and they pay with their life for it. (Whether literally, or “just” losing the most important thing(s) to them for emotional stability).


Thanks man, I was starting to think I shouldn’t of shared it lol…thanks for your nice words dude :+1:


Adversity introduces a man to himself.
H.L. Mencken

You have two things that are going to help keep you on course.

That little girl that thinks you are the most awesome person on the planet, and Jo, who stood with you, when you were probably the biggest pain in the ass, on the planet.

You’re not going to let them down.

Nothing wrong in admitting your shit was scattered. Be proud that you got it back together.

Good story


Thanks :+1: I appreciate that dude :wink:


Wow…great share @Pugs1970 …thanks for that! I too quit smoking the stinkies for my kids! They seem to have great power over us parents! I also just wanted to say that I know how hard it is to quit using “recreational” drugs because I was on some pretty heavy and hard s!*t for about 12 years and I finally was able to overcome my addictions. I have been sober for 3 years (celebrated that anniversary back in June) but I couldn’t do it without help! I believe that when a person gets to the point when they know what they need to do and they are determined to do it, nothing will stop them. Congratulations! Keep going strong!


Great words man, spoken from someone who knows eh, well done for staying clean dude, I too had a few of the harder addictions in the middle of all that but I knocked that straight on the head, once due to my dealer dying, didn’t need any more of a wake up call than that, he was a mate too, anyway, well done and keep up the good work dude :+1: be proud! :wink:


Thanks for the great words of encouragement! Yeah it is still a struggle sometimes, but it does get better everyday!

P.S. I am a girl! I guess I should have my user name changed to something girly!


ha…dammit, that’s like 3 times I’ve done that now lmaooo…sorryyyy :joy:


lol I will have to keep that in mind as well :slight_smile:


Good share man!
No judgement from this corner.

In fact your story seems scarily similar to my own. Seems vape entertains the part of my mind that enjoyed all the unhealthy habits without so many of the side effects. I certainly do not miss the week long no sleep benders anymore. Having a 2yr old seems to rob me of my sleep just as effectively :smiley:

Top man. Keep it up.


It’s all good!

Lol! And here I thought that the butterfly on my avatar was a little bit of a hint!


lol, cheers dude :wink::+1:


oh.yeaaah…see I never noticed that haha :nerd:


Lately I’ve been using the phone more to keep up with the forum, and on here, there is no butterfly… Just a very nice shade of blue, with a tiny darker blue splotch in the middle-right. /chuckles

Wasn’t until you mentioned a butterfly (I was all “what?! How does she get that out of a blue circle thingy?”) that I actually not only had to go to your “personal page”, but also blow that one up (read as: zoom in) before I saw the butterfly.) lol

Regardless, nice to know, and I’ll try and plug that in. :slight_smile:


The butterfly and the fact that it says you’re a stay-at-home MOTHER in your profile. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: