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Damnnn you mean people read those??..
I said I’m a super hero :tired_face:
Well that’s that cat well and truly out of the bag :roll_eyes:


Wait. Read? But it’s a personal profile. I’m not trying to get all up in her business! ;p lol

Yeah yeah… and then there’s that. /grins

Seriously though, I think I’ve read three of those in 6 months.


But by Manc standards, aren’t you?

/disclaimer I don’t know anything about anything.


Actually I think the way it works is if you’re a Manc at a certain level you become ‘Supersonic’…

Or at least that’s what’s a lot of my mates call each other…well actually that’s been shortened to ‘Sonic’…

Mancs are stupid…:wink::+1:


Thanks for sharing your story. No worries on being judged im sure alot of us had our wild younger days(I know I sure did)


I had been smoking for over 25 years, on April 1st 2016, I finally discovered the world of vaping as it stood before the FDA regulations began to decimate it. I had tried those sorry excuses for nicotine replacement systems ( Blue cigalikes) years ago and wound up smoking even more than I had prior to trying them. A year ago, my supervisor at work, stepped out to the “smoking” area with this device that looked like a remote control. The vapor that it produced smelled like heaven. as the cloud dissipated, the the smell of the cigarette I was sucking on took over and something in my brain said WTF??
Anyone that knows me, knows I do an extensive amount of research on EVERYTHING before I take the leap into it. (except of course cigarettes which was more of a family tradition) I poured over the internet to find as much information as I possibly could about vaping, possible side effects, and the industry itself. I was confused at first by all the contradictory information, but then I dug a little deeper. Everything that was announcing “bad” effects ie, popcorn lung, exploding devices, etc etc. was written by, produced by, or paid for by big tobacco or big pharma.
I set the date of April 1st because it was my daughter’s 21st birthday. That night, my daughter asked me for a cigarette, and I knew I had made the right choice. I started out like almost everyone else, on a simple pen device, but quickly found myself asking how I could get more battery life. I don’t realize that the Regulated mods and more advanced atomizers could produce the insane amount of flavor in comparison. My first “regulated” mod was the Eleaf 60W TC with the Melo 2 starter kit,
Since then, I haven’t touched the icky sticks. My house, my clothes, my hair, all smell so much better. I don’t have to step outside when my grandson comes over. I don’t have to miss out of half of a TV show because I’m in the “Smoking room” in my house. Not to mention, my voice is about 100x better (I’m an amateur musician). I have made it a personal mission to help as many people as I can to make the switch. I know that Vaping saved my life, and I hope that I can continue vaping… (as Long as the FDA allows it)


Great story @FrostyVapes75, and well done on sticking with it :wink::+1:


What Pugs said! Welcome to the rabbit hole! =)


Yes, definitely welcome and congrats on quitting. The folks here are awesome! I’d be so lost without them.


That’s why I use my full name, Josephine instead of Jose. When I use Jose everyone thinks I’m a Spanish bloke :grinning:


you mean you’re not??..
in my mind you’re like this…

was I off…??


Yes, what did you do with my taco’s? :taco: I always keep a few under my double chin, they’re gone now :unamused:




I sneaked in and took them :taco:'s ninja style :sunglasses:


The day I quit smoking was a scary one. It was Friday the 13th to start, September of 2013. The day started out really good to say the least. I woke up, went out to the patio for a smoke, and came back inside feeling a bit frisky. I was careful to be quiet because my daughter was only 5 weeks old at the time and I didn’t want her to wake up before I could have my way with my wife. I’m not trying to be nasty or perverted or say too much but it really all does lead up to quitting the nasties. So my wife and I finish the deed when all of a sudden I lose my breath and my chest feels like it’s on fire, pain shoots through my arms and into the palms of my hands, my wife immediately calls for help and gets me to the ER. I’d been having some, “Okay, quite a bit of” chest pain the whole week leading up to this but I’m stubborn and thought the worst but still refused to go into the hospital. After arriving at the ER I was given an aspirin, a pain killer, and then hooked up to an ekg. The doctor came in shortly after I was hooked up, took a look at my ekg, he asked me how old I was to which I replied “32.” He told me, “I’m sorry to tell you this, but you’re having a heart attack.” My wife arrived with our daughter just after I got the news and I told her she needs to sit down. The doctor explained to her what was happening and then let us both know that I had to be rushed into surgery. I had a Stent placed in my right coronary artery and was able to get out of the O.R. and into the room where I stayed the next 3 days before being released from the hospital. I already owned an Itaste VV at that point just because I thought ecigs were cool, but when I first bought it I had no desire to quit smoking. Now I had real motivation, I had nearly died and had my baby daughter who needed to have her daddy. I have never had even the slightest of cravings since the last cigarette that I had that morning, I had too much to think about during my stay in the hospital, and I had my ecig that fully satisfied me when I got out. My wife and I have now been smoke free vapers for over 3 years and I feel better than I did even through my 20’s.


Wow is all i can say at first and then it gotta be that i’m glad you made it and took the good decision to start vaping. And congrats on 3 years being smoke free and that is an achievement to be proud of for sure.
Hope you will have many good years in front of you with your family.
Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for having me. This has got to be the best group of people in the Vaping community. I’m honored to be a part of it.


I have read most of the posts in this thread and my reason to quit smoking isn’t as heartbreaking as many others but i did smoke a lot to be honest, around 3 packs a day with no filter to get the most out of it.
I suffered from a broken disc in my back and finally got to have surgery. When i got up on my feet again in the hospital first thing i did was smoking even though i could barely walk. Later i went to a clinic to get my back in order and when i was there i finally got into a state of mind saying that i need to quit smoking. That same day i went into town and got myself an iStick 20w and some juice. The iStick worked perfectly but that juice i got was some nasty stuff and if i hadn’t found another vape shop and gotten some other juice i would never have quit smoking.
In this other shop i had the opportunity to try out all their juices and i bought some and to make a long story much shorter 3 days later i was of the stinkies for good and that was may 24 2016.


Good job!
I too quit smoking cigs by vaping
I’m 62 I smoked since I was 16 last Jan I met a guy at a party he had a snow wolf box mod and told me he had not smoked in a year so the next day I went to the local vape shop and bought one went home and started vaping and I kept fighting the urge to smoke as long as I could ( had 6 packs at home) the next thing I knew the day was over and I did it I never smoked one cigarette and just took it one day at a time
and that was 10 months ago ! And still… have not smoked even one cigarette For me that is freaking HUGE :smile:


Kudos. Well done and keep it up. :ok_hand: