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Thanks Pattie!:smiley:


Welcome @Steve-o_54!
Congrats, well done, and nice to have you aboard! Definitely impressive, especially with 6 packs left in the lurch, staring at you, taunting you, being their generally evil selves!


Thank you !


Well in August our state was planning on upping there sin taxes again making a cheap pack of cigarettes around 10 bucks a pack. I was so upset because I didn’t want to quit I thought I enjoyed smoking. Well I stopped at the store and purchased some crappy juice for and old buck naked pen I had from last time I wanted to quit (didn’t work) by the end of the night I realized I had not had a cigarette all day and really wanted one while I was thinking about it. I talked my self out of it saying well I went that long without keep trying. I hoped online to find an online retailer running a deal on a subohm capable box. I did a few days research looking into this mod and realized for a few bucks it might be perfect for me. I then purchased the nebox knowing the buck naked pen sucked, but still didn’t have a cigarette even though the urge kept getting worse. My nebox couldn’t have shown up any sooner than it did. Once I had the box and some really good fruit juice 80%vg 6mg my urges simply went away. Well a few days later I ran into one of those f it I need a smoke. Once I lit it up I realized how disgusting it was and after 3 hits threw it out, made me feel sick. And since then I have not even had a glimpse of desire for a cigarette. I did outgrow my nebox rather quickly as I realized i had to chase that cloud, don’t know why but that was way more satisfying than smoking ever was. Any ways purchased a reuleaux DNA 200 because I was so happy with my vape experience I wanted something I can’t outgrow. So yea with my DNA goon and tfv8 tank I went from 1-1 1/2 packs a day to none. I didn’t even want to quit and don’t know why I purchased juice for my buck naked but my body thanks me more and more every day.


Welcome @Gmer4Lfe. Thanks for sharing your experience, and congrats on quitting!


Your story and mine are very similar, however It took me 8 months after I started vaping to get into DIY. Welcome to the group!


So many parts of your story sound so familiar to me. The “oh I haven’t had a smoke all day, argh, now I want one” moment to final relapse “wait, why does this taste so bad” moment.

I’m 3 years out from the start of my story, but even still I get those “I could really go for a smoke” moments here and there. Either from stress or sometimes no obvious reason. But in my experience if you just suck it up, and vape til that temporary insanity goes away, and you’ll be just fine. :slight_smile:


I’m coming up on 3 years very soon. Nov. 8 will be the 3 year mark. For me, I never even think about having a cigarette anymore. Funny thing though, I still now and then go looking for my smokes not thinking about the fact I no longer smoke. Once I realize what I’m doing I say, oh, where’s my vape. Habit, habit explains a lot…

Yep, there is just a bit of “sucking it up”. If you’re a heavy smoker it’s difficult to get all you need from the vape because you are not just addicted to nicotine. Nicotine is made even more addicting by the cocktail of chemicals in cigarettes. Luckily the physical addition goes away quite fast if you stick with it…


hey all… I was a 2 packs a day smoker since last 18 good years… started vaping since 4 months and my smoke count dropped to 5-6 cigs a day… im still in the phase of discovering the best coils and e-juice ratios, well recently i joined back the gym for my strength workouts. Normally when I squat or deadlifted I needed 4-5 minutes of rest in between sets due to heavy panting and breathing issues which i always thought was normal for heavy weight regimens, but now when im doing the same routines i noticed a huge difference in recovering between sets, from 4-5 minutes rest it dropped to a 30-45 seconds rest periods and i feel ready and energetic right away, the workouts which needed 2 hours to finish previously, now they are getting done within 50 minutes or even less… This motivated me like hell and im even going to quit smoking for good now… VAPE is life…
#quitsmoking #quit #smoking #vape #health


I started smoking when I was very young and my addiction to smoking only got worse over the years. Before I quit I smoked 2 packs a day. I started vaping in 2012 when my then GF wanted to try to quit. We visited a vape shop and purchased EGO’s with Vivi Nova’s starter kits and 10 bottles of ejuice. I remember the look on their faces when I chose 2 bottles of american tobacco in 2 different nicotine levels. Looking back now, I get it but I was concerned I needed the tobacco taste to be satisfied. I soon found the other flavors far more satisfying and refreshing. My favorite was Blue Monkey which was blueberry, cinnamon and graham cracker.

I started at 24 mg but soon kept dropping the nicotine lower and lower. Initially I continued to smoke cigs and vaped when I got home because I felt weird vaping in public. I went from 2 packs a day to less than a pack a day almost immediately. I was stunned by this. So I stated to try more and more new flavors. Within 2 months I had completely stopped smoking and vaped only. My sense of taste and smell changed and I began to feel healthier. Over time my lungs began to feel better and I noticed I got more resistant to catching colds and the flu.

As vaping continues to advance so has ejuice, with these advances so has the cost of supplies. Now with the TPD looming over me here in the UK and the FDA new rules coming I started to worry about how these will effect me. I think it is a shame that vaping is banned in some countries and disgraceful. I think we should be informed and research should be done, full disclosure of ingredients in juice without compromising recipes. Can you imagine if tobacco companies had to list their chemicals used or contained in tobacco on packages of their products? It wouldn’t fit!

Recently I suffered from vaper’s fatigue horribly so I quit vaping completely for awhile, I had NO urge to smoke whatsoever. So if I can quit smoking then anyone can for sure. But I would never had been able to do it without vaping for sure. I tried many times over the years unsuccessfully with all the alternatives out there. None give you the experience of inhaling and exhaling vapor which is part of the addiction to smoking for me. I am currently vaping 3 mg nic juices and could easily go to 0 mg nic juices without a problem if I had to. I don’t think I should have to though, the choice should be mine. As long as tobacco is sold then so should vaping products that are safer alternatives to smoking. If you’re going to ban vaping then ban smoking too, see how well that goes for you.

30+ years of smoking and I quit in march of 2012, 4 years 7 months tobacco free with one time that I smoked a cigarette. Well, I tried to at least. I still had a pack when at the time I had quit for over a year. I ran out of juice and was broke at the time so I smoked one. It was way stale and after 3 or so drags on it, I gagged, coughed and practically choked on it. Tasted awful and I felt dizzy, couldn’t breathe right and felt like there was a weight on my chest. I am SO thankful I quit and that experience I will NEVER forget. Is that like AA and my cig free time is less??? Hope not.

Don’t feel discouraged if you are struggling with quitting and are just starting to vape. We all initially had our trials and tribulations, but we are stronger than we think. You can do it if you give it time. Everyone’s story is different and our preferences are many. There are so many different flavors to try, equipment to experiment with and social communities to support you in your journey to quit smoking. Taste is subjective and once you get into DIY juice… oh my!!! It opens up a whole new world of vaping where you are in control of what you vape and how it tastes.


Welcome to the forum, @Posh_And_Unique, and congratulations on your achievement. Great to hear your story! :four_leaf_clover:


Thanks so much for the welcome and the praise. Glad to share my story with the vaping community.


@yasirzxc & @Posh_And_Unique, welcome to you both!

Thanks for taking the time to share your stories and experience with everyone. There are countless many smokers out there who need to read these truthful, and very personal observations.

One person’s experience is often another person’s inspiration!


So my story.
I was in college around 95. I did not have a social life on high school. It was work and school, work and school. I got to college and bam freedom. Drinking was the main flavor of the time and sometimes to calm the hangovers would smoke some cigs or pop in a chew. I liked it. It felt great. Young buck finally getting some attention and it was fun and care free. Developed a habit that could not be quenched. So I had too much of a social life that college did not stick to me. Alcohol and cigs and various other experiences did. Well dropped out of college and headed home. Worked and smoked for about 5 months. Got tired of working two jobs. I went into the Navy in 98. Got through boot camp. First thing I did on the other side. Bought a pack of smokes and continued.
I got married and she was a smoker. We smoved and talked for hours. I got into chew and smoking. Not at the same time. We’ll 3 years ago she had an aunt die of lung cancer. Then she developed pneumonia and just vowed to quit right there. Well I decided that to. The patch was rough. No help at all. So I went to Blu Cigs in 2012 or something like that. No help back to smoking. Then went to a shop in KY. Got an ego one atomizer, the cheap setup. It finally worked. That is where my addiction to vaping started to grow. I 2 years ago joined another site and found like minded people with the same issues I had. Took some info well others just blew it off. I had an eleaf mini and an aspire nautilus tank. I got gouged I think, because I was continually tethered to a USB cord. I upgraded to a 30 watt eleaf and Kanger STM. I thought I had gone to vaping nirvana. Well then the site had a contest for the Cloupor Mini. That is when everything vaping clicked for me. I then learned how to make coils. A fantastic idea and money saver. Then I learned how to make juices from members there. @GPC2012 was one of those people. I seriously owe him a big debt of gratitude. So now we are looking at me the sponge, 4 years smoke free and making coils, juices, and now NETS. I have recently upgraded to the Reuleaux 200s and DNA, withe Griffin regular and 25, and have the Wotofo 22mm and the original Tsunami. I enjoy my hobby, and it had gotten me our of bad habits and my deep depression. That is my story.


A colleague, also a smoking buddy, showed up to work one day with vaper. I was intrigued and looked into it. I live in the UAE where vaping is illegal, but in reality it’s in a grey area. Fortunately, my wife was in Atlanta at the time visiting family so I asked her to pick up a e-go and juice. She brought it back a few weeks later. I just looked at it for a few days. Then on a Sunday morning I started using it. I haven’t had a cigarette since.

I smoked 1-1.5 packs per day for the last 25 years. I tried to quit a few times using various methods but nothing stuck. It’s now been 5 weeks and I’m thrilled, not to mention my wife and children. I walked by a guy smoking an analog the other day and was repulsed by the smell. It’s truly repugnant. I’ve now fallen into the rabbit hole of vaping and already have 3 vapers, 4 tanks and I’m looking into DIY juicing. I’m healthier than I’ve been in 25 years.

Just a point to make. Most people who quit say they feel great, fantastic, or whatever adjective they want. The reality, however, is that they have just gone back to the status quo, the base starting point of how a human should feel.

Just normal…it’s wonderful.


Congratulations on your achievement, @natbone, I’m happy to hear vaping is doing the trick for you too. The smell is nasty, that’s for sure. Welcome to the forum - we are glad to have you! :sparkles:


Quit on January 2nd 2015 and have never looked back. Smoked cigarettes for over 25 years and most of those years at 25 cigs per day. Needless to say, I needed to quit. Being asthmatic just made things worse. Ever since I quit, no more need for my asthma pump… its like I never had asthma.

My mom, smoked 2 packs a day for over 20 years and we switched her to vape as well, she hasnt had a cigarette in over 1 year.

My sister is also off cigarettes for over 1 year and she smoked over 30 years at a bit less than a pack a day.


ive started when i was 14 and till 22 i was killing myself by smoke then ive get free but then i started smoke shishas every day, bless god that vaping is real and not to dream or fantasy, will vape till die) :blush:


I smoked for 25+ years and tried many times to quit. Met someone at school (ITT Tech) who was vaping and told me I needed to drop the smokes and get the vape. 2 months later I got my first mod,Eleaf Istick 100w and my first RDA Doge and got to building. few days later, I had kicked smoking all together and was 100% vape. Now, I make all my own juice, build my own coils and even try to help other get off the smokes. My quit date was April 2015.


My quit date was the 6th of january 2015, I only remember it because it’s my birthday too! I had started smoking when I was just 10, I would sneak a few fags out of my parents packs every day. After 26 years of smoking I didn’t want to quit. I had no health problems except for a little bit of shortness of breath which was probably to do.more with general fitness than anything lol. I bought my first cigalike in mid 2014, but they were awful. In december I bought some egos and juice. I just wanted something to vape during break at work, as I rolled my own and the couple of minutes saved helped. Plus as manager I never really got a full break so was only getting thru half a fag or less before throwing it. Carried on like this for a bit. Then for xmas my sister bought me the nautilus mini/eleaf combination starter kit extraordinaire!! I bought some proper flavours for it from a real vape shop and on my bithday I threw all my remaining tobacco away. For someone who said I would never give up smoking because I liked it so much, it really didn’t take long to change over!
When I first started vaping I couldn’t take a drag properly as it hurt my throat terrible, obviously this was mostly down to nearly pure pg liquids and high nicotine. Although I only started off on 18mg nic and that was harsh as f®™k so I had to go down to 12mg. After about a month I found that I was having a vape and hiccupping more and more often, I mean over 50% of the time in the end. So I moved to direct lung vaping, handed on my mtl kit that I had amassed to a friend that is now smoke free too and the rest is history.
I have noticed that it is the people around you who make a bigger deal of this than I think it is.
Now on 0 to 0.1mg nic, some flavours just tast better with a bit of nic in them for some reason! Don’t think I will ever give this up, well not until the next fad lol

Are there any other vapers that didn’t actually want to give up smoking but just sort of drifted into it like me?