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Well like most posts on here, I started smoking at a tender age. I was 9. A fourth grader watching all these cool teenagers smoking. I asked for one and that was the beginning of a 28 year long addiction. I smoked about a pack a day for most of that time. I enjoyed smoking, there is something about the ritual that really made me love that feeling. I knew like everyone else that smoking is like suicide in slow motion. I have 5 children and the thought of not being here to see them grow and maybe see grandkids, was a deciding factor on quitting smoking. I am however weak willed in that aspect. I knew what I wanted but no matter how many times I tried, I ended up smoking again. I used those blu cigalikes and that was awful. Chantix made me sick along with all the gum and mints. My best friend had a dripbox and let me use it and well that was still a bit intense at that moment. I made the decision to start vaping shortly afterward. On payday I went to a local vape shop and asked about a starter kit. I walked out with a topbox mini and some delicious cereal flavored liquid. It took me a few hours to really figure out what I was doing. I woke up Saturday, reached for my morning smoke, it was the last cigarette I smoked. I took all of my loose tobacco, filters, half a pack of smokes and gave them away. I made a point to show my family what I was doing. My kids (my eldest is 12) all had so much joy watching me eliminate smoking from my life. One even said “yay your gonna live longer” I am still pretty new to vaping. I have not had a cigarette in 44 days and counting. I have had a passing thought about having a smoke but why set myself back. I vape 3mg and I am starting to DIY my own liquid. I quit ssmoking. My ultimate goal is to wean myself off nicotine completely. Baby steps though. Thanks for this thread. Its nice to tell my story and read all of your success stories. I wish everyone could quit smoking and start vaping. Its the best decision I have ever made.


I don’t know the exact date but it was early October this year that I finally quit. I started smoking when I was 12 and I’m 40 now… so that’s 28 years of trashing my lungs. Doctors said I had chronic bronchitis it’s a form of COPD. My wife hated my habit and it was killing me. I lied to my wife for a couple years about smoking but she still smelled it on me, I am still ashamed that I let my addiction cause me to lie about it. But man it’s hard to stop smoking. I would smoke at work and whenever I could when my wife and daughter weren’t around. Hating it the whole time, it’s like I was a slave to those nasty, expensive little cigs.

I started talking to a guy at work about vaping, he had been smoke free for about a year and I just hammered him with questions about mech mods, regulated boxes, RDAs, tanks, batteries, juices and anything I could think of. Well he’s a diy guy for juices and coils so I got plenty of good info. He pointed me to fastech for some affordable RDAs and stuff, so early October 2016 I placed my first order… I didn’t realize it was gonna be 2 F’n months to get my stuff lol. There was another guy I work with who I was talking to about getting started and he brought me a little istick set up with a tank on it and some juice. That was the day I quit. I had a pack of smokes in my car and I tried to smoke one a couple days later and it tasted like shit… I never want to smoke again.

I placed an order from perfect vape to get some nic,VG and flavors… banana nut bread TFA blueberry extra TFA cheesecake gc crust TFA and sweetener. I got my flavors before I got my gear lol. I ordered an RX 2/3 from amazon and a fishbone RDA… still waiting on fastech lol. The first guy I was talking with about vaping brought me a little boy RDA and I got my RX 2/3 so that was the first RDA I used and I really liked it, so I used that until I got my other stuff in.

Anyway I haven’t smoked or lied to my wife since and it feels great. I breathe better, smell better and taste better. I love vaping and DIY this site kicks ass. Everyone is helpful and friendly… God bless y’all. I have three months smoke free and I’m not looking back. If I can do it anyone else that wants to can do it too.

Just go to a vape shop or order your stuff in your own country if you don’t want to wait 6-8 weeks. Fastech is still cheap but you will wait :sunglasses:


Congratulations @Awakenow2 and welcome to this vape heaven on earth! Looking forward to get to know you. :wave:


Congrats on making the leap to Vaping @Awakenow2!!

Stock up now on NicSelect Nicotine ASAP (personally I’d recommend at least a liter, more if you can afford it), as we’ve just learned in another thread that the hammer is now starting to be applied to shipping it. And it’s going to be expensive as $&@# for shipping alone. It seems that anything 60mg/ml or above, is going to be forced into the “hazmat class”, and as such, it will have to be shipped via ground transportation. Same for certain flavors (depending on the alcohol content) due to being flammable. Cap’s sweet strawberry is one!

Also, Musim Mas is awesome VG! (Palm derived)

There are some places left (hopefully) that still haven’t made the transition, so shop fast!

Anyways, just wanted to give a heads up to you (and other new folks) since you’ve decided to DIY with us!

Grats again for stopping smoking, and welcome to the rabbit hole! =)


Thanks for the heads up @Sprkslfly. I bet somebody got hit by the D.O.T. I know nicrivers is dealing with this right now. I order my nic pre-mixed @ 6mg so I should be good. I have pets and kids so I’m more comfortable getting my VG base premixed at 6mg nic. I know my finished juice winds up being around 5mg and I’m good with that.


My quit date was January 1st 2016. And when I went to a new years eve party my family pulled this out. It nearly brought me to tears.

I want to thank all of you here at elr, because every time I had a question that needed to be answered, I found my answer in a thread here. And not to mention the discounts on supplies just for being a member of this great community. So long story short ELR had a huge part to do with my success.


Congratulations on your anniversary, well done! And a wonderful gesture with the cake.


Thank you very much. It has been a journey :slight_smile:


Congrats on a major milestone!


How lovely is that! And very well done on the anniversary :+1::tada::balloon:


Dear Community

My name is Theo and i am smoking since my 16. I use to smoke 100gr of Old Holborn yellow in one month to the point where i was choking on my sleep. A friend inntroduce me VAPING. He even lend me Joytech Cuboid 150w with an Aspire Cleito atomizer as starting kit and fill the tank with some lemon flavor.
I swear to GOD that was the only easiest solution to give up smoking. I remember i lit one cig after a week because my batteries run out and i forgot to fully charge them. Although i needed a cigarette it tasted like S$%^. Its been 1.5 month free of smoking without the need to actually roll and smoke tobacco. I even bought an RTA andstarted building it differenty every time to get the max flavor!:slight_smile: Even the experience going to vape shop, sit on the confortable desks and try different flavors with such a cool staff is beyond imagination:)
Vaping is the future and although in denial i find my self an addicted Vaper not only in the concept but in creating e-liquids as well.



Congratulations @Theo5 !
So glad you found us. We are happy you are here and smoke-free. :slight_smile:


Congrats on making the switch, and welcome to ELR!

The first thing I tell someone who’s considering vaping (to quit smoking) is to make sure that you find a liquid that “you fall in love with”. That single aspect makes the rest of the process so much easier! You find yourself craving the flavour and not even thinking about missing those nasty old smokes.


I just made the switch on the day after Christmas. Since I bought my vaping set-up (iStick Pico currently switching between the Melo III mini and full tanks), I’ve smoked only two cigarettes. I only smoked those to try to gauge whether I was vaping the right amount of nicotine. No cigarettes now for two weeks and threw away the last ones I had yesterday.

Vaping has definitely been the easiest, most worry-free method of giving up cigarettes. I hope to ease off the nicotine and get free of that as well, but it is great being able to do one thing at a time.

Thanks for having this forum here to help keep us all engaged and smoke-free.


That’s awesome, @sumo-poser ! Congrats and welcome to our crazy ELR family. :slight_smile:


Wheheheeey! :tada: Congratulations with the healthy choice and switch! And welcome to this most enjoyable ride.


Congrats on giving up the stinkies! Great job and keep it up!


I quit vaping on the 31st of March 2016 after being sick and tired of smoking as a whole for quite some time. The stench and how it lingers on your clothes, skin and hair, the foul taste, the hassle of having to step outside in the cold and in the rain. Bleh.

So once I finally had enough (but couldn’t quit due to the nic addiction) I bought a bad cigalike from the tobacco shop, and proceeded to get more and better mods. Started building my own coils and now have begun mixing my own ejuices.

Since then (just out of curiosity) I took one hit of a cigarette, and knew right away that (besides the fact that those things taste AWFUL) I would never go back to smoking.



Nice one @Whooptidooh! And lovely to have you here! :smiley::+1:


That’s awesome! Congrats on stopping the stinkies and welcome to the site. And welcome to the wonderful world of mixing! Glad You are here.