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I want a cigarette!


Yeah, I don't like it either! Fortunately though I had taken the steps of using Carbonite online backup, so I will be able to restore my files. Sucks though that it happened right at the end of the year where I am gathering up all the files I need to close out 2015. Grrrr!

But when I'm back I'll have a 480GB SSD, a 2TB HDD, and a 128GB flash drive all working to keep me backed up and humming. Carbonite is good it just takes a loooooong time to restore.

For all my fellow nerds, Best Buy had a great sale on these items. I got the SanDisk Ultra II SSD for $145, the 128GB thumb driver was only $32! Get it while it's hot!


I fully understand and feel your pain I am not a computer guy so the pic’s above would have me pulling my hair out and I am losing that fast enough already.


If your ham equipment was acting up though I bet you'd be cool as a cucumber while you restore your situation. Honestly, same here. I know my way around computers as good as most 50 yr old's with no technical training. In other words I ain't skeered. Will be back up and running some time this afternoon. I already have the new SSD with Windows 7 in. Upgradinng to 10 now. I couldn't figure out how to get the free Pro version of 10 without upgrading (maybe use my 7 product key?) but this will still work. Of course there is all the updating and crap that takes time but at least I'll be off this backup PC and on my good rig again.

Then again...I built that rig in 2012 so I'm thinking maybe once my credit cards cool back down from the workout they got in December I will just build a new one. Projects, projects.


Actually I would probably want to light up real bad but as you did just reach for some high octane juice and fill the room with clouds

My laptop acted up all the time before I did the windows 10 upgrade but knock on wood been smooth sailing ever since


I for the past 10 days returned to smoking about 10 cigs a day, again due to faulty equipment. My Aero mini tank was leaking bad ( I had to take out that small rubber piece due to a burnt taste it was giving me) and I was getting very little vapor. Well hope all this changes. I got today in the mail from SouthernMixer a package with 3 good tanks and a new mod. Already vaping on the big Aero tank..very good taste and clouds of vapor. I'm sure I'll be away from cigs for good.


That @SthrnMixer guy!! Guess we need to keep him around. :slight_smile:

@OpenlyVapor ... hang in there. It's hard at first for a lot of us, but gets better. Save your pennies and get backup equipment when you can. It's WORTH IT!


What would a good combination be with a nautilus mini for power? I myself have cut way down, still having one or two a day, but have a guy at work who is a hardcore 40 year smoker that is thinking he might be able to do it, but he refuses to use one of those there box things. Need a slim device I guess, but wanted your advise.


I don't own either, but have heard good things about the IPV D2 and D3 mods, or the Wismec Presa TC75. Either would have plenty of power and both are very small and not boxy.


Mod and an RDA :thumbsup:
or just tell them the aspire combo.... Mod + tank


When trying to convert new users, my wife and I both go with one of those cheapo eGo starter kits. Like $10 or less for a 650mah eGo batt, charging cable, and two clearomizers (with replaceable heads). Add to that a 10 or 15ml bottle of higher-nic rudJuice and they can get started quick and easy.

There is a reason we go with the eGo style too, that isn't just price. To this day, after vaping for nearing 10 years, my eGo (with an eVod tank full of rudJuice) is what keeps me away from cigarettes the best. I love my mods (especially my new Noisy Cricket!!zomg!1!) but I'm that dude that has an eGo either in my shirt pocket, or on a lanyard around my neck, at all times. The eGo still fits in my hand just like a small cigar, I can fidget with it like I did with ciggies, the vapor production is more inline with ciggies, etc...

Beginning is the hardest part, and I firmly believe trying to get a newbie running with a mod and a finicky tank or constant dripping is less likely to make a convert. Start 'em simple. I ask them to use this device as much as possible in the next couple days instead of cigarettes, and get back to me in 48-72 hours. We then discuss what's good, bad, and what it'd take to make them want to use this 100% instead of cigs. So far, 100% conversion rate, at least to the point of "you're now a Sith, young padawan." And like 90% of them then beginning the descent into madness of collecting more. More toys. More clouds. More. Always more.


Well, this is my forth 'real' go at quitting (not counting the extremely fail attempts while puffing both).
the first time I tried, it was when the vape thing first came out, the ones that look like cigarettes, I bought a set of two with cartridges, cost $120 (this was in like 2007). then, it died too fast, cartridges cost nearly the same as packs of smokes anyway, so that was short lived. I went back to cigarettes. Then, I had to make a deal with my parents that I would try to quit, as a condition of moving back in (hit a rough patch and needed help, 2013). So, I got myself a cheapo china ordered ego, and the CE4 style tanks... I had a few, but being in my rut, I couldn't afford to keep buying them (the only place near me at the time that had them wanted about $10 a piece, still). and so I gave up and went back again to the dreaded smelly cigarettes within about two months. Now, the girl I am with (we met and got together in july last year), does not smoke cigarettes, and even though she said she didn't mind it, I know how bad it smells to someone who doesn't, and I felt guilty everytime I'd light up around her, and especially when we'd kiss. And so, It prompted me to try again, coupled with actually wanting to quit, anyway, I got a KBox Nano kit, and kicked the cigarettes, again. I then lost my kbox :frowning: and now I have a Vision Spinner 650 with a Evod2 tank, hopefully just until I can afford a nicer set up. I moved back up to 18mg nic juices since the hits are so much weaker, but I am doing well, now, been just over a month since my last smoke, and anytime someone is smoking within 100 feet I can smell it, and it is instantly nauseating. I literally have to cover my face with my sleeve. I am glad, because the little inkling in the back of my head comes creeping in from time to time, especially under stress, but then I smell it and instantly, that slight craving gets muted. I am not going back to them this time, regardless of below par equipment. I just got to stick it out with this little one until next month, when I should hopefully be able to get something much nicer. :slight_smile: AND be able to order myself some DIY stuff for the juice because, like I have mentioned before, I am tired of having to pay $15-20+ for 30ml (even though it lasts me nearly 2 weeks with my current tank/battery)


Congrats on that tho.... I have to agree, remember how you must smell and even taste as a smoker was one reminder for me to never go back


Bump up your Nic you’ll get over it I smoked for 43 years with vaping haven’t touched a cig in 22 months with vaping some times I get such a small urge to smoke after a good hit on 10 or 12 nic juice and I’m good the urge goes away I tell myself that I wouldn’t have felt any better it I had lit a cigarrette


I smoked since I was 18 years old. I quit 6 years ago. It was a progression stage for me. Equipment is so the key. Why Equipment You ask? It has to do with the draw that you take in. That draw needs to equal the draw that you take when have a cig. That is one way to keep off the stinkies. The other thing is the juice. Vape something that will keep you coming back for more. That will change over time. One if my go to juices is Squires Bowl by the OP. I was looking for a Black and Mild style liquid and he has the best.
Also as @Kinnikinnick has said if you are looking for an authentic style tobacco vape then NET is the way to go. I have about 10 NETS right now. About to get 5 more going. If you have patience then that is your key. My NETS take up to 6 months or longer. Just trying to help out here.


Guess I’m different then most on this thread. My wife still smokes (vape really bothers her throat in any concentration/mix/volume). I went from 3 pack a day to 0 overnite. I had vaped for awhile 2 years ago then went back to the darkside… I simply CANT STAND the smell of tobacco vape. Even worse for me then the real thing. Glad it works for those it helps tho. When I get an urge to smoke a real cig (which is rare) all i do is go and mix up a new flavor and hit the shit outta my mod. Takes my mind off the stinkies and satisfies my nic craving all at once. All i would have to do to smoke a cig is reach across a little table in my bedroom and grab one of my wifes. It’s really just a choice. Don’t let yourself forget why you chose the way you did to begin with. Vape on and Live long all!


Today was a bad day for me! I grabbed my mod from the dresser and headed to work, about 1/2 way to work I noticed it wasn’t hitting real good, I look down and it’s at 4%… :sob::sob::sob: got to work and took a break and ran to the gas station to see if they had any batteries… nope, and no vape shops around… so I grabbed one of these Mark 10 cigs. It was the worst… but it prevented me from smoking a real cig for 11 hours… it was a long 11 hours.

Turns out my boyfriend switched plugs and disrupted my groove. I’ll be checking all plugs from now on. Lol

4 months vapaversary. :grin:


Congrats on your 4 months @JamsGrumpyGills! Something like that happened to me too. Looong day indeed. Inspired me to order spare batteries.lol.


Well done for not cracking! Awesome achievement - be proud of yourself!

Tell your bf he is no longer allowed to touch any plugs :joy:


A few days ago I saw an old man in the supermarket with a huge oxygen tank. I wondered “Is he still smoking cigarettes?” When I went to my car, I saw him in his car with a cigarette in his mouth. I went over to him and talked to him about how much I enjoy vaping. I explained (as I usually do)… I was not going to quit smoking, and I was going to continue smoking and die, but I tried vaping, and it’s as if I didn’t have to give up smoking at all. I just vape instead.

I gave him my name and number, and I invited him and his wife to come over. I told him that I would even give him some vape stuff to try. I’ve been wondering if that was a good idea since I don’t know these people. So, perhaps when they call, i’ll offer to go to their house instead or meet them at a restaurant.

Sometimes I feel like “I need a smoke”. Then, I’ll put a drop or two of extra nicotine in my ejuice. It always works.
I do take 2 or 3 mods with me when I go out, and I also have 2 small mods in my car at all times. I also keep one spare battery in my pocket book (in a rubber holder for sure). I also give away rubber holders so that people do not put batteries in their pockets - giving vaping a bad reputation by causing explosions.

I was on oxygen at night for 8 years, then they put me on oxygen during the day too. Now, I am vaping, I am not on any oxygen at all. I smoked for over 40 years. Now, I would never smoke. I just really wish i could convince more people to vape instead. i enjoyed smoking so much, but It’s like I didn’t even give it up at all. I just vape instead, and I really enjoy it.


That’s awesome!! When I see these genourous acts of the vape community, it makes me so happy that I am part of it. I’m feeling very inspired by your story.