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I want a cigarette!


It was because of somebody like you that I started in the first place during a routine stinkie break some kind lady came up to me an asked me to try her mod 30mins of skiving later I know most of her life story but most importantly it was her personal experiences that made me damm sure I wasn’t going to have the same. 14 months on haven’t looked back


My 8-year vapeversary was in June. I never think about smoking cigarettes anymore but I do still enjoy the smell if someone else is smoking. Is that strange?


I’m the same way. 5 years and sometimes I still like the way cigarette smokes smells and it evokes a slight craving to light up. Other times, especially when someone smokes inside and you can smell the residue, it makes me sick. Go figure. :stuck_out_tongue:


I guess I’m lucky. Haven’t had a single craving for a cancer stick in years.


I caught myself looking for my cigarettes the other day. Just absentmindedly. :joy:


I lit one last nite, mostly out of curiosity. Two tiny puffs later I put it out and grabbed a drink and vape to get the nasty out of my mouth. Lol. Well now I know. NO MORE!


I stick with the tobaccos myself. Just starting to add Hangsen to my flavor collection. They’re great so far. For me the key is to have a vape that satisfies like a cig and the fruity stuff doesn’t do that for me. Plus fruit vapes don’t work well with beers etc. I like a straight up tobacco vape with a beer.

N.E.T. ~ Real Tobacco Flavor in a Vape Juice

It’s the god damn nicotine calling you!!! I find that if i’m craving cigs it’s because I’m not getting the nicotine that the monkey wants. That monkey is shocking and relentless and there’s no stopping it when its chattering away on your shoulder. Increase the nic and the monkey shuts up.

I can highly recommend the book The easy way to give up smoking. Although it didn’t cure me of my addiction, it did get me thinking about cigs different. I’ts a really good read if nothing else and I can guarantee that you wont want to be a smoker after reading it, Weather or not you stop is a different matter.

I do not crave cigs any more, the vape is enough for me. If I find myself looking at cigs I can almost certainly coll-orate it to low nicotine intake, either through dud coils, bad juice or something starving the monkey of its favourite dish. Don’t kid yourself into believing that it a cigarette you’re craving, its the sinister drug within.

Stay clean and good luck, I feel for you.


I’ve been smoking for about 35 years and in same time I have switched from smoking to vaping so easy as tumbler click, instantly and hope finally
I’m still addicted to nicotine and use 6mg nicotine liquid.
But the craving for cigarettes is completely replaced by interest in the technical details of vaping – coil building, liquid recipes, additional technical environment ect….
I believe that I was lucky to switch so easily, and I wish all people the same


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Thanks for granting me the request of splitting this thread! :grinning: The talk was heading down the NET road… so, better to have its own thread.

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I seem to be different than most on this, and I rarely crave a cig, I more often crave a new juice flavor, but when I get a craving for a cig I take a couple hits off of one. Most of my fishing buddies still smoke, so it’s never far out of reach. I usually get about two drags off someone else’s cig and the crap taste in my mouth is enough that I don’t crave it again for 6 months or more. I smoked a pack and a half a day for 12 years and have had maybe 4 hits off a cig in the year I’ve been vaping, I don’t feel bad when I take a hit off someone’s cig, in fact I feel more affirmed that I’ll never buy a pack again. Once my taste buds and sense of smell returned cigarettes became off-putting to me, so giving in to that craving is almost like a punishment for having it in the first place for me lol.


I’m with you @Fishaddict420. Very much the same for me. The thought of a cig is far more delicious then the actually cig itself. Vape on man!

N.E.T. ~ Real Tobacco Flavor in a Vape Juice

It’s been almost 6 years since I’ve smoked a cigarette. For the first time in a really long time, I really, REALLY want one.


I said the same thing this morning. :roll_eyes:


Don’t do it!


You can have one… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:… but you have to promise all of us you will only take one drag and then snuff it out by sticking the cigarette up your left nostril. :rage:


Think I’m gonna pass, then. Thanks! LoL


Pass, cause it will taste horrible and you will wonder why you even wanted it.

A cig after a while without is horrible in a way. You might like the feeling from all the chemicals that you don’t get from nic, that headrush, that full on swoon, if it happens…

But then that awful charred taste and smell you might try to blow your nose and rinse your sinus to get rid of it. It is disgusting! You might feel filthy from the inside and out. It might not be worth it.

These were what I felt last time I smoked. I couldn’t get the nasty out of my nose! So gross!

Why did I smoke for 27 years? WTH?

I wonder why I even wanted it, needed it, loved it

Addiction in the worst way.


For serious! It’s pretty awful. It’s so funny, usually I can’t stand the smell, especially if someone’s been smoking in the house downstairs. But every once in awhile on my way into class someone will be standing outside smoking a cigarette and I’ll want one because of the smell.