N.E.T. ~ Real Tobacco Flavor in a Vape Juice

Well, if you do ever get the itch for a “straighter” up tobacco vape with a beer… a NET juice will certainly scratch that itch. It’s nothing like any synth concentrate can offer, ‘cause it is a :100:% real tobacco vape. :grinning: I have absolutely no cravings to inhale incinerated tobacco leaves; vaping NET juice provides so much more flavor than smoking the real deal. An added bonus is, I can make roughly 1000ml of finished juice for under $10. :flushed:


How do NETS work out in max vg recipes, the net being the only pg base?

You just might need to up the percentage of the extract in your mix. Typically, (for me) tobaccos benefit from a higher PG ratio in the mix; makes the flavor “pop” much better. I found that a high VG ratio tends to mute tobacco flavors.

Now, with that being said, there’s no issue with producing a total VG NET extract. I did so for my wife and she loves it. She is a pretty much a 100% VG base vaper; high PG mixes makes her cough.

The only issue with making a VG NET extract is the filtering time involved; no big deal… just takes a bit longer for the extract to make it through the filter. :smirk:


Thank you I have to try and keep my pg as low as possible it is rough on my throat as well the more under 20% the better

Hey Kinnikinnick,

Where can I get some of the Morley’s Best NET? Sounds like something I would be interested in. I’ve been lurking a bunch and have noted that you are one of the main tobacco guys here on ELR. I’m getting closer to what I want in my juices but still looking for the holy grail. As soon as I find something I think is great my tastes adjust themselves and I don’t like as much anymore. Maybe it’s just me, but I am getting closer. Have some Hangsen flavors now which I am liking. Would like to try the NET’s.


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Hey there Kinnikinnick I replied on the forum. Haven’t quite figured the forum out yet, posting etc, but you have already taught me some stuff in my lurkings since January.

Thanks man!


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Hey @Aleman… I don’t always “track” threads, so if you want to catch someone’s attention… you need to put an @ in front of the members name… this will make sure they see your post. :grinning:

I’m slammed at work right now, but will answer your questions asap. :wink:

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Meh… not so much with synthetic concentrates anymore; my days of synth ended about this time last year. However, there are many others here who still mix with synths, current with what’s out there, and how to mix it . Now, if you’re interested in NET… there, I can help you.:wink:

But first… what kind of vaping setup are you using? If you’re using replaceable coils, NETs may not be the thing for you. :smirk: …just need to clear this topic for starters.

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Using 2 different RTAs and have a dripper for tasting mixes. Usually build coils at 1.8ohms and run anywhere from 11-21 watts.

Have went through a bunch of flavors and seem to getting settled into some. One problem I have is constantly changing tastes. I might make a mix I think is my best yet and then not like it soon thereafter.

Lately using Shade, HS red, SC red, FA burley, FA Cuban supreme, FA soho, FA 7 leaves which is great single if steeped. Use some creams and the cheesecake graham crust. Coconut at times. Only fruit I like is peach. I have TA that ecigx sells. Not sure I like it much. I tasted again last night and might like it if I use less. Not as a primary. To me the HS and the SC reds taste like the TA to some degree.

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Well, now we’re cooking with gas! :sunglasses:

Your style/method of tank and dripper setup are perfect for NETs! I find that a slow, low, and easy heat on NET juices is just what they deserve and require. I usually hang around 12 to 24 watts myself, depending on the coil.

Yeah… been there as well. :smirk:

One thing about NET, which is a bit liberating… you get what you get with most NET extractions; most of the guess work of mixing is omitted due to what the leaf/blend offers. Sure, I messed around with “hybrid” mixes of NET and synth… but, after a while I asked myself, why? Once I started experiencing the full on tobacco flavor of a 100% NET juice, I didn’t feel the need to dilute/adulterate that flavor with a synth.

With TA, you’re kinda leaning towards the NET realm, but it can be very one dimensional and down right nasty at the wrong percentage. :scream: Kinda the same way with the INW DNB; great for adding the analog flavor to a mix, but, too much in the mix and it’s a bust.

You mentioned the Morley’s Best NET and where to get it… my answer would be… in your own home. That’s where I got mine. For about $3 worth of tobacco and another $1.50 of PG, you can make 150ml of Morley’s Best NET extract that will yield close to 1000ml of finished, ready to vape NET juice. It just takes a little gumption and patience. :sunglasses:


Hey @Kinnikinnick Sounds good, thanks man. Is there anyone that sells a ready to mix NET, so that I can try it before I go into making my own? My other question re NETS is steeping. Do they need as much as the synths?

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Yup… depending on where you are on the globe, quite a few. Your location is_____?

This is a matter of individual/personal opinion. :wink:

For me, I put NETs in the (practically) shake and vape category. I put a fresh mix through a warm rice bath while I’m giving it a whiz with a milk frother for 10 to 15 minutes… but, after that, it’s pretty much good to go.

As my NET compadre @Josephine_van_Rijn would say… “If it tastes good to you… it has steeped long enough.” :sunglasses:


@Aleman I have a few NETS and mixes I could send samples if you are US. PM me if you decide to go NETS. A small group of us do it quite well. @Kinnikinnick and @Josephine_van_Rijn is your main NET peeps I think.

If I left anyone out please let me know. I do not intend too. I just know I learned a lot from kinnik.

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Southern California

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I don’t know if all of the vendors on the below ECF post are still up and running… but it’s a fairly exhaustive list of vendors.

Good luck!

P.S. I learned a great deal about macerating my own tobacco extracts from ECF! There is a fountain of knowledge there and on ELR about making your own NET. A little bit of reading will save you tons of time and money. :wink:

Thanks @Kinnikinnick! I’m reading up when I have time. I gather that most are extracting pipe tobacco blends. I used to try rolling smokes out of my Grandpas pipe tobacco and it was nasty. Then stuck in a car with a bunch of old guys (Now I am one) with the windows barely cracked and they’re all smoking pipes. Makes me cringe thinking about it. Is it true that extracting from cured leaf it self will not yield good vape results?

Albeit, you have some bad sense memories of early days… try not to let the days of the old combustion factor ruin the possibility of a wonderful tobacco vaping experience for you now. NET is truly a horse of a different color, in comparison to the way tobacco tastes and smells once you set fire to it! :scream:

That would be incorrect information… and, I’d be interested to know where you got that info.

All tobacco is cured in some form or fashion:


Your source might be referring to processed vs unprocessed leaf. I’ve had both types in vape form and the outcome was splendid. I’m actually vaping a cured, but unprocessed Fronto leaf extract at this very moment… truly sublime! :sunglasses: … here’s the leaf vendor:

The flavor factor of a NET juice hinges in part on the maceration process. There are multiple ways to macerate tobacco to yield a NET extract. “Which way” depends on what “flavor notes” you wish to extract from the cured leaf.


I read through a bunch of forum posts and saw a post from someone that had bad luck extracting from cured leaf. Not sure where that was. Anyhow I have a buddy that buys cured but unprocessed leaf from somewhere and rolls his own. Untaxed since it’s not processed. He is out of the country right now but we stay in touch through email. BTW his smokes taste great not that I smoke them anymore. He blends Virginia Bright leaf and Burley. You NET guys have piqued my interest. I imagine I will end up going this route probably sooner than later. Have a lot to learn first. Barely getting started digging in. What method should I go for first and which leafs should I start with? I am hoping to zero in fast before I buy a lot of flavors I won’t use like I have done with the synthetics. Looking for a straight up not too perfumey tobacco with maybe a little sweetness but not much. Not too much spice.

Sounds like you need an experienced NET extractor to send you some samples !

I argued with myself for a while, whether or not to post the following: but what the heck here goes:

There is, on many internet forums, an effect of “singing to the choir” . Don’t get me wrong, I respect and value highly the ECF threads on NET, but you have to realize that some of those threads have become focused on extracting only from ‘old English Traditional’ blends to the exclusion of everything else. Oddly enough, when they do venture out of that realm they land, of all places, on infused artificially flavored very low quality (although sold at high prices) things like the ACID line of cigars ! From all of that tends to come coments like you quote about pure leaf extracts, which are quite incorrect.

My guess is, some folks take short cuts on the maceration methods of unprocessed whole leaf, expecting great results. :smirk: When the extract yields something quite lackluster or weak… of course they blame the leaf, instead of their “quickie/down and dirty” maceration techniques.

I am allowed to cast a few stones in my glass house, because I’ve macerated a few lackluster extracts myself! :pensive: I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I didn’t give the leaf the maceration technique it needed to be an awesome extract.

Much of NET is trial and error on the part of the creator. The creators job is to get it right and pass on good information to others. :grinning: Too often, some folks pass on knee jerk reactions and opinions which muddy the waters for everyone else.

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