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I welcome me back...lol


Sorry I haven’t been around…I was up along the shore of Lake Superior taking way too many pictures.

The bird was copying me doing my warrior dance at sunset…and this is Gabbro Falls. This waterfall is on the Blackjack ski resort near Wakefield, Michigan on the edge of the Porcupine Mountains.

I have more pictures to post, but I am very tired from doing this and I am going to bed for two days lol


Welcome back!!!


great pics welcome back


I’m so damn tired. I shot like 15 waterfalls. I’m so sore I can’t get out of my chair.


Welcome back @Maureeenie! Beautiful pictures!!


I really missed you guys! No internet signal at all up there for 4 days. It’s an actual wilderness, you forget what it’s like not to be able to communicate.


Welcome home!..beautiful pictures too :wink::ok_hand:


Those are ok but… I have some… well really a lot better ones. Thank you everyone for the compliments!


I look forward to seeing them after have you’ve had your 2 day nap lol :grin:🖒


I am a bit old for what I did but I did see older couples walking out there. One lady was a 78 year old woman from Eagle River, Michigan hiking in a canyon (Keweenaw Peninsula, End of the Earth Deal North in the US) She told me she lives there year round. I almost fell over. I have no idea how those people live through those winters up there. It’s like the North Pole.


Woow…my Mums 78 and she struggles getting to the toilet :persevere:…there’s a lot to be said for clean fresh air and regular exercise, even at that age. :ok_hand:


Absolutely breathtaking ! Awesome photos :heart:


Welcome back girl and some awesome pictures you got there.


Haha, love it!

Fantastic photos as always :heart_eyes:

Good to see you back lovely one! :hugs:


Welcome back. Missed you bunches.


The UP (upper peninsula, michigan) is beautiful! I went there just last november! Winters are very cold in the midwest but i love it! Welcome back!! Great pics!


Welcome back @Maureeenie. Not sure if you missed it or not, but @Whiterose0818 is running a free give away for one of his mods, all you have to do is make a post…


Wow! Everyone, thanks for the compliments!

I was very blessed on this trip, the universe was kind to the visiting photographer :slight_smile:

The Eagle was a huge bonus. I made a lot of phone calls to find out where to see them and come to find out, they hang out on the golf courses (The majestic hunter is actually a lazy hunter who eats road kill).

We pretty much drove around Lake Michigan stopped in the Porkies, the Apostle Islands, down to the Dells and Devils Lake State Park. I was reminded of my age in a way… lets just say what I used to be able to do in a day, took me 3 days.

I took too many pictures, it’s going to take me a month to sort this out and make a good album but I did want to share these with you guys. (My vape family)


Thank you Mark.


@Lolly @Chrispdx @Josephine_van_Rijn I missed you guys too :slight_smile: Big Hugs!