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I welcome me back...lol


Thank you! It was pretty chilly. I don’t think it got over 70 degrees, 40’s at night. To think people kayak out there… makes me shudder. The water was 50 degrees.


Absolutely beautiful pics! It is nice to see these and be reminded that there are such wonderful and serene places like this existing in this world! Now I have an overwhelming urge to go somewhere peaceful!


That’s exactly it. There’s something that happens to me inside when I see natural wonders like Parfrey’s Glen, the wild waterfalls up there and those sandstone cliffs in the Apostle Islands. I feel like a little kid in an amusement park … I just cant stop looking at the rocks. What blows me away is the trees that plant their roots in the rocks. The power of living things to find a way to survive is almost beyond my comprehension.


Man oh man, do I want to be there! Great pics




Yes, it is amazing and beautiful! I have always been really partial to nature myself! I was privileged to grow up in the north central region of the Appalachian Mountains in the Alleghany Highlands region of West Virginia! This is what my view was like, this is not my pic, but this is the closest I could find to what it really looked like…



You mean here?

I LOVE that part of the country!


Hugs to you!


If you can take a trip to the arrowhead (far west) corner of Lake Superior you can visit many waterfalls, the Apostle Islands it’s all up in that corner where the UP of Michigan crosses the border of Wisconsin on Lake Superior. This website is a godsend for finding waterfalls.



Welcome Back Maureeenie!!!


:grinning: Thank you!


Those are some beautiful pictures! You’ve got a great eye-Kudos!


I thank you greatly for the compliment on my eye but… I really don’t do that much but follow the rules of taking a picture. The truth is I’m just extremely lucky and blessed when I visit places.


Incredible eye hon!
Some amazing shots there!


Awww shucks thanks. :-)…


Beautiful photos. My family used to visit the North Shore in Minnesota.


That was really something visiting that place. Hard to believe it’s part of Michigan and Wisconsin.


Yes! That is exactly where! Wow! Those pics really bring me back home! I love WV! It is so beautiful! My grandparents lived in Canaan Valley state park up until my Grandfather passed away a couple of years ago. It was a treat to go up on the ski lift year round for the views! It wasn’t all that far from Blackwater Falls state park either…that is a beautiful place! Thank you for sharing those photos @Maureeenie your talent is breathtaking!


Thanks for the compliments but honestly I’m just pretty lucky with the weather lol


You definitely have an eye for composition and lighting. Very very beautifully composed photos. They all generate an energy and emotion. Well done!